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  1. Good article at 538 (coincidentally his exact number of combined yards), including several cool cluster graphs visually illustrating what a dramatic outlier his torrid, incendiary first three games represents: Kareem Hunt Is Breaking The NFL * Hunt and Todd Gurley were the AFC/NFC Offensive Players of the Month. ** Incidentally, KC has set a record with a 50+ yard TD in nine straight games (11 total in that span). Tyreek Hill has six, Hunt three (first player in league history with one in each of his first three games), Travis Kelce and Albert Wilson one each. That includes just three via reception, five runs and three returns.
  2. I think they had him #1 or #2 in the FBS in that seemingly important stat last year. Also heard a stat that he was the only RB in the nation with 40+ receptions and 0 drops. Plus he never lost a fumble in four seasons (weirdly did first NFL carry, before a record setting debut). So an interesting confluence of RB skills distinguish his constellation of traits. Not just fantasy/dynasty owners (of more concern to us), but props to Andy Reid, who appears to have hit the proverbial jackpot - we can now understand why KC traded up for him. A color commentator on the broadcast noted defensive players and coaches were realizing they needed to tackle him low to bring him down, that he had two jackhammers for thighs. * It wouldn't be possible to do what he has done without exemplary, extraordinary balance. Also, some backs (Marcus Allen comes to mind for me) have a knack for just never taking a kill shot, a combo of proximity sense, peripheral vision, body control, agility, quicker reflexes/reactions to turn their body at the last instant like a martial artist and render the blow glancing or missed. Sort of like a mash up of an eel, bullet time-mode Neo and Pai Mei (even when Uma Thurman was inches away, she couldn't touch him). ** Kareem Hunt fun fact: Added another NFL record to his first game combined yards, first player in league history with a 50+ yard score in his first three games.
  3. Trying to think of an instance when a rookie was a league MVP*? * AP award Jim Brown - '57 Earl Campbell - '78 (non-AP award) Not Elliot, Moss, Dickerson, Marino.
  4. David Gilmour Live At Pompei One night worldwide (not sure about Mongolia, check local times and listings) theatrical release, next Wed., 9/13/17. Dunno if his website has theater list, I just googled it and found a few local ones.
  5. As noted by Bigboy, Billy Sims and Hunt only players since 1970 with 200+ yards and 3 TD in debut. If you lower the yards from scrimmage threshold to 150+ (with 3 TDs in debut), it adds one player since 1970 - Marshall Faulk. Good company.
  6. Where does Hunt stand for all time rookie RB debuts (real and fantasy)? * Per Bigboy's stat, Sims and Hunt likely only two RB debuts with 200+ yards & 3 TDs since merger. NE had lost something like only two of their last 107 games at home with a 4th quarter lead (I think that was the stat, not going into...).
  7. Thanks for the reminder. Various CD, DVD &/or Blu-Ray versions avail. next month, 9/29. The 2015 BBC doc Wider Horizons (72 minutes) is on YouTube. It is both a making of Rattle That Lock and biography (also included on the deluxe edition box set of the upcoming Pompeii release).
  8. As to the seeming militarization of FP based on how the cabinet is stacked with generals@SacramentoBob alluded to, Mattis HAS to easily be the best thing about the Trump presidency. When was the last SecDef as good (before Obama?). He has actually been a voice of reason and has the statesman-like gravitas, intellect and balance Trump doesn't. Mattis defended NATO when Trump didn't and urged against cutting State Dept. funding and foreign aid, trying to explain that every dollar NOT spent there, would require many more in military later. Also, he gets that by leading on int'l trade agreements and security treaties, the world plays according to OUR rules. We may be in the process of ceding that in some ways to China and Germany. Isolationism and cowering behind walls while bombing the #### out of ISIS, America First can mean Americal Alone and ultimately America Last. * If Trump cabinet Tarantino film dopplegangers not restricted to Reservoir Dogs, Stephen Miller counterpart in Pulp Fiction - The Gimp!
