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  1. Good point. I just went back and reread it and there aren't really specifics described that I think are illegal. I was probably conflating it with the story in Woodward's book of stealing documents off of Trump's desk. So maybe it isn't the Justice Department that should be investigating. But somebody should be. We should want to find out who is undermining any administration from within.
  2. I don't think I disagree with this. We like to play the "What if Obama did/said what Trump did" game. What if someone in the Obama administration published an op-ed saying they were disobeying his orders and undermining him? We would have wanted that investigated.
  3. My favorite part was "me and Eric and I have to remain amonomus" Onion is always the best
  4. Why throw it that high if you saw the penalty? Especially on 4th down. Force it in there.
  5. I might tune in to a Philly radio stream tomorrow just hear people calling for the Eagles to get a better backup qb than Foles.
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