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  1. I like the people that are hoping this turns into a trainwreck...Why would it be a trainwreck if we are already seeing our orders?The sky is falling!!!!!1111!!!!/Orange Whip
  2. also interested in the sizes and quality of the NBA jerseys.Me too.Somebody please tell me about your L NFL jersey size. I don't want mine too big, but I'm afraid the L will be too tight. I'm 5'10", 180 lbs. Anybodu know the difference between the Mitchen & Ness jerseys and the regular replica jersey? Besides the obvious missing M&N patch, are they the same quality? I want to just stick to the M&N jerseys if the others are just standard replithentic jerseys you can buy at the store.
  3. In what way is $26 (or $24!) in the same conversation with $50?Or do you not have friends to coordinate this with?1. I don't have to find friends to coordinate with. I can buy them one at a time, at my leisure, 4 miles up the road.2. It's the genuine article.3. It's a legit local businessman.4. You forgot to include your shipping and other costs.You are a giant snob.
  4. Also, they have a Moon Houston jersey, but you have to do a search for it. (doesn't show up in the Tenn column)
  5. icon's card rejected because it was a china transaction but was ok after he called his bank or card co.Yea.... Just got off the phone. Operator told me it was blocked because that website gets cited for fraud a lot. So I'll be re-ordering again in 2 hours. :fingerscrossed:
  6. Question, I thought all was good, but this morning I got an email saying my "pay" has failed. I thought Visa was fine?
  7. Make sure to markup enough to cover bail.Seriously though...it is illegal. Be careful.I know, but have you ever been to Baltimore? It's like the wild wild west.
  8. Thinking of buying a bunch of the Joe Flacco jerseys and selling them at the Ravens stadium for $50
  9. Sounds like you should just make your own order...:thumbup:No advantage to having someone else order if you're ordering more than 10. I'm placing an order for 12 and doing it independently to not have to mess with the cost of re-shipping themJust did. I got 15
  10. I'm in for: Emmitt (White L) Ware (Pro Bowl L) Peyton (White L) Montana (Red L) Rice (Red L) Lott (Red L) Favre (Green L) Bo Jackson (Black L) Moon (L) Got a few buddies getting a few as well: Sean Taylor (Red XL) Cooley (White XL) I want a Jim Brown but I can't sport the 3/4 sleeves.
  11. Nice to see you back and posting.

  12. What type of grass do you guys recommend reseeding with? My yard is well established, but over the past few years it has been getting more and more different types of grass and various weeds. I don't know jack about grass, but is there a good brand that is low maintenance? I keep getting these things in the mail about some type of grass that is supposed to be super soft and super aggressive. Apparently it will take over the entire lawn. I think it starts with a Z or something. TIA PS I live in Maryland, so we get all four seasons and lots of humidity if it makes a difference.
  13. 5 stars, he's the man.

  14. i'm watching you.

  15. whatchoo looking at sucka?

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