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  1. Man, just saw the thread and we's already 6 pages deep and well into round one. Sorry, been a busy week for me, but appreciate the heads up, love y'all. Worried about committing 'cause I'll likely be busy 'til Thursday, but I'll keep track and see if there's any chance of joining along the way!
  2. Portuguese, and it'd been even longer on that front, since I had an English-heavy education. It's a language beautifully and devilishly suited to baroque academic writing, I must say.
  3. Brazil is...lordt, a bleepshow, but I'm okay, GBs, I'm okay! Full disclosure, I did catch the 'rona last November (despite feeling I was taking the proper precautions!), which in my case led to headaches, general weariness/joint pain and loss of the senses of smell/taste, but I quarantined at home and maanged to get over it relatively fine. My sense of smell/taste are still not back to 100%, I feel, but other than that, I'm hanging in there. Alas, my flakin' out on ze drafts has more to do with me being flustered about finishing my thesis paper for my conference interpreting post-grad program, due by the end of June! It'd been ages since I last wrote this sort of thing. Love y'all! Round 343?! Holy crap, I'll try to catch up on the thread at some point!
  4. oh no skip me for now, y'all, sorry. Got work to turn in tomorrow, will make up my pick(s) afterwards
  5. A familiar feeling. Again, #in despite not having figured out the rules yet.
  6. 12-team PPR Gave: Joshua Kelley (to the Ekeler owner) Got: 2021 2nd, 2021 3rd, Ryan Fitzpatrick (likely late picks; had no decent backup QB)
  7. I don't generally wear them, but I'd say the cargo shorts hate has become something of an overblown meme. They can work perfectly for everyday use, depending on what else you're wearing.
  8. Double post, so I'll use it to applaud the "Cherry Bomb" pick. Was one of the songs that came up on my DID shuffle-through the other day.
  9. Sorry I couldn't take part in this one, y'all. Been a busy month and I was a bit drafted out after the mammoth album draft, but I'll try to power skim through the topic. Good time to post, by the way, because the last shuffle on the DID Album Playlist was nice as hell, though I failed to keep a proper list. Cheers, fellow scoundrels.
  10. Gonna wait 'til I'm done with S3 to read the thread (which will hopefully be Monday), but I can say without hyperbole that the first two seasons were up there with the best television I've seen. Hope more people give it a try, 'cause I feel it's worth way more recognition than it gets.
  11. Welcome to the island, GB! Hope you dig the Negronis! I've been lax on the album listening experiment (my bad, I do plan on getting back to it), though the shuffle's been killer this past couple of days.
  12. Haven't heard his full albums, but I heard Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' on a playlist a while back and really really dug it (mentioned it at the tail end of a draft at the time, when I jumped in and took some leftovers).
  13. Man, love to hear that. They have a such a special sound. Wish I could find some proper Liz Fraser isolated vocals too, though, 'cause she's out of this world.
  14. Heh. I did want to catch up on @KarmaPolice's island with some METAL, but had myself a Bee's Knees and am ready to crash.
  15. All right, started out with Ghosts of the Great Highway, based on your comments. Disclaimer: Came in with a built-in bias stemming from Kozelek’s reputation as a ####head, but I was perfectly willing to set it aside and give SKM a fair shot, and am glad I did. I was previously only familiar with one or two Red House Painters songs. As you predicted, gotta begrudgingly admit that it's totally up my alley. Kozelek has a really nice voice for this. "Glenn Tipton" is extremely my jam. Builds really nicely, with no rush at all (which goes for the whole album), and I dig the little guitar outro. Saw that "Carry Me Ohio" was one of the most played on Spotify, and it's lovely. Think it might've been even better were it a minute shorter, if I'm being honest, but I still dig it. Oh, I didn't realize "Salvador Sanchez" was on this one. Got mixed up in my mind and thought it was on Benji. Yeah, I remember it being picked (by you?) in a draft ages ago, and I really liked it, but didn't get around to checking out their other stuff at the time. Kozelek is way into boxing, huh? This is halfway towards a Boxers Who Died Young concept album - which I don't mind at all, they're all captivating songs. Super strong trio of songs to open the album. "Last Tide" flows really smoothly into "Floating", but they didn't make as much of an impression on me as "Gentle Moon" right afterwards, which was my favorite. Really wonderful song, and I saw you picked it for the playlist too. Will come back to this one. Whoa, is that some rocking on "Lily and Parrots"? Nice switch-up to break the reminiscing-on-the-porch of the record, but I don't know if I like it as much as the rest. "Duk Koo Kim" is such a sad story. 14 minutes, but it actually breezed by, 'cause I was thoroughly immersed. "Pancho Villa" is a damn nice bookend drawing back to "Salvador", and I might like it even better. Really powerful. On the whole, they know what they're doing on this one and don't feel much need to deviate from it, which totally works. Really enjoyable listening experience and I'm more willing to dig into SKM now.
  16. Galaxie 500's got a great vibe. Picked Fourth of July off their undrafted This is Our Music for the '90s mixtape draft. "Galaxie" is great. Love Mouthful of Cavities too, also from Soup - which, along with This is Our Music, was on my list of leftovers. And like Buffaloes, "Change" is probably my favorite of theirs.
  17. Perfect. Apropos of nothing, I like the "making feet for children's shoes" (AKA doin' it) turn of phrase in "Singapore".
  18. PS. Here's a video juxtaposing some of the samples in the Avalanches album with how they're used. I was just watching it earlier today. Probably best to listen to the album first, though.
  19. A couple. -Novos Baianos: I'd say it transcends language barriers and is a great listening experience as a full album. I love all the Brazilian albums I took, though. -The Wrens: Personal favorite, worth digging into with the lyrics at hand. -The Avalanches: You took ...Endtroducing (), and this is a similarly sample-based labor of love - though more dance-oriented than the DJ Shadow. -Gang of Four: On the post-punk side, if you'd like another rec. Their sound is so tight.
  20. Yeah, "Wicked Little Town" would be my other playlist pick too. Was thiiiiiiiiiis close to taking it in the last couple of rounds, kinda regret it too.
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