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  1. Guessing I’m far too late but I’m in if you need anyone else or a late replacement
  2. That worked! Thanks! Not sure what the deal is with my other email...sorry!
  3. That’s odd as I’m getting emails there but nothing from you or MFL. I checked my junk folder too and nothing there. I’ll look into it again. In the meantime, could you try ryheaps@gmail.com?
  4. I can’t link my franchise for some reason. Don’t have the code and won’t send me an email. In the meantime, could someone pick Kerryon Johnson for me
  5. I’m sorry! I didn’t know this got started. I see someone is picking for me. I’m willing to step in and take over. Might need an invite link though as I’m struggling to link my franchise
  6. Sorry guys. I forgot this was starting today...I’m on board the rest of the way
  7. I’m game. In Poland now so might need to rely on some saved picks but can make it work.
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