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  1. "If you really look at Kobe from the perspective that an athletic trainer would, there's nothing special about him," he said. But asked what made Bryant great, he said, "He worked harder than anyone that I've ever been around."
  2. Yeah, that was a great commercial. So funny to see all the women here go from mush to OMG
  3. Classy move by Mahomes to point and laugh at the hurt defender. Officially want the Niners to win now.
  4. awful call to start Coleman. He’s the lesser back. Looks S L O W
  5. I feel the same. Kilmer was the better character but Martin was the better drunk for me.
  6. Yeah dude, didnt have my coffee yet. I would take your bet.
  7. Kobe would have won last night. In all seriousness, I just plain don’t like the dude. I can’t stand his woe is me, melodramatic attitude. I think he’s a racist. He flops. The man wears a toupee on his head. He is the antithesis of everything I believe in and represents an entire generation of softies that a self-admitted neanderthal like me just plain doesn’t like or respect. That might show how I’m a flawed person, to which I am, but in this case, I’m perfectly fine with it.
  8. Fair enough. *I stopped watching the NBA when Kobe retired so this is a bit different than I remember. * (I’ve been to about a dozen Wizards games but we al know that isn’t actually NBA quality ball)
  9. I'm conflicted. Kobe was my favorite player ever but I 'm not a Lebron fan.
  10. Wife (finally) got on board with exercising with me. She's been doing amazing and a bonus is that it's also free "quality time". Easier said than done, but if you can get your significant other involves its pretty life changing.
  11. Game reviews today kinda suck. If you dig further, often times the bad reviews have a large percentage that are complaining about things that don’t even have anything to with the game or things that you can tell are just user error. Also, unless a game with MP releases with zero bugs, which is almost never, that can cripple a game and they often don’t recover even long after the bugs have been fixed.
  12. It’s a tough board these days man, they banned all the funny right out of this place. Now it’s just you and me us.
  13. Link for those who don’t have Facebook Also, I’m not a hockey guy so I never heard of this dude but he has previously worn some super dope masks. Worth checking out. I like the Pac-Man one with holograms
  14. You’re a weird one man. Im not @TheIronSheik. If you checked the Kobe thread you’ll see that he and I got into a little spat, kissed and made up. I appreciate the compliment but Sheik is 10x funnier than me. I’ll leave your thread. You might not believe this but I honestly hope it all works out for you.
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