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  1. Was hoping the SE Watch and SE(2020) phones would drop in price, my 8 Plus and Series 2 watch are about to give up the ghost, but seeing where the prices ended up, may just go 12 and Series 6 watch.
  2. Welcome to the "Elvis Andrus has been added to a roster" part of the season.
  3. For the money they are making over there, I don't blame them. Yeah, it sucks for the fans here maybe, but I would do the same thing. $50 million buys a lot of leeway with stock holders when your TV ratings dip.
  4. Good for Big E. You talk about guys that deserve and can do something with the ball/rocket, I think he's at the top of the list. Didn't like the storytelling last night. You made Orton look weak, and made Big E look weak because of the fake knee injury for Lashley. But whatever, everyone loves a cash in and a new champion. FANTASY BOOKING: I would have Big E hold the title all the way until Mania. Give me a triple threat of Big E/Lashley/Orton at Extreme Rules. Give me Big E vs. Lashley for the big paycheck at Crown Jewel. At Crown Jewel, I have New Day go over Orton and Riddle to become Tag Champs, putting all the major belts for RAW on New Day. This leads to New Day vs. Bloodline at Survivor Series. One of the Usos can eat the pin in a massive match. For the Dec and Jan 1st PPVs, I let Big E pick his opponents. Guys that he feels like management have held down. Give me Keith Lee and Ricochet. Yes, WWE needs to lean in on diverse and minority superstars getting a chance. The one thing they have over AEW right now. For Royal Rumble, I have Xaiver Woods win it. Maybe it even comes down to him and Kofi at the end, but Woods goes over. I don't turn anyone on the New Day, but make it a Face vs. Face at Mania. Make Kofi the ref even. And I put the belt on Woods in a Daniel Bryan underdog type story.
  5. Pretty sure you nailed the answer with your second sentence. Vince really has nothing up his sleeve right now. And now he has people he has to answer to.
  6. Huge Spoiler For Raw Tonight, straight from the WWE Superstar themselves
  7. That is a great chart. And I think a great indication that there is no better time for Vince and the family to sell than now. Someone like NBC or Disney or Apple sees that chart, sees they can focus on a couple shows a year, and make enough for the entire yearly budget plus some. They will write the check. Keep RAW on the road and maybe move Smackdown to a single location. Wrestlers that need time off the road just go there for 4-6 months. Cut the PPVs down from once a month to the big four, plus a few more random ones. Let HHH take 5-6 years off, raise his kids, and then if he gets the itch again to build something, the line forms to the left.
  8. Winners of 6 out of 7, but football season and eliminated, so tree, forest and all that.
  9. Just noticed this thread turned 10 years old back in May.
  10. Looks like unless you followed Smokey Mountain Wrestling religiously or a couple random indies, you wouldn't know the guy.
  11. Agreed, but doesn't it also have to be someone that is super over? WWE crowds aren't going to care that a Wardlow shows up. I would think that maybe an MJF eventually would want to make that jump. Not sure who else. A Moxley jump to reform the Shield would be fun, but he seems pretty happy never to see Vince again. Of course wouldn't put it past Jericho to make another run up North either.
  12. So, who is the first guy from AEW to jump ship and go to WWE? Someone has to take the giant bag of cash, right?
  13. Remember that time that people were complaining about how AEW was burying Omega with loses and not making him champion, remember? Also, how did Rich Swann crack the top 10? I don't watch much Impact and didn't know he was doing good stuff post-abuse allegations.
  14. Probably not. He can be kind of a whinny witch.
  15. So, Donald and Don Jr. are going to spend the 20th anniversary of 9/11 providing "alternative" commentary for the Holyfield-Belfort fight, for $49.99 per buy. Seems like an odd thing for patriotic billionaires who don't need money to be doing with their time.
  16. Four episodes in and still enjoying this show. CM Punk was in the last episode as the "aging, grinding indy darling" going from town to town to put food on the table. Played it as almost a sad tale in being in the business too long. Someone compared it to Sons Of Anarchy which it does have that vibe, but I think the cast is better on this show. Still plenty of sex and nudity including male frontal for those that like that kind of thing. And one of the best lines I have ever heard on television that I can't type here, or get banned.
  17. I guess there is value in trying not to lose 100 games for the second time in team history. Nice little win streak going on. Need to play one game better than 0.500 from here on out.
  18. Fun Twitter news: It's coming out that Kevin Owens contract with WWE is over in January 2022, way before people thought. Today Owens tweeted then deleted the map coordinates (43.8791 103.4591) for Mount Rushmore. Owens used to be in a stable called "The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling" in PWG, with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks. Owens plays the game of being wrestler than almost anyone.
  19. The old Globe Life Park, Ballpark at Arlington, Temple is now known as Choctaw Stadium. Which ties in great with the mainly high school football demographic.
  20. James Murphy never wrote a song about Radiohead playing at his house. Advantage: Daft Punk
  21. While most really rich guys want to fly to space, or change how people shop, or rule the world, I love how Tony Khan just wants to fantasy book in real life. He truly loves the business and especially the history. The guy probably tape traded before it was cool, probably posted on r/wrestling before any of us, and no doubt was sitting at PWG before it was hot. He's living his best wrestling fan's life. Biggest challenge for AEW now is, how do you share the ball, make sure you don't blow your load early, and keep everyone on the roster (and your fans) happy. I think it showed a lot that they didn't need to end the show with Punk/Darby. One of the most popular guys of all time, gone 7 years, and he's on the mid card. Women's division still needs help, but it's getting there and Ruby will help. Would like to see some more diverse talent get a push, but I think that will happen over time. Stolen from the Ringer, if you have segments with guys from the past, it's all going to be white guys, gotta even that out with your young talent.
  22. Was out of pocket during the PPV this weekend, but took the time to watch the WhatCulture and Cultaholic recap videos, saw highlights on twitter and even though I know all the surprises and all of the results, FITE TV is going to get my 50 bucks tonight to watch everything. There is nothing WWE is doing right now that would make me pay money to see things that I already know.
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