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  1. Haha... well that answers that question about the rotisserie. So what do you use the infrared side burner for? I could see it as a place to sear a steak, then finish on the main grill but it looks like a lot of people just cook the steak on the sear station for the entire cook? Or I could see it being a great place to finish a reverse sear steak.
  2. Thank you both for that feedback. @snellman That is really interesting about the wheels. I would have never even thought about the wheels being a factor. Also helpful to know that the whole concept of reducing flare ups actually works. I do not plan on wheeling my grill around so this tells me it could be a viable option. I was a little worried that the cleanup might be more complicated but I watched some videos about it and it seems the cleanup could end up being a little easier because of the plates under the grates. And @Ron Swanson thank you for the suggestion of Napoleon. I hav
  3. I have been grill shopping. I am moving to a house that has a natural gas hookup running to the back of the house so I am planning to switch from propane to natural gas. And I love this thread, and I love reading about smokers, and I think charcoal grills are awesome, but I am planning to just get a plain old natural gas grill for now. I’m thinking 3 burner, maybe 4. The smoker may come in time but not now. I have a Weber 2 burner now. It is great. I love it. No frills but it is solid and produces good meals. I had pretty much decided I was just going to get a Weber 3 burner with
  4. Over the winter I bought a collection of porters and stoudts. I came away disappointed. Didn't really find anything I loved. And a few things I didn't like at all. I came away from the experience with a craft beer fatigue feeling. I decided I would give the craft beer a rest for a little bit and buy some Yuengling. So I guess Yuengling is technically a craft beer, but they are kind of like an in-betweener. I bought a 12 pack of Lager, Golden Pilsner, Black & Tan, and Porter. The 2 beers that I hadn't had in forever impressed me. I hadn't had Black & Tan or Porter in probab
  5. Just got done reading Acid for the Children a memoir by Flea of RHCP fame. So, it was pretty good. I like non fiction. It was kind of crazy. I actually believe he wrote it because it isn't written well (from a literary standpoint) and is kind of a collection of short chapters that represent random memories of his childhood. The book covers basically his childhood up to the RHCP first show. It doesn't get into the RHCP years. At the time I started reading it... it was perfect because I just wanted something really easy to read that wasn't too deep. It was cool to hear about his early da
  6. What do you think of the Yurcich hire? I feel really bad for Ciarrocca... and even though PSU's offense didn't click at the beginning, I really liked what he was doing with the offense. I also loved that he was a central PA guy growing up in Lewisberry, practically in my backyard. In a way I feel like this doesn't have much to do with Ciarrocca. Yurcich was a big name. I think he was Franklin's first pick for the job when it was eventually given to Ciarrocca. He bacame available and Franklin pounced when he had the opportunity. I also think he be gone soon, but I am actually
  7. 12 team full ppr no flex QB: Tom Brady (bench Justin Herbert) RB: Dalvin Cook, David Johnson (bench James Robinson, Chris Carson) WR: Allen Robinson, AJ Brown (bench Corey Davis, Marvin Jones) TE: Travis Kelce (bench TJ Hockenson) K: Lutz Def: Browns I actually drafted Brady, Cook, Carson, Robinson, AJ, Kelce and Hockenson. And I followed the Draft Dominator every round every pick. I started Carson at the beginning of the year, Robinson after Carson got hurt, then I picked up Johnson off the wire for my championship game based on projections in the L
  8. I feel like this thread needs this song Drinkin' Problem - Midland
  9. Someone dropped the Browns for their bye week so I picked them up. Bad matchup this week with the Texans but they have a pretty sweet schedule coming up. I mainly picked them up for their playoff matchups wk11 Eagles - Wentz gets sacked a lot and has a tendency for pics wk12 Jags - rookie QB wk13 Titans - eh wk14 Ravens - bad matchup wk15 Giants - good matchup wk16 Jets - good matchup
  10. A week or so ago I heard a commentator during an Eagles game say something to the effect of ...someone needs to talk to Carson Wentz and just tell him that he doesn't have to win the superbowl with every throw and every play they run. As I watched last night, this statement resonated with me during a play where Wentz dropped back, maybe 10+ yards to avoid pressure, rolled out left a little, turned his body to throw and was sacked and I think he fumbled. Sometimes I wonder if he is trying too hard. The whole thing where Foles came in as a backup and won the SB, I wonder if that stic
  11. I just did... sort of. Going into my free agent blind bidding this week my WR crew was N'keal Harry, Sammy Watkins, Corey Davis, Alan Robinson. We normally have 2 IR spots in our league, but we upped it to 4 this year because of COVID. I had Jamison Crowder and AJ Brown on IR. I went all in and bid high on Justin Jefferson and dropped Harry. My thoughts were that I was going to start Alan Robinson and Justin Jefferson this week, and eventually AJ and Crowder will be back on my active roster. I figured why hang on to Corey Davis and Sammy Watkins? Sure they are good and will get some
  12. I got him with a $10 bid on a $100 budget. The max I would pay for him would probably be around $15? I don't know if there were any other bids for him.
  13. You are the man!

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