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  1. I think he's gonna be a good pro, perhaps real good. He had an excellent combine and he could go as early as mid/late 2nd now with some buzz. After Burrows and Tua who would you really take over him? Herbert with a top 10 pick vs Hurts at say 2.20? Love or Hurts 25 to 40 picks later? I'm thinking Hurts comp can be where a slightly smaller version of Dak meets a larger Kyler Murray. Don't think Hurts is getting much love and if drafted where he can develop for a year or two (NO?) he could end up being one of the better QBs in this class at a non 1st round price
  2. The thing is the McCallisters went back looking for their son, pretty sure the Manziels won't.
  3. Has always been a complementary piece to Yeldon and then Henry. 6'1 210 with a 4.45 with soft hands, nice lateral agility and great in the open field but also with a history of injuries. His kick return in the Natl title game vs Clemson showed just how much of a playmaker he is. Under utilized all-purpose back who will be a big contributor at the next level in the right scheme. Drake reminds me of Percy Harvin and could be a sneaky fantasy play at the next level.
  4. I'm gonna set the over/under for the day of the 2016 Draft for when pictures of him doing lines off the ### of a Vegas stripper surface.
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