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  1. Great. Way to show some backbone @Joe Bryant You let this account spam unabated. You suspended me for 63 days for joking on Nov 6 the only Trump was getting to 270 was if he lost 50 pounds. Super cool.
  2. Lauren Boebert's Twitter account is locked until our NEW President is sworn in.
  3. I don’t even know what threads to post to in the PSF anymore, everything blends together. Anyway Majorie Taylor Greene Fond of QAnon, we’ve already seen a few of her racist videos (which she proudly recorded and posted.) Pretty awesome freshman class for the Rs. RELATED: Lauren Boebert's Twitter account is locked until our NEW President is sworn in.
  4. Federal pardon ain’t gonna stop the Southern District of New York from moving on him.
  5. I thought YouTube just suspended him for a week? Anyway, 26,000 lies in, just throw onto the pile.
  6. Better call Saul Seriously, it’s a multimillion dollar property. Tell pops to shoot the lock off his wallet.
  7. Q - if he survives the Senate trial (likely), could he be charged with a federal crime of insurrection or violating the 14th Amendment? Or is this it, no other bite at the apple.
  8. I believe he could be blocked from running again and lose his pension. Does he deserve 6 figures every year of tax payer money or to campaign for office again? It’s my understanding it’s the violation of the 14th Amendment which will prevent him from running of any elected office again. I believe there are other laws involved which negate his pension, secret service detail, et al. Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, w
  9. That Fred’s kid? Super surprising, that family and their HQ (GR) is similar demographic as the Lakeshore. BTW store #1 is in my birth town (central rural MI - Greenville.) They had the worst luck. [s]Burned down[/s] Excuse me the store burned down like three times. Every time they’d rebuild there and open a new location in another town. Crazy coincidence I’m sure.
  10. That Fred’s kid? Super surprising, that family and their HQ (GR) is similar demographic as the Lakeshore.
  11. This is my hometown Congressman, MI 6th. They last voted for a Democrat for President in 1864 (George McClellan.) I knew he was gonna vote this way based on recent quotes but that’s going to be extremely unpopular back home. Good on him for doing the right thing. (southwest Michigan - Kalamazoo, Holland, Benton Harbor/St Joe, bunch of Lake Michigan beach towns.)
  12. No kidding? I once took a 16th round flyer on him in redraft. Complete turd.
  13. Reminds me of when the Lions lost their 16th game of the year
  14. He could be removed in the Senate and still run again...I think. Unless there is a vote to also ban him from the presidency. 14th Amendment would bar him from ever holding office again if he’s found guilty of sedition.
  15. IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT Joe Biden got nearly 13 million more votes in 2020 than Barack Obama did in 2008, but won in several hundred fewer counties. Record turnout in urban areas added millions of votes to Biden’s total. Many of the counties Obama won are very small, and didn’t have much effect on his raw vote count.
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