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  1. stop me if you’ve heard this before volume, not talent
  2. Ryan Mink @ryanmink Lamar Jackson said Greg Roman changed the play during the Lions' timeout before that 4th-down throw. He said the Ravens offense needed that break. Said it was a "huge" timeout.
  3. you don't want to call delay of game? FINE JUST CALL THE ####### PRE-SNAP FALSE START delay of game, false start, oh wait forget it's the Lions MFers screw us over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... et al
  4. you don't want to call delay of game? FINE JUST CALL THE ####### PRE-SNAP FALSE START delay of game, false start, oh wait forget it's the Lions
  5. 4-0 week, may have high score in one or two leagues technically the win probability percentages are only 99, 93, 62, 95 - and I lost a game Week 1 by 0.14 when I had 95% probability....anyway... i. Do. Not. Care. I hate it when the Detroit Lions find yet another way to break my heart.
  6. 14 receptions for 102 yards niiiiiiiice rushed 14 times for 40 yards oh #### O-line still sucks eh
  7. Didn’t see the game yet 4 sacks, INT, forced 3 punts & 5 FGA - all seems OKish OTOH the Ravens average 5.3 per rush att & 8.7 YPA passing
  8. what is TSP record for fewest posts in a Week 3 game thread?
  9. and it wasn't close, 6 completions 9 sacks six (6!) first downs for the Bears _______________ At home versus Detroit Lions Or as I like to call it, QB Confidence Week Expecting a 25 point fantasy game next week
  10. anybody like veteran WRs?` besides DeSean, Emmanuel Sanders and Sammy Watkins had nice days Sam Darnold if you're in the market for a backup QB/bye week filler or otherwise desperate
  11. Any talk of Matthew for MVP? Too early I suppose, that doesn't start in earnest until Week 11-13 or so. He's at a really high level right now. Could not happen to a better guy, hope he has a great HoF post-Lions career.
  12. if he wasn't drafted in your league - or was drafted only to be dropped - there is a clear #1 Chuba Hubbard RB Car Peyton Barber RB LV Tyler Conklin TE Min Pat FreiermuthTE Pit Desean Jackson WR LAR Jake Funk RB LAR (6.0 YPC) Just kidding about #6, seeing if anyone actually reads these.
  13. Spieth & Fleetwood with very long birdie putts all square Berger concedes a 2-1/2 foot on 17 - also tied, both hit the fairway on 18 17 1/2 - 8 1/2 (record is 18.5)
  14. They had just marched 75 twice in a row after BAL FGs to score TDs. The defense FINALLY makes a play and we do it for the third drive in a row, 63 yards to the 14. Run-run-run-FG Man alive I hate that mentality. Step on their ####### throat instead of going conservative.
  15. play Play-By-Play 1:04 4th Detroit kicked off, touchback 1st & 10, BAL 25 1:04 4th L. Jackson sacked by C. Harris for 3 yard loss 2nd & 13, BAL 22 0:40 4th L. Jackson incomplete pass down the middle intended for D. Duvernay 3rd & 13, BAL 22 0:35 4th L. Jackson sacked by R. Okwara for 6 yard loss0:26 4th Detroit timeout 4th & 19, BAL 16 0:26 4th L. Jackson passed to S. Watkins to the left for 36 yard gain, tackled by W. Harris 1st & 10, DET 48 0:07 4th L. Jackson incomplete pass down the middle 2nd & 10, DET 48 0:06 4th L. Jackson incomplete pass to the left 3rd & 10, DET 48 0:03 4th J. Tucker kicked a 66-yard field goal off the ####### crossbar
  16. stood in the doorway with my brother and dad waiting for the last play, we were going out in the woods (deer hunting season) they saw where they were kicking from and said "he can't make that. alright see you out back."
  17. hottest thread on r/detroitlions rn is How the hell was that not a delay-of-game penalty
  18. I imagine there is nothing that can be done now, but that seemed so obvious! It felt like a second or more? The onscreen count down clock is not the actual play clock is the standard BS line NY puts out when asked
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