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  1. Thanks for the clarification, excellent point. It looks like they were comparable size early in Big Ben's career, but right, I wouldn't expect Wentz to get up to 265 lbs. if that is indeed what Big Ben is, I didn't realize he was THAT big (but it kind of makes sense when he shrugs off DL and LBs like they are gnats, sheesh, that would make him BIGGER than some DEs and nearly all LBs attempting to take him down). Ben and Cam are two of the stoutest and strongest QBs I've ever seen, really freaks. Maybe somewhat throwbacks to Roman Gabriel? He was 6'5", just 225 lbs., but that was a monster when
  2. He has the kind of accuracy that doesn't just lead to a catch, but a catch right on the numbers in stride where his receiver can generate RAC. Also has the awareness, savvy, ability to read coverages, accuracy and touch to throw it where only his receiver can catch it. Some scouts compared him to Roethlisberger, I don't know if he is better at a comparable stage of development (maybe smarter football IQ-wise with similar physical ability, athleticism and skills?), but PHI fans will be pretty happy if his first year unfolds similarly as a starter. He will be 24 later this year and I think his m
  3. Favorite for Rookie of the Year over Prescott, Elliot and any of the WRs so far.
  4. The Baptism of Carson Wentz Everyone said he wasn't ready for this. Here's why everyone was wrong. Dan Pompei http://thelab.bleacherreport.com/the-baptism-of-carson-wentz/ * Thanks to Waldman for bringing this article to my attention.
  5. They weren't picked #2 overall? Seriously, #1 overall Palmer also sat a year and turned out OK.
  6. The Fall of Johnny Football The MMQB combed through Johnny Manziel’s past and spoke to more than a dozen people who are or were in the quarterback’s inner circle to find out: Just how did it go so wrong? Has Johnny Football played his last NFL game? And if so, does he even care? http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2016/03/15/johnny-manziel-nfl-cleveland-browns
  7. Not sure if his availability was related to the incident two months ago before the Super Bowl? https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2016/01/13/source-chandler-jones-did-not-overdose/7LW0qko2kU0OphXTTmgtSO/story.html His brother, former UFC champ Jon "Bones" Jones, has had multiple incidents (tested positive for cocaine, later hit and run led to stripped title). http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/29/us/ufc-jon-bones-jones-hit-and-run/ He is easily one of the top young DE pass rushers in the NFL, so that could lead to some complicated extension negotiations. Based purely and strictly o
  8. How can an NFL franchise be so stupid then to have not "known what the deal was" from the draft? Wasn't Haslam inspired by the homeless dude's call on the way to the draft? What could go wrong?
  9. Above you said Tebow was a bad comparison because he didn't win the Heismann as a Freshman. But Winston also did, so now you are making bad comps in saying he is singular. As I pointed out, their game is nothing alike, but since you made a somewhat pedantic distinction about the Freshman Heismann, unless you want to play switchy changey with the distinction that was important to you a few posts ago, he isn't unique. Every QB is different from every other QB in the history of the game at some level, but that is a trivial distinction. Of far greater importance, imo, is you can find patterns and
  10. The Wilson comparisons (for good or bad) began in a size context. It sounds like you agree with me, his size is a strike against him. Totally agree, just as it was a strike against Brees and Wilson. They overcame long odds, one reason there are just 2/32 QBs we could point to across the league landscape with their size/success profile. MAYBE his career will unfold similarly, but I wouldn't bet on it. How many QBs with similar profiles were drafted that failed for every Brees and Wilson that succeeded. Chances are, Manziel falls into that category. Our odds are as good to win the lotto as the
  11. And still, Tebow wasn't the Hesiman as a Freshman. Another bad comparison. Comparisons can be made in and across many dimensions, not just one or two artificial, cookie cutter ones you are trying to narrowly circumscribe the conversation to. Are you seriously trying to suggest that in the history of college football, Jameis Winston is the only QB that can be compared to Manziel, because he is the only one to win the Heismann as a Freshman? That seems like an absurd, untenable position. The art of making good comps in seeing if there are precedents (good or bad) with similar attributes and trai
  12. The Wilson comparisons (for good or bad) began in a size context. It sounds like you agree with me, his size is a strike against him.
  13. Tebow was one of the greatest collegiate QBs ever. And that means exactly nothing in terms of skills translating to the NFL.
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