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  1. Have a friend that works for Direct TV...Heres what he told me. Best deals are given in mid August...if you want the ticket for free every year and plan on staying w/ Direct TV, you should tell them that you will sign a 1 year commitment (which would expire a couple weeks before football season the following year)and they will give it to you for free, i did it for the last 3 years and havnt paid a dime..they usually give me credits and free movie channels too. (before i learned this trick i did the usual 3-8 phone calls a year waiting for the best deal). It only works if you are not under a cu
  2. buck56

    Vontaze Burfict

    Burfict played WLB, Rey played MLB.
  3. Did you have to agree to a new contract? Whats up JGB, ...the only way to get the Genie is to agree to a 2 year commitment (friend works for Direct TV), unless your a new customer of corse.
  4. I got just the RZ channel one year, for free. They are offering at a stand alone this year? When i called a month ago, they told me no?
  5. Called last week, asked if i could get a dicount on the ST because i just wanted the RedZone and i could get if for $7 a month w/ Dish.They offered me a 6 month credit of $10 off.(lowering my cost to $240).Told them that wasnt gonna do it and id probably switch to Dish before the season started.Called back yesterday and told them i was switching to Dish.The lady asked me if she was to give me the ST for free (inc.RedZone and HD games)would i stay.Of course i said yes.Ive done the same thing the last 5 years and havnt paid for the ticket.2 years ago after all of my credits, they actually paid m
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