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  1. It really does defy logic. All this for Donald Trump. And not a word about how Hillary conceded with a much more narrow loss and how Trump was afforded all the rights of a president elect. All this for Donald Trump...I simply can't wrap my head around it.
  2. That's exactly what it is. Minor, normal deviations, larger deviations in other counties, but according to Trump and his supporters, only the democratic counties should be investigate. Unreal.
  3. You think that involved votes being changed? How about when the Wisconsin recount matches the machine count. I assume that won't matter either? There is literally zero evidence of voter fraud, Rudy even admitted it in PA courts. And you actually believe that there is some multi-country, multi-government agency plot to rig the election against Trump as your source of faith Sydney has put forward? She hasn't a shred of evidence. Blind belief is a scary thing.
  4. 12,284 votes. gets certified tomorrow. That means GA, AZ, and Michigan all soon to be certified. That should be ballgame.
  5. Yea, Trump supporters from a different site believe Rudy was awesome and that Sydney will deliver the goods. So Max falls right in line. It’s like there are two realities. One Rudy and Trump have evidence of massive voter fraud that they for some reason haven’t brought to court. The court losses mean nothing. The GA handcount matching the machine count doesn’t completely disprove the dominion “fraud.” And then there’s actual reality.
  6. Did you just keep checking the ap until you found one in stock? All out of stock near me according to the ap.
  7. And now Trump's inviting Michigan republicans to the WH? What kind of banana republic are we living in? Holy smokes.
  8. The Georgia hand recount will either give credence to Dominion or completely disprove it. Most likely the latter.
  9. Wait, hasn’t Trump been talking about unifying the country and working for all Americans?
  10. How is that fair? You want a recount in only the counties where you lost? Will Wisconsin let them do that?
  11. The 10k number wasn't part of the machine count nor part of the hand count. How is it concerning? That number would never have made it's way into the vote count. The large discrepancy between the 3 numbers would have been investigated and corrected.
  12. I agree with this. Many in here were suggesting that Trump directly colluded with Russia. Not me of course...
  13. The machine count came in at 1k, the hand count came in at 1k, when the handcount was written down it was written as 10k. This mistake was immediately caught and corrected. It never was intended nor did it ever have a chance to impact the vote count. Checks and balances worked as prescribed.
  14. First of all I'd be embarrassed to be part of a party who's leader acted like Trump. There is literally zero concrete evidence of any significant, and barely any insignificant, fraud. He's just stalling and trying to get lucky by throwing anything against the wall he can. Hillary lost by much less than him and acted with much more class than him. He was afforded all the rights and privileges as a president elect that he's withholding from good ol' Joe. imho, Trump is an embarrassment to our nation and to Republicans in general. That said, if the shoe was on the other foot I'd feel exactly the same about mistaken vote call outs and "stopped" counting. I'd think they were normal parts of any election and for anyone to contest the results as much as he is the vote gap would have to be much much smaller. Something like in 2000.
  15. It was a simple mistake. The person calling out the hand vote count called 10k instead of 1k. Had nothing to do with the machine vote count. If no one had noticed, this large a discrepancy would have been audited and discovered. Absolutely nothing nefarious.
  16. Guys it's pointless to try to convince Trump supporters of anything other than the entire world is aligned and coordinated against them and Trump. Big tech, big academia, the deep state, hollywood, george soros, etc all aligned against Trump and his supporters. These are their beliefs, and they're entitled to them, but trying to change minds is pointless.
  17. You mean the republican initiated Mueller investigation? Or how about where Trump's main henchmen met with Russian's to get dirt on Hillary and then lied about it multiple times. That my friends is smoke. Not the word of some pedo that Rudy pulled off the street.
  18. So Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia are all either done counting, almost done, or not having recounts. They will certify soon and that's enough for Biden to get to 270. So why are we still dealing with the rest of this charade?
  19. Do you feel like the situation in 2000, an election decided by a few hundred votes in one state, is comparable in anyway to this election? One in which Trump lost multiple states by tens of thousands of votes? And you think the people that burn things down are part of the democratic base? Tell me, has Biden pandered to them or encouraged them in any way?
  20. What would you call denying the lawful transition of the president elect on the basis of ZERO hard evidence? Why has every other president accepted the vote? And don't mention 2000 because that's not even close to this situation. Trump is undermining our democracy by convincing his rabid base that Biden is not a dually elected president. Anyone who can't see that is part of Trump's rabid base.
  21. Those 2,600 votes came from a Ruby Red county. Are now the republican governor, secretary of state, and county election officials all aligned against Trump? I'd say please tell me no one actually believes this, but I know that tens of millions of americans believe this.
  22. Does a whole house Sonos setup, with sub, cost around $5k? It seems from browsing the Sonos site.
  23. Nothing to enjoy about this imposter's schtick.
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