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  1. thanks for noticing me.

  2. the party van will be by to pick you up at 7.

  3. you wouldn't say that to my face, imo.

  4. are those the gf's?

  5. your friends list reads like a who's who of e-tards. 1 star for your unwavering commitment to horrible shtick. keep up the awful work. :thumbup:

  6. pure gold. 5 stars. i agree with this guy down here vvv.

  7. hi, penis!

  8. 5 stars on name alone. :thumbup:

  9. i'm confused.

  10. good morning. profile view +1.

  11. have you seen the futurama movie yet?

  12. i hope it was to a nice cross. they deserved at least that much.

  13. next of kin has been notified.

  14. fat drunk and stupid has a present for you.

  15. i must break you.

  16. looking for nudies.

  17. krista and her naked pics. she won't stop until she gets them...

  18. hello, friend.

  19. i have a stalker! :pickle:

  20. moonhead is on timeout. he can't respond to your trash talk.

  21. how about that shtick war?

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