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  1. I’m out of the loop on the coke thing. I need to see what that’s about. I feel like I’ve seen some companies i try to do this. NFL is an example i suppose, Typically companies that have chief diversity officers. The issue is a lot of people view these initiatives as like reverse discrimination and push back. Or say they are doing something but really they aren’t truly promoting diversity. Which is why i feel it ultimately will have to happen organically. And the problem there is that is difficult when we don’t have upward mobility for example. give me the tl;dr on
  2. Found it. Figured id post it again. Basically what i said above. ok back to work.
  3. Thats a start depending on how its implemented. But what if you say you can choose your school but some kids have no way to get there? This is where diversity in where you live helps. Its why things like adding lower income housing to better towns or school districts help give people access to better schools and resources instead of all being subjected to ghettos which have the worst schools and resources in them. But as ive mentioned thats another issue because of things like redlining and racism in the real estate market and housing. All of this comes down to unc
  4. @KarmaPolice summed it up. While it shouldn’t be happening it most certainly does. Know how many times i was steered from buying a home in a wealthy white neighborhood? How many times my parents had the house vandalized when they did? How many times a guidance counselor tried to now allow me to take an advanced or AP class even though i had straight A’s in math? How many times I’ve had a gun shoved in my face by police? Me having two parents didn’t absolve me from any of this. So when i say that’s not the root cause and it’s a symptom that’s where I’m coming from and studies back this
  5. Good point. But like you see many examples of players going out and they drive knowing they will be partying. Just hire a driver. Tiger is a different animal but in that case he must have security right? my hunch is he wasn’t intoxicated or anything. Likely was just driving fast or it was truly an accident.
  6. No one wants to blame slavery. But it’s a fact. Do you know when the last school was desegregated?  A few years ago. What about redlining? There are too many things to list btw and I’ve spoken about them in this thread. Everything wasn’t just equal when slavery ended nor is it today. The issues were never addressed and as a result we see the wealth gap and education gap and other disparities we do today. This country has worked very hard to ensure that and all black folks ask is for equity. Not an excuse or a crutch. Maybe if people like you acknowledged historical facts
  7. Per my previous post: Also there are likely other family memebers around to be role models, grandma, aunts and uncles. Again due to the fact families often live in close proximity.
  8. i appreciate you reading the links. But im just trying to understand if that is your position. you wrote: Maybe im missing the point but you seem to insinuating that if the father is around it will "solve these" George floyd issues. Am i missing your point? And again, being a single parent household is not the same as the parent isnt around. two different things.
  9. I think it is a collection of issues, most of which fall under systemic racism that has impacted black communities since slavery and NEVER been addressed. Many people want to just ignore it and say move on yet nothing has ever been done to truly address this. Systemic racism keeps people poor, keeps them concentrated in ghettos. Places with poor education, profiling by police, low upward mobility, mass incarceration, red lining, etc. I posted a link earlier that confirms even two parent black households significantly trail their white counterparts. So fixing that does NOT solve our over
  10. So having a father around will stop unconscious bias, racial profiling and ultimately unarmed black people from being killed by police? Is that what you are saying?
  11. For those who had the second injection. Did you get it in the same arm as the first? Switch it up?
  12. I’m sure tiger brings a lot of scrutiny. So you have to be thorough.
  13. I always wonder why people like tiger don’t hire a driver. I’d never drive again
  14. I’m not saying it’s not a big deal. I’m saying it’s not the root issue people think it is to solving issues in black communities. The articles are a few years old but still relevant especially since you referenced going back to the 60s. Historical context is important here. Too many people act like black communities have been playing on a level field since slavery ended. I think we all know that wasn’t true and still isn’t. also read the articles i posted. This issue impacts whites and blacks differently. Because even two parent black families are still at disadvantage. So
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