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  1. Here's an Intercept article with a lot of in-depth investigation into "Activist John", including that his brother James is a right-wing, pro-Trump activist headlining the "Blexit movement" who has spoken at Proud Boys rallies. John also tries to actively grift left-wing activists by selling branded gas masks, "tactical" gloves, and all black gear on his website.
  2. I'm more concerned about Trump further driving the discourse towards violent conflict and lies than anything else. But, given the tone of your comments I think I'm just going to move on and ignore you like the others. Have a good season, guy.
  3. The last 5ish years have been one incident after another that's been thought of as "surely, this will be Trump's political downfall" -- I'm past assuming that'll ever happen. Frankly I'm not even sure being legally barred from office would be enough to stop Trump from trying again in 2024.
  4. I'd push back here, personally. If Trump gets impeached and convicted, he cannot hold office again. As far as I'm aware, censure doesn't accomplish that. I feel that our next four years will be very different depending on whether or not Trump can seek election in 2024.
  5. It wasn't a flimsy charge. He deserved to be convicted the first time, too.
  6. Sadly, this only solves the having to read the posts part. You still see the threads along with their hyperbolic, overlong titles (and inexplicable date stamps).
  7. One of the men that many right wing apologists on Twitter used as evidence of "Antifa" leading the riot has been arrested in Alabama. The basis for their belief was a supposed "hammer and sickle" tattoo on the back of one of his hands. Shockingly, he isn't Antifa. In actuality, the tattoo is from the video game Dishonored. The man even complained on Snapchat that the "fake news" was calling him Antifa: He also had a penchant for going to Instagram and sharing his ways of getting around mask requirements, alongside videos from Alex Jones and Infowars.
  8. House GOP leader tells members to quit spreading lies on riot, antifa
  9. On a cell phone it’s pretty big and if you accidentally touch it, it expands and is like a quarter the size of the keyboard I swear it wasn't there on desktop until about an hour ago. Wonder if they're tweaking some things to try to get rid of it. If you're on desktop and use the uBlock Origin extension for ad blocking, you can right click on the little guy and choose "block element" to get rid of it. I'm guessing @Joe Bryant could have someone update the custom CSS for the board to set "visibility: hidden;" on the .grecaptcha-badge class, too. But I don't know how much control Invision gives you over CSS stuff.
  10. Yes, that is (was) the process for getting your "verified" tag on Parler. I have no idea why anyone would have been willing to do that. I'm guessing a lot of the worst accounts on the service didn't do this.
  11. Also re: Parler (to get into territory here) -- I don't really believe they're an honest attempt at a company. I think there's a reasonable chance that it essentially exists as a data farm for right-wing politics, with no real aim of ever being more and with the ultimate goal being to further divide people and hit them with targeted misinformation. The founder/CEO is recently married to some Russian lady he met while she was on vacation in Vegas, the money largely comes from the Mercers (of Cambridge Analytica fame), and from what I've read the initial user during early alpha testing correlates pretty well with Twitter bots/accounts that are suspected to be part of Russian disinformation campaigns. I'm just not going to be very sad if/when this becomes the end of Parler, I guess.
  12. You won't see disagreement from me on Twitter and Facebook being a bigger problem. However, Parler is also explicitly the worst of the worst, and wanted to capture that demographic. Top that off with no moderation strategy and you're doomed. It's just never been a profitable business model -- voat closed down this year after trying to be "free speech" reddit where you could post all of the borderline illegal stuff you wanted. Here's hoping the big tech companies get some comeuppance in the coming years as well.
  13. Mostly a "how dare I have to reap what I sow" kind of moment. He runs a business where the primary goal is to be a haven for the type of speech that other businesses shun. Here's my shocked face that he's going to have trouble finding other companies that want to do business with him.
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