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  1. It’s not about Goff. If Matthew had not requested a trade, the draft might have gone that way. Caldwell got the job in part bc he came into the interview having evaluated all 665 pass attempts (or whatever the number was) from the year before. Think about all the years the off-season machinations (correctly) centered around #9: does he have enough weapons, does he need a QB coach, is this the right OC, would simplifying the game plan make it easier for him to succeed, et al. For the first time in 12 years the needs of the team outweighed the comfort of the one player. That’s not a ba
  2. I’m perfectly happy taking Miles in redraft full PPR as my RB2/3 or Flex at whatever his ADP ends up at in late August he’s the only Philly back with value in that genre (IMO) & hopeful all this pearl clutching will drive his value down he’s kind of special IMO
  3. 4the best in RB pass pro last year [league wide per PFF] + awesome sense of humor / sweet Twitter feed / good interview So if you need a guy who can block, occasionally catch a ball, fall forward three yards, AND keep the locker room loosie goosey, look to the Wizzanator
  4. Patricia, Daniels and BOB are different personalities with varying overarching philosophies, but each managed to create very toxic cultures. Pretty arrogant dudes. Charlie Weiss and his “we’re going to have a schematic advantage every single week” worked for about two years at ND. Players will still buy into that when you’re winning. It’s a tougher sell when it looks like you’re not putting your players into a position that will allow them to succeed. Quintricia completely turned over the roster from the Caldwell era. 2017 Lions who were still there at the end: Staff, Kenny, MJJ
  5. Amon-Ra should lead the team in WR targets & receptions. He doesn’t get much separation but he should be great at siting down in the seams between coverage. Not really a twitchy YAC guy but I expect him to excel at curl, dig & slant routes. If he gains Goff’s trust I could see him having a 110 target 85-874-4 type season. FTR I’m hoping Hock sees a bump to 130+ targets & Swift catches 80-90 balls. They s/b the focal points. Keep in [mind] I’m buying Honolulu blue Kool-Aid by the case off Amazon Fresh.
  6. I've been trying to better understand why Goff 2017-2018 morphed into a guy who stopped taking deep shots in 2020. Losing Brandin Cooks is part of the story. But the biggest thing was his deteriorating relationship with McVay. The guy who built him up, was most responsible for his development, became the guy who started calling him out in team meetings and in postgame press conferences. Five quarterback coaches in five years. Biggest role for the QB coach on the LAR was to be the buffer between the QB and the HC. He didn't hire an OC until his 4th year. Once McVay started dropping into th
  7. It's a rough outcome but the murder is off screen. Tracee is the one I can't sit through on re-watches. That one and Melfi's rape in Employee of the Month.
  8. Silvio Dante: Tzu, Tzu! Sun Tzu, you ####### ###-kiss!
  9. Yeah, it's going to be very challenging getting much back on Goff if they try to move him after 2023. He'll be a cap casualty if he is not the guy they want. Do people actually think we got two firsts and a third because Stafford is that much better of a quarterback? That was a one off situation, Carolina and Denver didn't come nearly as strong. We got the draft pick haul bc the back half of the contract is obscene. We also made the Rams pay this year's signing bonus, which delayed the trade becoming official for several weeks. But the Dead Money goes down significantly from 31.5M 20
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