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  1. Had a big futures exacta from February with Medina Spirit on top of Rock Ur World that was paying 13k. Not feeling so well right now.
  2. Mills seems like a NE type of pick. What way is GB looking to go by trading up?
  3. Is Jim Brown relevant anymore? Gotta think he's still RB1
  4. He really is. Really making a case for top 5 pitcher in baseball.
  5. I think he has the versatility to become a weapon in the Eric Metcalf mold
  6. Fant will be a top 5 TE Damien Harris goes 1000/10 with another 35/300 receiving Kirk will be a top 12 WR Lock is for real Cam gets hurt, Stidham stinks and gets pulled and Hoyer ends season as Pats QB and they only win 6 games
  7. Looks like the post draft/pre Cam love affair of Stidham is beginning to wane just a bit.
  8. Think Moss is a nice long shot play for OROY and I'm hoping to get 50-1
  9. Thinking about taking a shot with them to win Natl title. Waiting for my guy to post his futures and I hope I can get > 25-1
  10. They went 5-1 vs AFCE and 4-0 vs NFCE plus Cin and Clev. The rest of the AFCE is slightly better they play NFCW and also KC and Balt. Their D was very good last year but they lost some key guys on the front 7. They're getting younger and more athletic but I think it'll take a few yrs for BB to get this team to where he needs it to be assuming Stid is their guy. I see far more downside with a limited ceiling. 6-8 wins
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