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  1. I just wish we could have had this conversation in person.
  2. Just saw this headline: “How Trumps reluctance to concede could impact national security! “ It’s headlines and rhetoric like this that brainwashes the morons. And this county has a lot of morons. A large percentage of them are the coddled, privileged white boys and girls who have never been in a fight, never faced any hardship and need something else to fight for.
  3. There is nothing for me to get over. There will either be a bunch of frivolous lawsuits as you suggest and Trump will look like a spoiled brat that he is - or there won’t.
  4. What a emotional response. You’re all up in your emotions. Try to get them under control because nobody can talk to you when you’re in this state of mind. Let us know when you can act like an adult and can have a rational conversation. -Dad.
  5. For the record, this his where I think it likely lands....There was some voter fraud but not enough to change the result. Good luck folks. We aren’t going to agree today. I honestly wish you all the best and the next beer is on me.
  6. You seem slightly upset. Emotional even. Maybe take a break. Oh, and here in America, at least for now, we call them Presidents, not “leader”.
  7. Speaking of facts and evidence that is nowhere to be found.... That seems to be you guys after all.
  8. Im “using lies and not facts”. When did I lie?
  9. Right. That’s awesome. However you, stranger on an internet message board, you know nothing yet you’re acting as if you do. Im not Trumps lawyers. How am I gonna prove anything? Break into their office? Should I try and call Giuliani? Think he’ll take my call? I know, you call him.
  10. And neither can you. Youre some dude on a message board. As am I.
  11. They are slowly destroying their reputation. *play in Dramatic music* Dear god, why does everything you guys y’all about sound so miserable? THIS IS THE END OF TIMES!!!
  12. This. This is what I’m talking about. You also have zero knowledge of what you’re professing! You don’t know any more than we do- why are you so adamant? Just cause?
  13. Link to the violent protests of trump supporters???
  14. Do you have any evidence that suggest there wasn’t fraud? Why must we, a bunch of commoners on a message board, not actual lawyers who are privy to this stuff have evidence but you don’t need anything but the good word of liberal news? That’s what the lawyers are doing folks. They are looking for fraud and you guys are just saying there isn’t any. We are going to find out. One of us is acting defensive and projecting.
  15. You are aware that you guys don’t actually have the force, right? Some of us aren’t dumb enough to to just parrot what’s told to ya and we’ll abide. We like to use things called facts, not emotion. If all the votes are checked and Biden wins I will support the POTUS. If all the votes are checked and Trump is completely wrong and it was all nonsense then I will denounce it. This isn’t hard for half of us. Again, we aren’t the one burning #### down when things don’t go our way.
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