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  1. There are two references at the bottom of the WHO guidance. One is to a paper from 1994. The other one is to their own diagnostic testing protocol published in September. All this guidance seems to be doing is to remind people of what the WHO has already suggested. I can't find any reputable person on twitter talking about this, only conspiracy nuts.
  2. First of all, when the doctor in question has "@newsmax contributor" in his twitter bio, that sends off a red flag. You can read the actual statement from the WHO here, and the only thing they seem to be doing is to remind those performing the test to use their guidance that they last updated in SEPTEMBER. I did a look-see on twitter, and the only folks talking about this seem to be COVID conspiracists. Until I see more, this is much ado about nothing. Also, the metrics that are most telling about how COVID is affecting us is hospitalization and deaths, so interpreting COVID test results at ve
  3. Still here, waiting for my Scotch from Richard Burr, or less likely, Thom Tillis.
  4. Watching this all play out, I am reminded by the Star Wars prequels.
  5. I am running out of alcohol. Will the Senator from North Carolina kindly deliver me some Scotch.
  6. Pence is really good at Robert's rules or such.
  7. I'm hoping one of these state electoral certifications is a glitter bomb.
  8. Just switched over to see this, looked at my wife and said these exact same words.
  9. This is the first time getting drunk to a Senate session.
  10. That twitter account was not the staffer, it was someone who entered the office.
  11. This twitter feed is a must follow right now: https://twitter.com/Olivia_Beavers "HOLY: TEAR gas has been used in the Rotunda. Members are being told get gas masks under their seats."
  12. This is great, but also points to how this vaccine roll-out is going to go across the country. Some states are going to do way better than others, and some counties in those states are going to do way more better than others. There are lots counties across the country that are not going to have the resources or organization to do what Tarrant County is doing. It is going to be interesting to see how this manifests over the next couple of months.
  13. So I expect you will finish the FBG filing after lunch?
  14. The newly formed states "New California" and "New Nevada" have filed in support of the Texas suit.
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