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  1. 12-team PPR Gave: Joshua Kelley (to the Ekeler owner) Got: 2021 2nd, 2021 3rd, Ryan Fitzpatrick (likely late picks; had no decent backup QB)
  2. Yeah, I was the side getting Keenan. Had plenty of solid WRs, but wanted an upgrade. Other guy (who's in an all-out rebuild) asked me if I'd do Samuel + my 2021 1st for him, which was already reasonable (it figures to be a mid-late 1st), but I was on the fence 'cause I do like Samuel's talent plenty. Then he added Ebron and the 3rd, and that was that.
  3. 12 team PPR Team A gets: Curtis Samuel, 2021 1st Team B gets: Keenan Allen, Eric Ebron, 2020 3rd
  4. "It Makes No Difference" woulda been my pick too. Absolutely beautiful. Also, Richard Manuel sings the #### outta "I Shall Be Released" live here. Just wrecks me. Top 50's off to a damn fine start.
  5. Awesome. Love their cover of It's All Over Now, Baby Blue too, and got a soft spot for My Lonely Sad Eyes.
  6. Listened to my share of Tom Petty over the years, and I like him fine (this song included), but it generally doesn't spark any strong feelings in me, tbh.
  7. English/Portuguese translator/subtitler here. Did "The Stand" subtitles back in '08.
  8. Wow, that takes me back. Did Portuguese subtitles for The Stand ages ago, and I do remember their use of the song. Good stuff.
  9. My dark horse Blondie pick is Dreaming. Think I took it in an '80s mixtape music draft ages ago, maybe? Clem Burke kills it on the drums.
  10. Fantastic. I'm partial to his A Change is Gonna Come cover too, and can't help but sort of mash together his take and Sam's when I'm singing it. His voice is so damn expressive.
  11. His whistling is wonderful. Other than shuke's pick and those, this street performance is lovely too, and I have a soft spot for Tenuousness. Good to see the Mazzy Star and Flaming Lips picks too. And like shuke, I'm not that big of a Springsteen fan, but "Thunder Road" is a hell of a song.
  12. Day late (or two) on this, but just finished one right before catching up on the thread.
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