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  1. My 12 year daughter knows more about football than he does. He shouldn’t be in anyone’s top 250 trusted draft authorities.
  2. I have a feeling JOK is going to climb up draft boards, especially if he pops a 4.4 in workouts. Teams have been using nickel >50% of the time for 5+ years, he’s exactly the kind of fast hybrid LB/S you dream about.
  3. Whaddya guys think of Campbell’s coaching staff? He drew some good ones. Little heavy on former players but I think the long term contract made it attractive to come work for him. Weird seeing guys chose Detroit when they had other options lol.
  4. I like Waddle a lot there. Sewell (T) will go sure in the Top 5, at least 3 QBs, Chase absolutely...and D Smith but honestly I like Waddle’s game better. Micah Parsons is the needs pick but would be awesome to trade back and get him in the middle of the round.
  5. Feels like it. Then again I pick up honolulu blue kool aid by the pallet down at Costco.
  6. Mike Evans is pretty mediocre at creating separation. Pretty good at using his frame and strength to win 50-50 balls. As is KG, though maybe at not quite the same elite level. Tyrell has mostly been a deep route guy, right? He's averaged over 15 ypr throughout his 5 years / 2 teams. KG is a lot more than just a 9 route burner. Haven't really heard of too many successful tag and trade deals. Probably will tag him as it seems unlikely they'll work out a deal. Gonna let Amendola and MJJ walk so we'll need bodies. Goff is a decent, relatively low cost stop gap for two years. Who kno
  7. Hock on Bussin’ with the Boys along with his workout partner George Kittle. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bussin-with-the-boys/id1464240720?i=1000511418331 on being a choir boy prepping for the NFL Draft: “Six months after getting drafted Bob Quinn told me ‘you’re not the guy I drafted.” on his first game: “I was like ‘this is NFL? this is stupid easy.’ Next game, 7 yards...next game, nothing. Broke my ankle. Man, I gotta get out of here.” He’s pretty much Gronk 2.0 off the field. Loves to have fun and works hard. Good guy, you never saw that personality come under
  8. this is about basketball, right? don't really follow the league anymore. my sports interests these days is limited to the NFL, major championships in golf & tennis, an occasional F1 race. every Detroit team is a cellar dweller, I really can't get into any of them except football. should be a fun draft, though, will lurk from afar.
  9. Great. Way to show some backbone @Joe Bryant You let this account spam unabated. You suspended me for 63 days for joking on Nov 6 the only Trump was getting to 270 was if he lost 50 pounds. Super cool.
  10. Lauren Boebert's Twitter account is locked until our NEW President is sworn in.
  11. I don’t even know what threads to post to in the PSF anymore, everything blends together. Anyway Majorie Taylor Greene Fond of QAnon, we’ve already seen a few of her racist videos (which she proudly recorded and posted.) Pretty awesome freshman class for the Rs. RELATED: Lauren Boebert's Twitter account is locked until our NEW President is sworn in.
  12. Federal pardon ain’t gonna stop the Southern District of New York from moving on him.
  13. I thought YouTube just suspended him for a week? Anyway, 26,000 lies in, just throw onto the pile.
  14. Better call Saul Seriously, it’s a multimillion dollar property. Tell pops to shoot the lock off his wallet.
  15. Q - if he survives the Senate trial (likely), could he be charged with a federal crime of insurrection or violating the 14th Amendment? Or is this it, no other bite at the apple.
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