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  1. Trump said we'd get sick of winning. He lied to us. I'm not sick of winning.
  2. It's a really interesting strategy and it might work. Run as a conservative knowing that the liberal wing won't swing right. The crazy thing is...Donald Trump is both the best and worst guy to do that to. Any other candidate and it work, the problem is Trump isn't a conservative.
  3. Yep. He took the Goldman Sachs money in the 08 primaries and all of a sudden the doors opened for him. The insiders knew he was one of them.
  4. DNC is a rigged game folks and now people are seeing it for what it is. The march toward Oligarchy and a false democracy grows every day.
  5. I still love Bernie but I have to post this. Witches perform ritual to help Bernie Sanders Not as attractive as I would like so I'm still sticking with Trump. Hot witches could sway me.
  6. This is what passes for substantive discussion for Hillary supporters.
  7. A Trump presidency is the best thing to happen to sane liberalism because Trump will move the country left and the Democrats will use this time to clean out the crap that's built up in their party.
  8. Yes by this logic. But I've voted third party before so I also understand that this logic is also bull#### as well. So take it as you will.
  9. Huh? The above bullet points are what right wingers want? I'm a former Sanders supporting liberal who just runs the numbers and sees that Trump is better overall for the things I care about.
  10. 1. Trump was one of the first to say the Iraq War was a terrible idea. 2. Hillary has silenced Bill Clinton's sexual assault victims and takes money from rape countries like Saudi Arabia. 3. Illegal Immigrants kill thousands of African-American and Hispanic-Americans a year. 4. Trump wants a temporarily Muslim ban, Hillary is responsible for $300k+ Muslim deaths by war and more to come. 5. Hillary is sold out by the Oligarchy, Trump is not. 6. Hillary is involved in constant corruption. Trump has Trump University which he could have settled a while ago. Trump is the choice if you care about minorities, women, Muslims, corruption, fighting the oligarchy, and the poor. He just says things that hurt your feelings. Get over it.
  11. I think you should stop speaking for them and let them decide if it has merit.
  12. Hey Sanders supporters, this is how Hillary supporters like Trey think of you. And they want you to bend the knee right now and to shut up.
  13. 5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Cruz Dropout I actually think there are some serious points to consider in this article. Trump will be in open bloody warfare against Hillary, while Bernie could pile on 13 out of 14 more wins to finish this thing off. This is a huge deal.
  14. Good gravy. Hillary supporters are arguing that "helping the environment" is a narrow view of liberalism? This is some 1984 #### right here. Next thing you know, asking for campaign finance reform, stopping perpetual war, and standing against corruption are outside of the "narrow view of liberalism". STANDING AGAINST ENVIRONMENT DESTROYING MEASURES IS LIBERALISM! Hillary can make her supporters believe the sky is red.
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