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  1. Thanks. Yeah, its a weird/tough time right now psychologically for her. We have quite a vocal anti-vaxx minority in our area which makes neighborhood social media one of the most depressing and angering places around. And that's the adult vaccine. I dread what the kids vaccine lunacy around here will be like as just the prospect of continued Fall masks in school has the crazies on tilt. Hopefully that 12-15 year old vaccine will be available way before the new Fall school year as that will ease the stress on 2 out of our 3 kids. I may have to get a fake ID for my 9 year old.
  2. And there is a not insignificant number of people who can't get vaccinated (my wife who is immuno-compromised) so I appreciate your opinion as well.
  3. Yeah these are the silly kind of unforced errors that creates more enemies to your cause than allies. Punchline stuff.
  4. The Mfootguy error has actually gotten worse for me. 'Try Again' would always work, but now I have to press it a couple of times. Curse you, Mfootguy! Curse you
  5. I remember when charges were brought forth a lot folks thought prosecutors overcharged and were screwing themselves. I’m glad they were vindicated in that regard
  6. I realize she is .01 of the population or whatever, but its my wife who is having a tough time with this right now. She has CVID which in her case means her immune system has no memory. Needless to say a vaccine for her might as well be a saline shot as her immune system won't retain it. Soooo, her (we) are in the really fun moment right now where we have to depend upon the kindness of the general public. Herd immunity will eventually let her "get back to normal", but obviously that's going to take awhile and its really going to be forever until she gets COVID antibodies from her weekly in
  7. Any sign of Gentleman Ghost? I would figure that in a freaking 4-hour monstrosity they could carve out some *$%& time for him, but I haven't seen anything yet. I guess the boycott continues...
  8. It helps to remember that Trumpism behaves pretty much textbook like a cult.
  9. This was great. Ton of questions for the comic book gurus. Sucks there are only 2 episodes left.
  10. And that's just the thing too, I understand the water pipe issues, etc, but the grid thing is completely ridiculous. Texas' foolish pride on always having their own power grid because: "We're the Republic of Texas"
  11. You may, indeed be correct. But this really has the feel of something that Cruz is going to get dunked on about for a really long time. On the list of things people should get mad about this would rank low-ish...but its going to dog him mightily in my view.
  12. It’d be a GOP Civil War if McConnell responded in any other way other than complete and utter fealty. But he won’t. He’s a Republican and will completely bend the knee. That’s what cults of personality do. My favorite, classic Trump part of that statement is when he went after Mitch because of his “China family ties”. You know, his wife. Who also sat in Trump’s cabinet all 4 years...lolz.
  13. Yes. In this case probably roughly 3 times the demand than a heat wave.
  14. It can take 3 times as much electricity to heat a home vs. cool a home. Thus why they're getting pummeled. Hang in there guys...drip water from the faucets, Bundle up and open cabinets to expose pipes to rest of house.
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