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  1. This is Mobbin. (Earned a T/O for nothing last week) Update: Wife is still kicking butt and I’m so proud (and selfishly giddy). I was training her at first which was causing a good bit of friction during the workouts. After a few weeks of her constantly fighting and questioning me on the things I’m asking her to do (because she asked me to and is holding me responsible for getting her in shape,) I finally snapped. I just said “Look, this isn’t complicated. You pick heavy s### up and you put heavy s### down - and you do it at a accelerated pace! That’s it!” She snap
  2. Wife (finally) got on board with exercising with me. She's been doing amazing and a bonus is that it's also free "quality time". Easier said than done, but if you can get your significant other involves its pretty life changing.
  3. Im very interested in this MAF stuff. Never heard of it until now. As I get older, ( I'm 42 now,) I worry about doing the super high intensity workout that Ive been doing for years now.
  4. This is the best advice for anyone. 95% of the population would improve their everyday life just by doing "something". If you manage to do just that then you can start looking for this alleged perfect workout.
  5. Still miss your threads. Hope you're doing well.

  6. Hey! Go #### yourself! Happy Holidays!

  7. Please refrain from posting. Thank you.

  8. Bruuuuuce!

    Miss ya on teh gears.


  9. Just stopped by to say Hi. Miss your rough hands. :giggle:

  10. You're only 22? I'm calling :bs: Nobody born in 87 knows wtf Steve Tasker is.

    Oh, and Hi!!!111

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