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  1. It helps to remember that Trumpism behaves pretty much textbook like a cult.
  2. This was great. Ton of questions for the comic book gurus. Sucks there are only 2 episodes left.
  3. And that's just the thing too, I understand the water pipe issues, etc, but the grid thing is completely ridiculous. Texas' foolish pride on always having their own power grid because: "We're the Republic of Texas"
  4. You may, indeed be correct. But this really has the feel of something that Cruz is going to get dunked on about for a really long time. On the list of things people should get mad about this would rank low-ish...but its going to dog him mightily in my view.
  5. It’d be a GOP Civil War if McConnell responded in any other way other than complete and utter fealty. But he won’t. He’s a Republican and will completely bend the knee. That’s what cults of personality do. My favorite, classic Trump part of that statement is when he went after Mitch because of his “China family ties”. You know, his wife. Who also sat in Trump’s cabinet all 4 years...lolz.
  6. Yes. In this case probably roughly 3 times the demand than a heat wave.
  7. It can take 3 times as much electricity to heat a home vs. cool a home. Thus why they're getting pummeled. Hang in there guys...drip water from the faucets, Bundle up and open cabinets to expose pipes to rest of house.
  8. Really excellent and thorough profile on Nikki Haley. I never go with just one "read" on a candidate, but you certainly can't read that article and not help but think, female Bill Clinton. Take all the positives and negatives politically as you will. Link
  9. Relatively boring character, played by a very limited actress who apparently is about as bright as a box of rocks. Easy decision. Smell you later, good riddance. Recast would be easy too.
  10. This is one of those events where, for me, it becomes more terrifyingly awful with time.
  11. Not to mention, "Make yourself at home!" https://twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1346936234782822406?s=20
  12. No kidding. And same as I'm a Buckeye fan. At least if they get rolled on Monday I can think of this guy being unhappy to take the sting off.
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