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  1. Team is still available.

  2. Hey, it’s not my league it’s Mikes league.  I will tell him you want in.

  3. Faust,

    Hey, always follow your offseason news and camp news threads.  It really is the way to stay out in front, appreciate all your aggregating!

    I wanted to ask about any "unwritten rules" for posting or what should be posted.  I'm not that up to speed on posting etiquette for "official" stories, but I take it you like to just post linked/published material right?  Makes sense.

    I'm just wondering if there is anything out there that is almost like an official "Twitter Observation Thread" that is not necessarily published/linked articles from a well respected source, paper, web site etc....but more tweets or first hand observations (good ones) from camp reporters, beat writers, casual fans observing or just a collection of tweets/info/stats popping up on players.  Like these that I've seen:

    Both @AdamHoge & @AdamJahns stated that if the #Bears were to cut RB Ka'Deem Carey that he would be scooped up off waivers immediately. #NFl


    The one tailback that #Bears RB Coach Stan Drayton is extremely high on? None other than Ka'Deem Carey. #NFL (Via @AdamJahns & @AdamHoge).


    Kevin Cole Retweeted Numbers Game Podcast

    .@ShaneTJensen reminds us that 2015 5th rounder MyCole Pruitt, MIN TE2, had better NFL projection than any 2016 TE

    (In this guy's study he projected Pruitt as #1 TE in 2015 class for NFL success....so it's pretty interesting with this year's crop of TEs I think)


    It would be great to do a similar type of consolidation threads, like the ones you tend to, but more informal twitter observations and tweets.  We all know to take a lot of these tweets with a grain of salt, considering who it is tweeting it sometimes, the time of year with camp hype/running against air, practicing in shorts etc....but sometimes this info is very valuable in FF/dynasty as those people are at least seeing it first hand or running some type of data on a player or position etc.  The first hand observations and opinions are huge I think.  Sometimes I trust these more than a published article from a mainstream writer.

    Is there anything out there like that which just aggregates tweets of observations/opinions?  Thanks!

    1. Faust


      I have added Twitter observations to the training camp thread in the past and I am a huge fan of creating fewer threads as as best practice - so please feel free to post tweets into my camp thread as I will appreciate it!

  4. Interested in team, let me know availability...


  5. Sent a PM Lions fan.  I'm sure you'll have a few inquiries... I can have LS paid up today.  I have your dispersal players/picks all ranked out in Excel already.  I've decided not to pursue a few leagues from these forums based on looking for the right fit for one more league.  FR2 looks like a really nice fit and I hope you'll consider me.  I don't think I've left a league (that didn't dissolve or something) since about 2001 when I started playing ff.


    Jamie (Gold Club)

  6. Sitch did you bite off on that open 12 teamer from gianthater?  He wants 50% of 2017, plus did you see the RBs?  The WR pool is nice, but $225 is a big jump from 150.  Are you getting in that one?

  7. I'm interested if there is still an opening?  Could you send over the url?

    My email is jamie.rowe31@gmail.com


  8. EMoney, saw your post about NCAA FF and that you use USports. It looks like they aren't hosting leagues this year. Any idea of other NCAA sites similar?

    1. t1r9o8y7


      Hey saw your post about 3 dynasty team owners needed. I am more than interested and i am committed and religious about my fantasy teams. i have been looking to join a dynasty league because i cannot get enough people to seriously committ. please get back to me troykusanovich@yahoo.com thanks i appreciate it. i will take over whatever team is available.

    2. deudawg


      Just saw the post for needing 3 dynasty owners for a dispersal draft. I am very interested and have been playing dynasty fantasy football in one league for roughly 22 years. Dynasty football is beginning to explode on the net now, so I'm trying to find additional online leagues as I can't find local owners outside of the 12 that are in my league that has been going for the 22 years spoken above. I'm wanting to manage additional teams, saw your set up, and would be happy to fill...

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