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  1. i may end up starting him in my dynasty league where baker is my only starting QB...
  2. How am I supposed to live with 158 tds and 2 tds? Get him 25 touchEs!!!
  3. i think that there have been players who have played 17 games in a 16 game season due to bye weeks.
  4. https://africa.espn.com/blog/nfcwest/post/_/id/135293/cardinals-rookie-tay-gowan-motivated-by-covid-19-draft-drop
  5. Per @PFF, Gowan allowed just a 26.2 passer rating in single coverage since 2019, the second lowest in college football. 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report - Tay Gowan (the-jet-sweep.com)
  6. i believe that he is talking about the last few weeks of the regular season and whether the setup with an extra game and 2 extra teams making the playoffs and only 1 bye in each conference will possibly lead to more resting of players.
  7. you know it's the right decision to go for 2 when Troy says seconds earlier "I don't like this" https://twitter.com/sharpfootball/status/1448848573085405185?s=21
  8. This is why we don’t run. It just doesn’t work.
  9. Tired hands alien church ipa 2 TVs in the living room ftw
  10. Bruce’s head is going to pop off his neck
  11. Sorenson feels it’s important to help on to diggs who is pinned against the sidelines and let his own man run totally free?
  12. The browns are a wild ride, man chargers too for that matter
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