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  1. Since this all started I’ve been watching boatloads of entire 60s-80s NBA playoffs series. A lot of Bird, Magic, Dr.J, Hakeem, Wilt and Russel. I’ve seen highlights and even watched a lot of this as a kid but seeing again in full - what stood out to me most was how talented NBAers were at shooting. Sure the guys today can out dribble and jump out the gym. But as a whole, the earlier guys were remarkable the way they let the ball off their fingers and contorted their body. The other thing that really stood out was how few commercials there were during playoff games. We’re taking 20 second commercials and when the game comes back on you can tell they didn’t stop the action. I mean I knew this already but watching these games again just further cements how brutally awful the game is to watch today. So boring.
  2. Adrian Peterson has the only outside shot of catching Emmitt Smiths 18,355 rushing yards. If he can (continue to) inject copious amounts of test and HGH and is given the carries, he might just make it. Guice having bum knees allows that window to be open but ADP losing the best offensive line coach in the NFL (Callahan) might counter that.
  3. Not being a smart ###.... I don’t understand what you’re trying to convey.
  4. I''ll let you guys discuss futbol as I know nothing. As for Ali, I think Ali was a giant Richard for how he treated his fellow man and have always contended that if you let Tyson wail on Ali like Frasier did he wouldn't have won any of those fights. He probably wouldn't have survived honestly. I don't hold Ali in very high regard. Hes not on the top of any list other than being a jerk.
  5. Just to play along Ill just say that being very strong doesn't always translate so well to throwers of the ball. Ive never seen a totally jacked pitcher or quarterback who could throw it harder/faster than say a noodle (looking) arm of Aaron Rogers. Sorry for mixing in football guys but baseball isn't my sport.
  6. Posted this in the barbershop thread but thought some of you might find this interesting (or upsetting, not sure which)...
  7. My mother works for a concrete company locally. Her company just received $400,000.00 to cover payroll. $300,000 must be used for payroll and the loan is 100% forgiven. The remaining $100,000 can be used for company operating expenses. Here is the kicker.... They have over $3,000,000 liquid in reserved and they are working every single day. Thats just one company in this great republic. FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR FREE to a company that is doing fantastic.
  8. And they are getting breaks as well. If everything goes like it normally does, more often than not those entities will end up better off than before after they’re done draining the money that should probably go to other folks. ETA - Cry me a river on banks. They can pound sand.
  9. I work in labor... There are a lot of people making more on unemployment than their regular jobs. They are not incentivized to work for their money. Its more of this semi-recent culture of grossly exaggerating and more often than not- flat out lying about their situation for maximum financial gain. (Free money) This isn’t new. I quit my last job as a construction superintendent because I grew so tired of everyone lying just to get something for free. Obviously there are people who have and will be hurt by this and for those people I am truly sorry and hopeful they get the help they need. It’s just been my experience that most people are awful lying scumbags when it comes to this type of thing.
  10. I’m trying to figure out how everyone is acting like they’re getting thrown out on the street when every bank, lender and landlord is required to suspend foreclosures, evictions, lates fees and penalties.
  11. You make a very good point. I guess the counter point would be that if we thought there was life on another planet we wouldn’t limit our research to simply watching from the lenses of a telescope.
  12. I want to edit a 2-3 minute video on YouTube and then post the video. I have no experience in this so any help would be appreciated. At minimum I’d like to just edit out a few seconds of the existing video and “splice” it back together. Maximum editing is adding a few seconds of video from parts of another video. Any free easy to use software? I tried online but everything looks scammy. I can’t even figure out how to download the YouTube video yet. I also have the dvd of the movie the source material is on.
  13. Jordan would demolish his own numbers if he played in today’s cringy era of “basketball”. Without a doubt Lebron James would soil himself on the court.
  14. IMHO, This and securing and researching existing ancient megaliths/ruins (such as Göbekli Tepe) should be every nations top priority. Im not a huge conspiracy guy but the more and more I read and watch the more convinced that I am that there were advanced civilizations on this planet long ago.
  15. If this implies you’re a fan of Arcade Fire and not Dylan there’s no hope for you, GB AF is absolute garbage and that’s a terrible insult to garbage.
  16. I could be very wrong here but when I heard the counting crows guys live it was brutal. Beyond bad. Maybe that was just a one time thing.
  17. Listen to Lay Lady Lay and get back to me. Dude is such a baller he even sings like #### on purpose. If there was ever a person who just DGAF, about ANYTHING, it’s Dylan. ETA- To be fair- I’m a huge Dylan guy (early and later stuff) and I’m still not 100% convinced that’s even him singing LLL.
  18. I don't think they let women rule the country in their culture. She would get assassinated very quickly.
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