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  1. This song and album has always stuck with me since I first heard it in the summer before my sophomore year of high school. Rakim was just so cool, and his wordplay and the way he structured his rhymes was amazing at the time (and still holds up). Many artists that came out later would cite Rakim as an influence. And Eric B. was no slouch as a DJ, and was excellent and picking out obscure and not so obscure samples from 70s soul and funk. I would suggest folks listen to I Ain't No Joke, I Know You Got Soul, and Microphone Fiend (probably my favorite rhymes). (Apologies for the youtube links, don't have spotify).
  2. I don't want to mess with Eephus's filter, but the conditional formatting is still working on it, so on that list, a song in red has been taken (London Calling turned red). My list was just a basic copy of the song list with the same action of turning red when it is taken, but with allowing it to be sorted or filtered.
  3. The sheet I created on this just references other cells and also contains that same conditional formatting as the Song List page. I sorted a couple times and seems to work fine and shouldn't break anything because all they are is cell references.
  4. I created a list on the messing around sheet 1 that is tied to the song list but can be sortable without messing up the Song List sheet. I mean, I could be doing real work now, but it is Friday. You could rename that tab and allow people to use it and sort without messing anything up.
  5. The numbers I was using was a 7 day average of cases, but the "dip" was only one day, so I agree with your assessment and was definitely not suggesting things weren't bad there. There will definitely be places that unfortunately will reach hospitalization levels that will exceed any other time during pandemic. I have seen some encouraging hospitalization numbers out of Nevada that seem to suggest they are closing in on their peak for this wave, and was just looking for signs of hope in other places. Really sucks that healthcare workers are having to go through this again.
  6. One small positive and something to watch for clues as to when we might hit our peak and get on the backside of this. It looks like places that were getting hit earliest like Missouri, Arkansas and Nevada are seeing their case rate start to flatten and may start to turn around soon (even Louisiana took a dip, but need a few days to see if that is a trend). If those places all start to fall, I would imagine in the next 3 weeks or so to have a national high in cases and hopefully start to fall back down as has been happening in the UK and other places in Europe. Of course, school openings and colder weather in the fall may see case rate increases return, but hopefully not as bad. It's going to be a roller coaster for awhile, but I suspect sometime in the next 6 months to a year we will have reached some combination of vaccines and acquired immunity to make this endemic.
  7. I am ashamed to admit I know this, but John Cena actually already knew how to speak Mandarin and he was speaking Mandarin when he called Taiwan a country, so his apology in Mandarin isn't as unusual as it seems. Mind you, I am not endorsing his apology.
  8. Got this from a reliable source on twitter: In the 5 states with highest vaccination rates Compared with 2 weeks ago Infections down 40% Test positivity 1.2% In 5 states with lowest vaccination rates Infections up 3.9% Test positivity 8.4% It's looking like Covid will still be a problem regionally. Nationally though, we are doing really well. Cases are down to about the same level as they were last year at this time before the summer surge. Won't see a surge this year. These vaccines are truly amazing.
  9. Yeah, mask mandates are done in North Carolina as well. I'm not sure that the CDC thought this all the way through. I believe they are right in their statement that vaccinated people have little risk in not wearing masks anymore, but I still think we should have gotten a little further along in vaccinations before these restrictions were lifted.
  10. I had read about parts of Florida having really long lines and many of them aren't even served by the Colonial pipeline. Here in NC, lines have been crazy. Close to 80% in our area are being reported as out of gas.
  11. Well, it's two coaches and a staff member, not five. And according to that article, at least one of these cases is asymptomatic. Also, looks like the whole team got the J&J in early April.
  12. I eat Rocky's once every other week, and love it. It ain't no Prince's. Haven't had Hattie B's in Nashville, but going to guess they will be comparable.
  13. I'm starting to see this problem in North Carolina. Two or three weeks ago, people were scrambling to find appointments, and all of a sudden, they seem to be everywhere (there are open slots TODAY). We just opened up to everyone this week, and I see open appointments available in several places, and our city is one of the more liberal in North Carolina. I knew that we would have a demand problem at some point, but didn't think it would be in early April. I know some other states are still having high demand, but the switch in those states will happen quickly.
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