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  1. who says ETH could hit 6 figures? also, can anyone direct me to ren's crypto thread? can't seem to get there through search.
  2. I know there is another crypto thread but now that this site is about 25% functional for me, I will put my question here. Feel free to link me over there if you are so inclined and able. How do you think about future price changes, particularly for Ethereum? I see some different projections that suggest that the most is probably around $9000. At the same time, a few years ago, people probably would have said something like that for Bitcoin a few years and now here we are. Is there anything inherent to each crypto that you can look at to estimate the theoretical ceiling of each one
  3. how was transferring not facing adversity? he got demoted at Bama and was still able to come back in as a backup and win big games. He knew that Tua was going to start and had the opportunity to go to a premier program. That was obviously better for his potential pro career. It's not like he left Alabama to do nothing.
  4. i generally feel like steichen was trying to call what lynn wanted, which was more run-heavy, so i am hopeful that he will be different here. if not, then we have a problem.
  5. From today's Axios Newsletter: what say you?
  6. QB as % of salary cap: Super Bowl Titles and High Salary Quarterbacks | Over the Cap Since then you've got Brady 3 times on under-market, Wentz/Foles on rookie/backup, Mahomes on rookie, and Manning at about 11% in 2015.
  7. I appreciate that you are able to go back and do this research For me. It is a valuable use of time and wise to make sure to follow my commentary. I am surprised at hunters development, so good on him, though surely Their many injuries haven’t had anything to do with their rotation changing.
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