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  1. i may end up starting him in my dynasty league where baker is my only starting QB...
  2. How am I supposed to live with 158 tds and 2 tds? Get him 25 touchEs!!!
  3. i think that there have been players who have played 17 games in a 16 game season due to bye weeks.
  4. https://africa.espn.com/blog/nfcwest/post/_/id/135293/cardinals-rookie-tay-gowan-motivated-by-covid-19-draft-drop
  5. Per @PFF, Gowan allowed just a 26.2 passer rating in single coverage since 2019, the second lowest in college football. 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report - Tay Gowan (the-jet-sweep.com)
  6. i believe that he is talking about the last few weeks of the regular season and whether the setup with an extra game and 2 extra teams making the playoffs and only 1 bye in each conference will possibly lead to more resting of players.
  7. you know it's the right decision to go for 2 when Troy says seconds earlier "I don't like this" https://twitter.com/sharpfootball/status/1448848573085405185?s=21
  8. This is why we don’t run. It just doesn’t work.
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