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  1. The numbers I was using was a 7 day average of cases, but the "dip" was only one day, so I agree with your assessment and was definitely not suggesting things weren't bad there. There will definitely be places that unfortunately will reach hospitalization levels that will exceed any other time during pandemic. I have seen some encouraging hospitalization numbers out of Nevada that seem to suggest they are closing in on their peak for this wave, and was just looking for signs of hope in other places. Really sucks that healthcare workers are having to go through this again.
  2. One small positive and something to watch for clues as to when we might hit our peak and get on the backside of this. It looks like places that were getting hit earliest like Missouri, Arkansas and Nevada are seeing their case rate start to flatten and may start to turn around soon (even Louisiana took a dip, but need a few days to see if that is a trend). If those places all start to fall, I would imagine in the next 3 weeks or so to have a national high in cases and hopefully start to fall back down as has been happening in the UK and other places in Europe. Of course, school openings and colder weather in the fall may see case rate increases return, but hopefully not as bad. It's going to be a roller coaster for awhile, but I suspect sometime in the next 6 months to a year we will have reached some combination of vaccines and acquired immunity to make this endemic.
  3. I am ashamed to admit I know this, but John Cena actually already knew how to speak Mandarin and he was speaking Mandarin when he called Taiwan a country, so his apology in Mandarin isn't as unusual as it seems. Mind you, I am not endorsing his apology.
  4. Got this from a reliable source on twitter: In the 5 states with highest vaccination rates Compared with 2 weeks ago Infections down 40% Test positivity 1.2% In 5 states with lowest vaccination rates Infections up 3.9% Test positivity 8.4% It's looking like Covid will still be a problem regionally. Nationally though, we are doing really well. Cases are down to about the same level as they were last year at this time before the summer surge. Won't see a surge this year. These vaccines are truly amazing.
  5. Yeah, mask mandates are done in North Carolina as well. I'm not sure that the CDC thought this all the way through. I believe they are right in their statement that vaccinated people have little risk in not wearing masks anymore, but I still think we should have gotten a little further along in vaccinations before these restrictions were lifted.
  6. I had read about parts of Florida having really long lines and many of them aren't even served by the Colonial pipeline. Here in NC, lines have been crazy. Close to 80% in our area are being reported as out of gas.
  7. Well, it's two coaches and a staff member, not five. And according to that article, at least one of these cases is asymptomatic. Also, looks like the whole team got the J&J in early April.
  8. I eat Rocky's once every other week, and love it. It ain't no Prince's. Haven't had Hattie B's in Nashville, but going to guess they will be comparable.
  9. I'm starting to see this problem in North Carolina. Two or three weeks ago, people were scrambling to find appointments, and all of a sudden, they seem to be everywhere (there are open slots TODAY). We just opened up to everyone this week, and I see open appointments available in several places, and our city is one of the more liberal in North Carolina. I knew that we would have a demand problem at some point, but didn't think it would be in early April. I know some other states are still having high demand, but the switch in those states will happen quickly.
  10. I know your background from the Covid threads, and was curious about your reasoning here (mine would be that crowded stuff would still involve masks).
  11. If fully vaccinated, I wouldn't hesitate to go anywhere. But I would probably still wait awhile to go to larger cities until things have returned to normal, only because I think it would be a more enjoyable experience to visit those places without having to worry about masks and such.
  12. First of all, that is awful. I hope the get a vaccine soon. The state run lists seem to be moving the slowest. Have you tried to see if some of the pharmacies are providing for them? I found a few CVS's in Virginia that have vaccine slots right now. Not sure if Walgreens is scheduling there but they only schedule for 3 days out so there are openings happening everyday. Good luck to you.
  13. I find it crazy how wildly different every state is executing their vaccination rollout. And I honestly don't know what the right answer is in terms of how to do it fairly. Another frustrating thing is how states may be documenting how people are eligible. I got my first shot yesterday as I was eligible as an essential worker. All I had to do to verify this was mark a checkbox on a slip of paper. There was no requirement to show proof of employment or anything. If I were less ethical, I would have got my wife to get one too. I am sure there are many people taking advantage of the system. But at least the vaccine is getting in arms, I guess.
  14. I would also start checking Walgreens when you are eligible. You could likely get one faster than waiting in the state system.
  15. It is interesting to see how all the different states are going about their vaccine distributions. This may not be a bad if the idea is to get teachers back to work since the JnJ vaccine only requires one dose and would allow them to be protected sooner.
  16. Almost all of those states are in the top 25 of deaths per capita (Alaska and Montana were lower because of obvious reasons). A great comparison is North and South Carolina. I live in North Carolina, who just last week finally allowed bars to serve people inside. South Carolina has been wide open since May. South Carolina has almost 600 more deaths per million people than North Carolina. Yes, I am sure that business was better for certain industries in SC than in NC, and I am sure that a couple of businesses I saw close in my city would have stayed open with less restrictions. But lives were saved. Some could argue that the businesses should have been saved, but I'm not one of those people. I think we are so close to the finish line that it shouldn't be that hard to keep some restrictions for the next month or two, as we still have vulnerable people who have not been vaccinated.
  17. Our state announced an expansion of vaccines to essential workers yesterday, and I had found out Monday that we are considered essential. Jumped onto Walgreen's site and luckily found an appointment for Thursday. Almost feel guilty for how quickly I am getting it.
  18. Yep, you are going to need an optical audio cable. This is exactly my setup. Get yourself down to a Best Buy stat.
  19. You could try the settings at RTings and see if that helps.
  20. Why wouldn't you go with the LG OLED? The 65 inch CX is $2000 right now.
  21. The manufacturer claims less than 1% false positives @NajehHejan.
  22. I really wish the Pfizer and Moderna had the foresight to do trials on single doses. They could have expanded the two-dose trial and given half of the people who got one dose a placebo for the second one. Are they currently doing single dose trials now?
  23. They just added a paragraph to the guidance, they aren't requiring it. Here's the paragraph they added:
  24. Here's a TLDR for that report in a twitter thread. I hope things return back to normal for you guys soon.
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