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  1. I’ll take one Chicago style and 1/8 of sativa.
  2. These things always seem to intensify quicker than they forecast this time of year, hopefully that doesn’t happen with this one
  3. It’s that time of year where when anything hits the bathtub that is the Gulf it’s gonna intensify quickly
  4. Played a little bit of Back 4 Blood on Xbox series S, fun game…definitely need 4 competent people to play it on hardest difficulty though. anyone played the new Yakuza?
  5. CEI is largely funded by energy companies, but I’m sure that’s just coincidental to this “article.”
  6. Anyone bring up the free pass Jordan got for retiring the first time?
  7. I just can’t see the Lightning losing 4 of 6 to that team…frankly I’d be shocked if it makes it to 6 games.
  8. McCaffrey, AJ Brown, ‘23 1st for Adams, #1 overall, ‘22 First
  9. Habs coach has the ‘VID. Wonder if he had been vaccinated.
  10. Islanders winner was ugly if you’re a Beantown fan.
  11. 10 team, standard non-ppr TJ Hockenson for 2021 #14 overall & ‘22 2nd (likely top 4).
  12. Turned the game off after the 2-run shot in the 8th, imagine my surprise when I checked espn for the Suns-Lakers score. Cash has ‘em playing well.
  13. Is going from no fans to half (or even full) capacity going to noticeably affect any of the Canadian teams?
  14. Have you seen the receiving corps in Detroit?
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