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  1. You reap what you sow in private emails? Seems a stretch.
  2. He’s starting for me due to a Cook BYE as well, I threw 20% FAAB at him…wasn’t sure what was going on in DC with Gibson and having McKissic as a possibility of 2 or 20 points was unsettling.
  3. Started Devonta for the first time and he gets 4 targets against a team starting practice squad players…thanks Jalen.
  4. This thread is the place for Chicken Littles, obviously his usage of 3 games last year is to blame! 🙄
  5. You don’t hurt your hamstring because you had 9 touches in a game, to blame this on over usage after he played 3 games last season is lazy and untrue.
  6. Still can’t believe that ‘02 Bucs D had a potential 5 HoFers on it. Gotta believe Ronde gets in soon, not so sure Rice has the #s.
  7. EA Play comes free with Game Pass, which, if you don’t mind entering the codes, you can get pretty cheap (I paid like $60).
  8. I’ll take one Chicago style and 1/8 of sativa.
  9. These things always seem to intensify quicker than they forecast this time of year, hopefully that doesn’t happen with this one
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