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  1. The indictment for sexual assault Yes Because actual due diligence would reveal it Because some people frown on sexual assault.
  2. I don't understand how you can say that when neither one of them knew about this.
  3. Man, all the flack I took posting quotes from his father before he was drafted. The guy has known for a very long time that Johnny has serious problems, but the fans choose to ignore it. The guy, his dad, knew? Shocking that he apparently did nothing to prevent his son from ruining himself. Instead of tweeting maybe he should have been a ####### father to his son? I'm guessing he did try to reach Johnny. Sometimes there's not much a parent can do.
  4. Johnny in Dallas would probably be just as bad because his whole posse would around him. Dallas takes chances on players because they have the structure and support to prevent (most) guys from self destructing. I imagine Johnny would get a caretaker assigned to him or would get handcuffed to Romo. I can't imagine Romo wants that responsibility.
  5. Clive Bundy supporters. This could get interesting http://www.ibtimes.com/armed-oregon-militia-led-bundy-family-takes-federal-building-support-hammond-ranchers-2246986
  6. if Petine is gone, Manziel is gone. You're not bringing in a top coaching candidate telling him he's saddled with Manziel as his QB. No one wants to deal with that sideshow. Not for such minimal production.Are you under the impression that Haslam is going to be able to bring in a top coaching candidate regardless of Manziel's status?
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