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  1. Pats can't score and need to hold teams to no more than 24 to have a chance to win. These aren't your older brothers Patriots.
  2. Think Smith is the ideal move TE that the Pats haven't had since Hernandez. I envision that they will line him up everywhere to get him in favorable match ups. If he can stay healthy then TE5 is feasible IMO.
  3. Think Myers and Smith are the two receiving options to own.
  4. What did BB see in Cam last year that suggested Cam deserved to start the entire season? BB is now doubling down that Cam is still a starting caliber QB. What does he see in Cam that the rest of the league has seemingly overlooked? If the Pats have a fast start are we gonna see another full year of Cam? Just don't understand why BB is hitching his wagon to a guy that no other team who plans on winning this year views nothing more than a backup? Mac may or may not be the future but I think BB needs to find out sooner rather than later as Cam isn't the future.
  5. Learning about Cuba having some food. Hello McFly, anyone home? Cut me Mick. Funny how? Can't see the lines can you Russ? Blue you're my boy! Say hello to my little friend! Otis, my man! Lighten up Francis. I'll make it. Put it on Underhill
  6. Pretty good. I like 10-15 min shorts on all things football and baseball so I will be following.
  7. This is like Happy Days hitching their wagon to Potsie or Ralph Malph after Fonzie leaves, at least give Chachi a shot. The Cam era in NE can't end soon enough.
  8. Bavaro was a great two way TE before the receiving TE era came. His numbers don't compare with Gronk but I think Belichick was a huge fan of Bavaro as I read a quote that basically said that BB watched Bavaro go against in practice LT Banks and others on that vaunted NYG D and held his own. I also seemed to remember that BB claimed that Bavaro held his own vs Reggie White, hence my comparison as Bavaro being the template for Gronk. Think you need to compare Bavaro to the HOF TEs of the 60s/70s as most were two way and not the Shannon Sharpes or Tony Gs,. Bavaro was a tough SOB and a key player on 2 SB winning teams that not only played hurt but also played injured. Selfless, modest team first player who in his brief career played at a very high level that you won't see all his contributions in a box score.
  9. Injuries derailed his HOF trajectory but Mark Bavaro was the template for Gronk.
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