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  1. He isn't taking a paycut, as the headline alludes to. They will convert his salary to a bonus so he will get all of the money up front, and then spread it out over a few years to lessen his cap hit this year. I honestly don't know what to think. I don't believe we will compete for the SB this season, especially with a tough division and schedule, along with so many holes to fill with FAs leaving, and would rather just take the entire hit this season to clear him of the books, assuming this is his last season. Seeing Woodley's dead money a full 2 seasons after he was gone still haunts me.
  2. It of course varies venue to venue, but in most cases: Ticket Price - split between band and promoter Service Fees - split between band and Ticketmaster, sometimes venue and promoter get a cut Facility Fees - used to be 100% to the venue (hence the name), now is just a dumping ground that they don't want lumped into ticket price (credit card fees, promoter cut, artist charities, amenities, bundles, VIP upcharges) Processing Fee - usually 100% to Ticketmaster (hence the name), but I saw some savvy venues take a cut of this, but this is uncommon Moral of the story, the venue coll
  3. Just out of morbid curiosity, can you share what the original section or seat location was with the $36 facility fee? Want to go into the map and check it out. Working with the Ticketmaster system previously, I am fairly certain the $36 facility fee was a typo and someone fat-fingered when putting in the $6, bumping the 3 in the process. $36 for a facility fee is extremely high, and normally that is used to go back to the bands or the promoters to keep the ticket price down...as someone in here mentioned previously. Part of the service fee also goes back to the bands, usually a split betw
  4. As if things weren't bad enough in general, losing to the Browns in back to back weeks to start 2021 was not how I wanted to get a fresh start. Like the Jags playoff game, it was one of those games that makes you question your fandom and if it is worth it. It just really isn't fun anymore. Being dramatic yes, but makes me wonder if my energy is better spent elsewhere. Pittsburgh sports is just depressing right now.
  5. Bump for a recap of the Christmas golf outing. I feel like Ox can pull off the upset this year.
  6. I am not panicking yet, Bills are obviously a good team, and WFT are on fire right now, so I figure some games that they easily could have lost earlier in the season are coming back to balance out. Remember the Steelers were driving before halftime with a 7-3 lead before the pick 6. We will get Haden and Spillane back shortly, and Williamson will only improve as he gets more live reps in the system. TJ was literally the only threat of the LB corps, and Buffalo took advantage of that and neutralized him. If they lose Monday, then sound the alert. I live in Cincy, and this team has absolute
  7. Ben's knee injury is clearly worse then they are leading on. Thus, teams know the deep pass isn't a threat, and are honing in on the short passes and run game. I don't know how to fix it at this point, guess we root for the Ravens tonight, as a win next Monday night would wrap up the division in that case...then maybe sit Ben out until the playoffs? Hell, I say maybe even put Rudolph out there next week at this point...if you can't win on Monday against Cincy, then the playoffs would be one and done anyways.
  8. Why is it so hard to get a PS5? Did Sony vastly under-estimate the demand, or possibly reselling on the secondary market themselves?
  9. Last place team dropped their high week (by alot) of the season on me, but that incomplete slant to Cooper on the final drive still would have pushed me into the playoffs. 2nd in points scored, 1st in points against. H2H sucks sometimes.
  10. As bad as I was expecting, that was somehow worse. Just gross. Need to get the run game going, stop the drops, and get healthy in a hurry. Trending in the wrong direction right now in all facets of the game.
  11. Conner is out, as are Boz and Nelson. WFT have been playing well and are coming in on 10 days rest, Steelers did not play well 5 days ago. Hope I am wrong, but have a bad feeling.
  12. If AB was still a Steeler, very good chance they wouldn't have Diontae or Claypool. Perfectly reasonable to say at this current moment that Steelers fans should be happy he isn't there.
  13. If all players outside the three already on the Covid list test negative on the results released today, then I don't see any reason to move the game. If there are more positives, then yes, I don't see how they can play on Thursday. Selfishly wouldn't hate it, more time to make sure Haden and JuJu are 100%. NFL is going to do everything in their power to keep the game on Thursday, this much is known. It will be really interesting to see how they handle if there are more positive tests today.
  14. Smoked him. He started Tua in the QB spot. Karma
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