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  1. Oh Dustin. That was a sloppy game. D looked awful. Taylor played a decent game though. But why throw it at the end and not run down the clock? Curious who made that call.
  2. Yea i agree with this. I havent seen the early ones. I have heard they are good though. But if you start with new seasons listed above thats a good start plus some of them end up on multiple seasons so its good to go back and see their gameplay.
  3. No way big d beats anyone. Maybe Azah. Ky at least has a resume. I think if x does not win hoh or veto and ky isn’t hoh he’s a must vote out. But ky seems to want to take him to the end which is very very odd.
  4. agree. I think Tiff thought about it for sure. Also i think Kyland or X is going to win at this point but yea if Big D and Azah are in the final, please shoot me.
  5. Its way better. they play much harder. They also show more strategy which i like.
  6. Who you got? Zeke comes to mind here.
  7. Man for those that dont watch survivor Australia you really really need to. Great season once again. If you head to the survivor AU subreddit you will find what you need to watch 😉
  8. Nice work and yes this is how i typically can tell im in ketosis. And it works well. Even when you dont drop weight often you are losing fat. I bbq alot so its perfect for me.
  9. yea at this point lets see what he can do. let fitz get healthy in case hes a train wreck. hope the D keeps us in games.
  10. Curious how folks tweak the projections. I typically use Sigs projections. Do you ? Do you use consensus? Does it change per position? Curious how folks typically configure this.
  11. For the solar tax credit, is there an income cap to claiming it? Any catches? Any things to know about tesla + Battery? The more i think about it, the solar option that also does whole home coverage via battery is idea because it can also pay for my electricity year round and is quieter and better for the environment. But what are the catches? It sounds like prices will go down in the near future. Also is tesla the only game in town or are there other options? Thnx
  12. was there a benefit to using propane vs natural gas? Or did you not have natural gas? Also why kohler over Generac?
  13. The tesla setup sounds very cool. Pricey though. Our house is around 2500 sq ft. I like the ideal of the tesla helping with the electric bill as well. I would be curious to see how much value it adds to the house and im not sure if my state has the same tax advantages but i will be checking for sure. This is good to know.
  14. This is good to know. How loud is it? ive heard these things can be really loud. Are my neighbors going to hate me?
  15. I’m excited for brown. Would love it if he beasts out.
  16. Yea I’m looking at powering most of the house. Natural gas if generac. The solar seems interesting but I’ve heard people say it’s not the best.
  17. I couldn’t find a thread. looking for a whole home generator. It seems that generac is the way to go but solar that could store energy(Tesla with power bank?) and power the home as well as save on energy bills also seems intriguing. what say the experts here? What do these cost roughly. thanks.
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