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  1. Good article at 538 (coincidentally his exact number of combined yards), including several cool cluster graphs visually illustrating what a dramatic outlier his torrid, incendiary first three games represents: Kareem Hunt Is Breaking The NFL * Hunt and Todd Gurley were the AFC/NFC Offensive Players of the Month. ** Incidentally, KC has set a record with a 50+ yard TD in nine straight games (11 total in that span). Tyreek Hill has six, Hunt three (first player in league history with one in each of his first three games), Travis Kelce and Albert Wilson one each. That includes just three via reception, five runs and three returns.
  2. I think they had him #1 or #2 in the FBS in that seemingly important stat last year. Also heard a stat that he was the only RB in the nation with 40+ receptions and 0 drops. Plus he never lost a fumble in four seasons (weirdly did first NFL carry, before a record setting debut). So an interesting confluence of RB skills distinguish his constellation of traits. Not just fantasy/dynasty owners (of more concern to us), but props to Andy Reid, who appears to have hit the proverbial jackpot - we can now understand why KC traded up for him. A color commentator on the broadcast noted defensive players and coaches were realizing they needed to tackle him low to bring him down, that he had two jackhammers for thighs. * It wouldn't be possible to do what he has done without exemplary, extraordinary balance. Also, some backs (Marcus Allen comes to mind for me) have a knack for just never taking a kill shot, a combo of proximity sense, peripheral vision, body control, agility, quicker reflexes/reactions to turn their body at the last instant like a martial artist and render the blow glancing or missed. Sort of like a mash up of an eel, bullet time-mode Neo and Pai Mei (even when Uma Thurman was inches away, she couldn't touch him). ** Kareem Hunt fun fact: Added another NFL record to his first game combined yards, first player in league history with a 50+ yard score in his first three games.
  3. Trying to think of an instance when a rookie was a league MVP*? * AP award Jim Brown - '57 Earl Campbell - '78 (non-AP award) Not Elliot, Moss, Dickerson, Marino.
  4. David Gilmour Live At Pompei One night worldwide (not sure about Mongolia, check local times and listings) theatrical release, next Wed., 9/13/17. Dunno if his website has theater list, I just googled it and found a few local ones.
  5. As noted by Bigboy, Billy Sims and Hunt only players since 1970 with 200+ yards and 3 TD in debut. If you lower the yards from scrimmage threshold to 150+ (with 3 TDs in debut), it adds one player since 1970 - Marshall Faulk. Good company.
  6. Where does Hunt stand for all time rookie RB debuts (real and fantasy)? * Per Bigboy's stat, Sims and Hunt likely only two RB debuts with 200+ yards & 3 TDs since merger. NE had lost something like only two of their last 107 games at home with a 4th quarter lead (I think that was the stat, not going into...).
  7. Thanks for the reminder. Various CD, DVD &/or Blu-Ray versions avail. next month, 9/29. The 2015 BBC doc Wider Horizons (72 minutes) is on YouTube. It is both a making of Rattle That Lock and biography (also included on the deluxe edition box set of the upcoming Pompeii release).
  8. As to the seeming militarization of FP based on how the cabinet is stacked with generals@SacramentoBob alluded to, Mattis HAS to easily be the best thing about the Trump presidency. When was the last SecDef as good (before Obama?). He has actually been a voice of reason and has the statesman-like gravitas, intellect and balance Trump doesn't. Mattis defended NATO when Trump didn't and urged against cutting State Dept. funding and foreign aid, trying to explain that every dollar NOT spent there, would require many more in military later. Also, he gets that by leading on int'l trade agreements and security treaties, the world plays according to OUR rules. We may be in the process of ceding that in some ways to China and Germany. Isolationism and cowering behind walls while bombing the #### out of ISIS, America First can mean Americal Alone and ultimately America Last. * If Trump cabinet Tarantino film dopplegangers not restricted to Reservoir Dogs, Stephen Miller counterpart in Pulp Fiction - The Gimp!
  9. Ends more like Reservoir Dogs. Bannon is Mr. White. Trump Mr. Orange.
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