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  1. It is interesting to see how all the different states are going about their vaccine distributions. This may not be a bad if the idea is to get teachers back to work since the JnJ vaccine only requires one dose and would allow them to be protected sooner.
  2. Almost all of those states are in the top 25 of deaths per capita (Alaska and Montana were lower because of obvious reasons). A great comparison is North and South Carolina. I live in North Carolina, who just last week finally allowed bars to serve people inside. South Carolina has been wide open since May. South Carolina has almost 600 more deaths per million people than North Carolina. Yes, I am sure that business was better for certain industries in SC than in NC, and I am sure that a couple of businesses I saw close in my city would have stayed open with less restrictions. But lives were s
  3. Our state announced an expansion of vaccines to essential workers yesterday, and I had found out Monday that we are considered essential. Jumped onto Walgreen's site and luckily found an appointment for Thursday. Almost feel guilty for how quickly I am getting it.
  4. Yep, you are going to need an optical audio cable. This is exactly my setup. Get yourself down to a Best Buy stat.
  5. You could try the settings at RTings and see if that helps.
  6. Why wouldn't you go with the LG OLED? The 65 inch CX is $2000 right now.
  7. The manufacturer claims less than 1% false positives @NajehHejan.
  8. I really wish the Pfizer and Moderna had the foresight to do trials on single doses. They could have expanded the two-dose trial and given half of the people who got one dose a placebo for the second one. Are they currently doing single dose trials now?
  9. They just added a paragraph to the guidance, they aren't requiring it. Here's the paragraph they added:
  10. Here's a TLDR for that report in a twitter thread. I hope things return back to normal for you guys soon.
  11. The flu numbers this year for the U.S. are crazy. Last year at this time at the height of flu season we had 130K positive flu tests. This year so far, a grand total of around 1,300.
  12. There are two references at the bottom of the WHO guidance. One is to a paper from 1994. The other one is to their own diagnostic testing protocol published in September. All this guidance seems to be doing is to remind people of what the WHO has already suggested. I can't find any reputable person on twitter talking about this, only conspiracy nuts.
  13. First of all, when the doctor in question has "@newsmax contributor" in his twitter bio, that sends off a red flag. You can read the actual statement from the WHO here, and the only thing they seem to be doing is to remind those performing the test to use their guidance that they last updated in SEPTEMBER. I did a look-see on twitter, and the only folks talking about this seem to be COVID conspiracists. Until I see more, this is much ado about nothing. Also, the metrics that are most telling about how COVID is affecting us is hospitalization and deaths, so interpreting COVID test results at ve
  14. Still here, waiting for my Scotch from Richard Burr, or less likely, Thom Tillis.
  15. Watching this all play out, I am reminded by the Star Wars prequels.
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