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  1. Great post. Unsure Chloe you posted here is in my hall o’ fame. Love Mocking Spongebob for idiotic “Sir this is an Arby’s” type posts on local community Facebook pages. Absolutely invaluable one for so many situations. Use This One anytime I’m texting my wife what she’s doing or if I see anything on my Nestcam while I’m at work
  2. Beautiful. "Back to the Derp-mobile! Our work is done here. We have reports of illegals voting in Detroit. Please donate to this effort"
  3. I’m. Just. So. Tired of blowhards who are so conceited that they think watching a YouTube video on the crapper gives them any sort of valid opinion over many smart people who’ve studied a specific expertise their entire lives. It’s such an epidemic. “Know so much”, except the most obvious thing staring them in their face: derp derp derp.
  4. Was a dude in special forces as recently as 2010. Cmon.
  5. I didn’t even know the germ thing was actually a thing, but here it is. 🙃 Reading about it, it’s every bit as ridiculous as the flat earth people who I still refuse to believe are serious. Gotta love the fringe internet…no doubt there is a thriving sun revolves around the earth group and alchemy is real group. The desire for people to feel special, exclusive, and “I know something you don’t” is truly one of the longest enduring bugs of the human psyche.
  6. It’s cool to see old faces on a board where a lot of folks have come and gone. That said Crosseyed always had a very high opinion of himself and often wildly overestimated his own ability, particularly on complicated subjects. I see not a whole lot has changed in his world despite the new and “improved” claim and a fresh coat of paint here and there.
  7. Yes. And don’t forget: Kirk: “Brett Venebles….Brett Venebles Brett Venebles Brett Venebles Defensive coordinator Brett Venebles Venebles Brett Venebles Brett Venebles….”
  8. So when was the last time Georgia Tech wasn’t terrible? Calvin Johnson? I feel like they’ve been less than irrelevant for half my life now.
  9. This is a really interesting philosophical question. I had a lot of trouble answering it. Interested to add one more layer to the folks who said they value an American life over a non-American one: American is an adult. Non-American is a child.
  10. Of course not. I'm strongly pro-life and also very strongly those provisions you mentioned above. Its all culture war political football. Sucks.
  11. I’ve never seen a ratio quite like that lady is getting (bio says autistic former sex worker, ) Its like 2K comments versus 40 likes! The internet has finally found something we can all unite on.
  12. What did you all think of the color guy, Alejandro Moreno, in the Ukraine-Sweden match? I was very entertained by him and thought he did a great job but didn’t know what the consensus was from the regular watchers?
  13. I did not know that! I most certainly will. I only knew of the lead singer of 90s band the Presidents of the United States who does kids music now (Casper BabyPants!) and we were there for a little kids concert last time we were out there. ”Hey, Soul Sister” “What?” :neckpunch:
  14. My brother lives in Issaquah where the NWS official forecast has it getting to 117 tomorrow. He said in his 20+ years there he only remembers maybe high 90's or 100 a couple of times. 117! His 'official' temp readings he keeps sending me is from his grill meat thermometer where it read 102 yesterday on his covered porch.
  15. Probably one of the best aggregates of all info we have/know so far. https://www.reddit.com/r/CatastrophicFailure/comments/o7s500/room_711_actual_location_ring_camera_footage_is/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Graphic on reddit as well showing the apparent collapse progression. Helps with reading along with the above thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/CatastrophicFailure/comments/o7iynn/progression_of_the_miami_condo_collapse_based_on/
  16. I’ll also once again put my plug in on behalf of my wife. Since having children and then breast cancer, she has an immune condition where her system has no vaccine memory. So those getting the vaccine, I can’t thank you enough.
  17. That study (first link on search, I can post the lancet link too) that shows some neurological damage from Covid infection would likely push me over the edge if I were vaccine hesitant. https://cw34.com/news/local/new-study-finds-evidence-of-brain-damage-from-covid-19 Dying from Covid seems to be the end all be all some people focus on in their calculus, but, for example, my sister in law still has no sense of smell since December. Much to the delight of her gaseous husband..,
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