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  1. You’re right which is why I hope she doesn’t get one.
  2. I fell for that cremation trick the first time. You options are basically - do want us to throw your dog in a pile of other pets, freeze your dog or buy this beautiful little magic wooden urn with a gold nameplate. That emotional tug on my heartstrings cost me $599!!!! In all seriousness I have found that the process of digging the hole is extremely therapeutic. It’s a lot of work, swearing at god and crying, but it really speeds up the grieving process. We have a good amount of land. I’ve buried them all next to each other (including the first one we got cremated when his buddy passed).
  3. As an adult, I’ve raised and buried 4 dogs. Stella, my 5th will be my last. Just can’t bare the pain again. Stella is hands down the best dog I’ve ever had and it’s not close. My wife wants a lab after Stella passes. (Stella is a Presa Canaria and doesn’t get along with other dogs) I’ve told her that she can get whatever she wants as long as she understands that I want nothing to do with it. I especially will not participate in taking the dog to the vet so they can put it down, I won’t dig the hole to bury it. I’m only doing it one more time.
  4. I have found that there are two types of people in this world. Down to earth, honest good people and salespeople.
  5. I am not a fan of sales or the majority of salespeople
  6. I suggest taking off of work for two weeks. That might seem like crazy talk but it’s not when you consider that you’re essentially raising a baby. The other tip is to only hand feed the puppy for the first 6 months but be sure to give a command each time. Ive raises 3 labs, a pit bull mix and a Presa Canario this way and all of them obeyed my every command.
  7. You suck at insults. That sounds awesome!
  8. You left the most enticing part out - so what happened to your friend?
  9. Is there a place all the good poster go? Cause I wanna go there. I love this place like a child but just like my real life children, I’m not sure this place loves me anymore.
  10. I’m 42 and have 15 & 13 girls. The wife and I recently discussed how grateful we are to have had them early as we couldn’t even imagine having the energy to keep up with little ones now. Im not sure there is anything that can prepare you for the hell that teenagers bring. Speaking as a young parent I’ll list them from my perspective: Pros - Mo-energy, mo-energy, mo-energy. Can relate/understand the kids better If healthy, the second half of my life will be so much fun. Kids will be out of the house, the house will be paid off and the 401k/pensions will be fat. Cons - Due to not being even close to your highest earning potential there can be financial struggles which can strain the marriage. This likely means less or even no exotic traveling or purchasing all the fun things you want. Other parents aren’t that accepting. I’m not sure why. Maybe they view my wife and I as a different generation or there’s some other reason. Doesn’t bother us too much but it’s something we’ve noticed. The other moms are old.
  11. Hey! How did you delete your post, I thought we couldn’t do that anymore?
  12. They should have signed Dak last season. Paid him as much up front as possible and it would already have started to look like a bargain. I don’t want them to franchise him.
  13. Agreed. They let us hear a little too much. Felt like they were intruding a few times too. The constant barking at the line of scrimmage by the DC QB was giving me a headache. Had to turn it down and then I fell asleep.
  14. Cruises are awesome or we’ve just been lucky. I guess it would be boring if you didn’t drink. I don’t have that problem.
  15. A little all over. First you lied about using it but then state that honesty is whats most important but I catch your drift and don't judge you one bit. Every kid is different and were all just trying to do the best we can. I know I am. You sound a little like my neighbors and its served them well. Again, no judgment but I won't smoke with my kids. (Maybe when theyre in their 40s or something but thats different). I just wanna keep some boundaries in place.
  16. Thanks Smalls, all good advice. I do like the angle of giving them the out by saying that we drug test them. Helps them have a weapon against peer pressure w/o them being "chicken". As for the fighting.... not preachy and I want to hear your thoughts. I wasn't like this a few years ago but I love criticism now and invite it. I tend to be pretty oblivious to things so its good to hear honest, thought provoking ideas. . .... The wife and I got married very young. Im Irish/German, shes Uruguayan/Cuban. We're both powder kegs but we also love each other with the same passion. Like most young parents we certainly made a lot of mistakes along the way but we're super open and honest with the girls. We explain to them that yes we fight from time to time but so do most parents. In the end we will ALWAYS have each others back. We make a good team and the girls know and feel it. I wasn't always sure, but I think we've been a good example of what a marriage is and what it takes to make it work. We're going to have a talk with the daughter about the attention stuff this weekend. We've already broached the weed convo and it went really well. We'll dive deeper into that this weekend but we will also look into counseling. The looks stuff was really just a stab at what could be causing the attention stuff. Just spit-balling for theories on why shes making stories up. . I think she is just a sweet kid inside and wants to be liked. She gets A LOT of "hate" from other girls and I think that might be her focus. She can't handle the responsibility of being one of the more attractive kids. I know it sounds superficial but I'm just trying to view it from the prism of what other HS kids see her as. again, just kinda throwing ideas around.
  17. So about 10 years ago my SIl called me for advice about her daughter, my niece. We'll call her Sara. Sara wanted a tongue ring. I asked her mother, "How are Sara's grades?" "All A's", my SIL replied. She also did all her chores and was pretty much the perfect kid. I suggested that my SIL say "yes", but with one condition. Sara had to wait 6 months. If she still wanted the tongue 6 months later, she could get it. 6 months later Sara wanted nothing to do with the tongue ring. Years later Sara told me that she was so thankful that I told her to wait and she was glad she never went through with it. It was one of my proudest moments.
  18. That’s something else I asked my wife. asked, maybe she’s going for street cred? Is my daughter Chris Weber?
  19. How about the attention stuff and lies? We have been resistant to therapy cause we think sometimes it can do more damage than good to children. First you have normal children who act their age and then by the time you walk out of the appointment they now have a complex with a fancy name. I'm being hyperbolic but you know what I mean.
  20. So the weed thing it sounds like the best course of action would be: DO: - Show her the effects on her developing brain. Check, I just printed out two - one page, easy to read and concise articles. - Explain how it could impact her studies, future employment/earning potential and athletics -Reiterate the real life examples of others drug use and the impact on their current lives. - DONT -Threaten her with punishment - knock her upside the head
  21. I think that helps. I know a guy who comes from a family full of addicts and this dude to this day wont even take an aspirin. My little brother OD'd and her 21/year old uncle just got kicked out of the Marines for doing coke at a strip club and somebody recorded them. Hes going into the brig as I type this. Hopefully those are two examples we can lean on.
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