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  1. I think he's gonna be a good pro, perhaps real good. He had an excellent combine and he could go as early as mid/late 2nd now with some buzz. After Burrows and Tua who would you really take over him? Herbert with a top 10 pick vs Hurts at say 2.20? Love or Hurts 25 to 40 picks later? I'm thinking Hurts comp can be where a slightly smaller version of Dak meets a larger Kyler Murray. Don't think Hurts is getting much love and if drafted where he can develop for a year or two (NO?) he could end up being one of the better QBs in this class at a non 1st round price
  2. Yet do they have enough SP? Serevino should be back eventually but are the Yanks gonna go out and get MadBum of Stroman?
  3. The thing is the McCallisters went back looking for their son, pretty sure the Manziels won't.
  4. Has always been a complementary piece to Yeldon and then Henry. 6'1 210 with a 4.45 with soft hands, nice lateral agility and great in the open field but also with a history of injuries. His kick return in the Natl title game vs Clemson showed just how much of a playmaker he is. Under utilized all-purpose back who will be a big contributor at the next level in the right scheme. Drake reminds me of Percy Harvin and could be a sneaky fantasy play at the next level.
  5. I'm gonna set the over/under for the day of the 2016 Draft for when pictures of him doing lines off the ### of a Vegas stripper surface.
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