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  1. here’s one for my 13 year old daughter’s league: Dak @ NE A-Rod @ CHI 4 point passing TDs (& yeah it’s an 8-team but I’m still geeked she’s into it) Consensus has Prescott higher but I like Rodgers history versus the Bears. DAL-NE has a higher o/u (50.5 v 44) bit of the two I feel like the Cowboys game could lean more heavy on the run. I just can’t see the Video Patriots trying to win a shootout. Obviously has a somewhat tougher matchup.
  2. universal “can you get Gates?” regardless of the Q (or year - IT is information, and there is no expiration date.)
  3. Thanks, man. You're doing great work in here. I've been super busy this week and just catching up on info. I looked early in the week and Mattison was projected for 19.5 or something (PPR), but now it's Cook. Also,. forgot to add my Flex is W/R/T. So probably Dillon and Herbert at RB and Claypool over Boyd in the Flex. Also have Rondale but I never know when he's going to have a good game, ya know?
  4. Hope you are right. In one league my starters are CEH and Kamara. This week it will be AJ Dillon and Khalil Herbert. My other options are Jamaal Williams, McKissic, McNIchols, and I passed on Gainwell last night.. Actually that's my RB2 and my Flex. My RB1 is Mattison - not the end of the world as we know it. But def not feeling fine. .
  5. he and Mitchell play special teams while Sermon does not but that was the week 1 excuse, don't be thinking you know what Shanny will do
  6. Also FTR, this thread title has always been one of my favorites.
  7. Seems like a fair, balanced and unbiased statement of fact. Based on this weeks projections on various sites, I'm presuming most experts are apparently blissfully unaware of how much Rogers has torched the Chicago over the years. 55 TDs in 26 games with a boatload of 3, 4 and 6 TD games. Doesn't have too many 300 yard game - 4, and none since 2014 - but that's bc about a third of the wins they boat-raced the Bears early. 8 passing TDs in last year's series and I'm expecting Rodgers to Adams to be cooking Sunday.
  8. naw added him for $1 last week while 6 (half the league) bid up Damian didn't figure it would pan out but better to be early than late
  9. I've been adding him everywhere, gets a ton of targets absolutely no plans to utilize either McNichols or Sermon but if there's one thing I've learned in FF, it's that you can never have too many RB lottery tickets
  10. was RB14 in PPR going into last night, solidly RB1 now boy was consensus wrong about this one ETA: obviously I mean a RB1 not the RB1
  11. happened in one of my leagues, I picked him up out of boredom still don’t know why the 49ers moved up to draft this guy
  12. moot issue but seemed more like holding (1/2 the distance) than DPI
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