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  1. Good rundown of what's next: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/soccer-insider/wp/2014/07/02/whats-next-for-the-u-s-soccer-team-after-world-cup-loss-to-belgium/
  2. O'Flaherty coming back this weekend, possibly. Jim Johnson a goner? Francis?
  3. I was heavily critical of LOST, but this doesn't seem anything like that. LOST ambled around and didn't really have any idea where it was going, and tried to be several different things at once. The Leftovers seems to be pretty clear in its focus on the emotional fallout from an unexplained event that may never be explained, either within the show or to the viewers. I'm OK with that. Perhaps having source material to follow is the big difference here. Only halfway through ep 1, but I'm def. on board.
  4. McIntyre on ESPN has the US' projected XI for 2018, but it's behind the paywall.
  5. Along those lines, it seems like the US youth programs are much better off emphasizing athleticism and direct play. I only mention this because I think I remember JK saying something about wanting to implement a possession-based 4-3-3 across all levels of the US team, which just seems crazy to me. We aren't Spain as a nation. And while there is obviously a need for highly-technical players, I don't think Xavi was ever torn between whether he was going to play soccer or something else when he grew up. But a guy like Yedlin (and more players like Yedlin in the future) could be players who maybe could've gone a different way athletically, but soccer appealed to them. Although ... does anyone remember ESPN a few seasons back showing "catch radius" for different WRs? IIRC, the upshot was that any ball within 7 feet of Megatron (it was 80-something inches) was in his "catch window". Had Calvin Johnson started out as a goalie in elementary school, and stayed there from then on ... that natural "catch radius" should have helped, right? But again, this discussion sounds a lot like the "Michael Jordan as a goalie" stuff -- and I'd bet prime MJ's short-area quicks were a lot better than Calvin Johnson's. Sure, but I don't think goalie has ever been a problem area for the US, at least relative to the other positions. We'll always have plenty of tall guys with quick reflexes who can read a ball, I think the real trick is going to be developing world-class attacking players.
  6. that is fine. it is your opinion. Most people understand how enormous underdogs the US were in every game but the Ghana game. Portugal, Germany and Belgium have multiple single players with valuations higher than the entire US team. How one can claim failure when they went further then most experts felt they should have is a strange take on this situation. Did you come in the tournament thinking the US were one of the better teams or something? If so then I can understand the failure item. This US came in as a lower middle of the road team in the 32 teams. I think confusing the term "not impressed" with "failure" is where things are going wrong. You have every right to be unimpressed but failure by definition means that you had expectations beyond what most did. Maybe the hype wasn't there, but you gotta win 2 games somewhere in the tournament to really say you did anything. This just has all the markings of a Dallas Cowboys season. Beat the teams they were favored to beat and then drop the rest of the games and then cry about HOW CLOSE WE GOT IF WE ONLY GOT A BREAK!!!!!11!!!! Maybe you only won one game because you just aren't that good. Cream has a way of rising to the top. Regarding the bolded, I am unsure how many more times we can provide the exact same information to you. In 3 of the 4 games the US were severe underdogs. In 1 of the 4 we were even strength (not unsurprisingly the game we won) It appears like you are trying to act like people (or yourself) felt like the US was favored in these games. I don't get it. I guess it's something we have to settle for, covering the spread in a manner. At some point all the hype on how things will change with Freddy Adu (whooops) and with all the euro poaching has to pay off. Otherwise it will remain a fringe sport that is only half followed every 4 years or so. The goal shouldn't be to go in as the 3rd best team in a group and be happy with 1 win over the 4th team. This is America. Being happy with this is what leads to mediocrity. You spelled everything correctly in this post. So it has that.
  7. Will I pickup a pitcher while he's mid-no hitter? Yes. Yes, I suppose I would.
  8. I laughed at the fights between Cole and Marty. "Let's just say I'm not real good at parties." "Well you ain't real good outside of parties either." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKf8FBWZi2g
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