  9. Ends more like Reservoir Dogs. Bannon is Mr. White. Trump Mr. Orange.
  10. Recent article about exactly this - Trump's Generals Are Trying to Save the World. Starting With the White House - James Kitfield, Politico, 8/4/17 I think Schindler (or Garland?) addressed this in his feed, and noted it does look somewhat questionable and banana republicky, but our military and legislation were on the right side of things so far, so in his estimation we were "years" ahead of a country like Turkey. I do think it is instructive to look around the world at historical and contemporary examples to remind ourselves how fragile and precarious things like Democracy, freedom, liberty, rule of law, social order can be, so as to never take them for granted. They can disappear or shrink relatively quickly if the populace becomes too complacent or compliant (fearful?). The rise of a charismatic authoritarian demagogue is not necessarily even more concerning than that there arose in our country at the same time an audience (and propaganda forces to manipulate them, in some cases not from within) with an appetite for authoritarianism. Also, ominously accompanied by populist, nationalist, anti-intellectual/expertise sentiments and feelz. Understandably, some of this was rooted in growing economic disparity (top 10-20% control vastly more wealth, exc. salaries have exploded, outsourcing, automation, AI, part time trends have been, are and will continue to be disruptive and dislocating). I get it. The Ds didn't get across that message as well, or had the wrong messenger. But Trump with the stylistic taste which Rick Wilson called the bastard child (mash up) of Liberace and Sadaam was an odd choice to bond with the "common man", and the billionaire cabinet does like like a grift. Trump has been almost entirely ineffectual in legislation. Where he has perhaps done more damage - the environment, but deregulation is a thing with Rs, not just Trump, also rabidly, virulently anti-science when it comes to EPA/FDA, as well as defining political and communication norms downwards (Flynn chanting lock her up. Really, are we in third grade?). To give credit where due, Trump had a keen instinct for identifying a deep rooted problem in our society and culture. But he offers no solutions and in fact is exploiting the abyss and chasm-like divide for his own purposes and to enrich himself. Trump is just an empty vessel Bannon was able to pour his deconstruction of the administrative state, Leninist ideas into and by which he could experiment on American politics in the laboratory of the government. He seems to be employing divide and conquer tactics, and has a knack for finding highly polarizing and divisive social/cultural fissures in an effort to widen them (so he can orchestrate playing extremist factions off against each other - they are less dangerous to Trump that way than if a larger percentage of opposed factions were united in a broader centrist coalition aligned against him?). Bannon, Conway and the Mercers were originally attached to Cruz, than when his candidacy bid was torpedoed, they glommed on to Trump. Bannon called him his "blunt instrument". Anti-anti-Trumpers love the gold plated wrecking ball mystique, which he full-throatedly, flim flam hams up whenever possible.
  11. When it comes to treason, Mueller is un poco loco. Good thing the CiC with nuke access isn... never mind. If Trump decides tonight to let the missilles fly on a preemptive NK strike, GUESSING Mattis, McMaster and Kelly would overrule him? Weird, Democratically and civilian over military chain of command-wise (but a good kind of weird).
  12. Tillerson met RU FM Lavrov after Trump signed the sanction bill (because of course he did). When it comes to prospective post-sanction, future joint Arctic drilling projects, the Russian Medal of Honor winner doesn't want to be a Rexecutioner.
  13. If he is scrubbed from the history books (Pence becomes 45) for cheating with Putin, than convicted of NY State crimes by Schneiderman and gets life in prison for dozens of RICO and Trump "Model" human trafficking violations (and no doubt, thrown "rough" into the paddy wagon with his head slammed into the door frame), no Secret Service, then... Gen. Pop. (Pop, like Arrested Development). * Escape From DC by John Carpenter Starring Donald Trump as himself, with Kurt Russell as Snake Pliskin (Sec. of Kicking Butt)
  14. Not a big astrology proponent, but for the record... Full eclipse 8/21 (two weeks from tomorrow) Last one of this type - 1776 (where the "path of totality" falls exclusively in the US - first time continent has been crossed since 1918) Part of the so called Saros Series with an 18 year period: Most recently, in the 20th Century, 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981 and 1999. Events that coincided - Clinton's impeachment, the attempted assassination of Reagan, the assassination of Kennedy, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima (anniversary today) and Nagasaki, the death of FDR and an attempted assassination of Taft. At any rate, maybe Kelly can convince him to step down because the "Sun God" is displeased?
  15. 1) Besides the Secret Service, now under DHS, currently awaiting a Director with Kelly's move to CoS - another layer of this issue is Trump's private security (Devos brother Erik Prince has previously used private military in Iraq, got in trouble, and there are new WH discussions to privatize war in Afghanistan). There was an article last Dec. that this was a bad idea (not sure if unprecedented): The folly of Trump's palace guard - Jon Michaels, CNN, 12/30/16 2) Further breakdown of the Jr./Kushner/Manafort Russian collusion meeting, as well as WHAT DID THE PRESIDENT KNOW and WHEN DID HE KNOW IT?: IC intercepts Manafort was point on the hacking conspiracy, see - U.S. Reportedly Intercepted Suspected Russian Agents' Chatter That Manafort Asked for Their Help With Clinton (also reportedly for Sessions?) - Elliot Hannon, Slate, 8/3/17. Mueller has compartmentalized teams working on financial crimes (money laundering), obstruction (powerful case with voluminous FBI personnel contemporary corroboration) and collusion (I LOVE IT) in general, as well as Flynn and Manafort specifically. When Manafort's spox was asked about the collusion rumblings, noted it was false but questioned the leak, so another news is fake, leaks are real variation the Trump associates and surrogates are so fond of almost in unison and one voice. Dep. AG Rosenstein reportedly recently announced the DOJ has no plans to pursue journalists (contrary to the Sessions presser?). Nothing burger treason meeting attendant, Putin's legal minx and sanction-lifting lobbyist Veselnitskya also reps Prevezon. Preet Bharara was investigating them. Around this time Trump called him a few times with no response (The Fed. AG for NY didn't think direct communication was appropriate) then fired him. No Prevezon trial. Convenient. Another reason the AGs office cited for settling the case was witness safety, as one of the Russian investigators "fell" out of a fourth story window, was critically injured and nearly died while "winching a bathtub up the side of the building" (no word on whether he simultaneously slipped on a banana peel). The US rep for the Prevezon appeal/settlement was a Michael Mukasey (his son could replace Bharara!), who in another case is working with Count Chocula (Giuliani) representing a Turk who busted Iran sanctions, and is seeking an "extrajudicial" resolution, likely seekng an agreement between Trump and his American citizen peaceful protester body guard bludgeon sanctioning pal Erdogan. 3) Max Boot - The far-right (reich?) moves on. Now that Susan Rice has been cleared its time to find a new culprit to distract from real Trump scandals (the new culprit is Samantha Power). After more Russian bot hive/swarm attacks on McMaster in past 48-72 hours (enough to prompt a statement of support by DT, likely at the request/urging of Kelly), Thernovith heckling McMaster and talking about becoming "meme warrior" buddies. After claiming he knows people getting subpoenas (fake news, conflict = attention a mantra?), and reports the FBI/IC may have been looking at social media coordination with RU intelligence agents around the election, which were just replicated with Thernovith leading the charge. Like he can't help himself, could he be more obvious? 4) Eric Garland's Twitter - There is a sub-thread which begins "Here's my read" in response to a sub-tweet by Aaron Mehta, NOW: So, this is weird. The DoD just sent reporters an ethics memo from SecDef Mattis, with no context. It is word somewhat... ambiguously. Unclear if it references conflict between CiC orders and the Constitutions, letting the law play out on possible future exec. succession issues or regarding some of the recent "uprising" talk? in which a somewhat cryptic general message sent by Mattis to the troops alluded defending the Constitution and being prepared? For what? * Trump only got 4% of the vote in DC where the GJ has been impaneled. ** Noted before, but regarding the Trump and R talking point that Mueller looking at finances would be "crossing a red line", and would be "exceeding the scope" of the original mandate. BS. It is related. If Trump laundered money, he is a criminal, and could therefore be compromised by Putin for reasons similar to Flynn's removal. Imagine if Obama had laundered money with John Gotti, and due to evidence of that, there was a special counsel appointed to investigate. Would Trump, Hannity and Gingrich be screaming to limit the scope and not look at his finances because that would be "exceeding the scope" of the original mandate. Nonsense. Complete hogwash, pure, unadulterated, naked, blatant partisan deflection hackery. There also seems to be a misplaced assumption and overconfidence that Congress Rs will jump off a cliff for Trump en masse no matter how criminal the evidence returned by Mueller, DESPITE already signs of some peeling away and actively distancing themselves (rebuking him and boxing him out with near unanimous bipartisan sanction bill and preventing removal of Mueller), as well as plummeting, approaching party albatross disapproval numbers. If multiple money laundering and obstruction charges are brought (possibly hacking conspiracy?), THAT could be a red line which if Trump crosses into that level of criminality, the stench of corruption could be too odious and foul to abide any longer, and they cut bait on the rotting fish head. MANY must (strongly) prefer Pence at this point. Maneuvering to remove Mueller and/or family/campaign/associate pardons could also trigger action to cashier, remainder DT.
  16. Looks like the master plan is on schedule to balloon up so he is indistinguishable from Christie who can then be his body double Kagemusha-style for the end game.
  17. Putin Has Released More Shirtless Vacation Pics So We Put Them On Tinder - David Mack, BuzzFeed 8/5/17 Trump upon hearing Bobby Three Sticks convened/impaneled a GJ - The face you make when the police cadaver dog lingers over your flower bed. Interesting - Spectrum Health's Role in the Trump-Russia Server Scandal by Tea Pain Spectrum/Devos quid pro quo - Russians/Alfa Bank server had hacked VOTER ROLL DB (under-reported relative to e-mails), Spectrum server had e-mail ADDRESSES from nationally linked medical insurance databases which in turn linked to voter social media accounts and finally could then be integrated/coordinated into micro targeted voter suppression campaign. Cambridge Analytica/SCL (Mercer/Bannon), Parscale (Kushner) and of course Devos (Spectrum) time in the barrel soon. Devos was made Sec. of Education. More Tea Pain - Mueller Flynn doc request could be targeting Pence. Anyone being investigated by the FBI is not qualified to be president of the Undited States - Donald Trump (projection = prediction, his smears are simple and predictable, his accusations are a kind of magical thinking primitive voodoo of putting his guilt on others - Obama EOs/golfs/vacations too much, etc.). Maybe if Thernovith is sent to the pokey, he can teach fellow inmates about the Gorilla Mindset on dates, also how rape is a feminist myth? The timing of the GJ and initial subpoenas right before Trump left on a 17 day vacation may not be random or accidental, but calculated? Does the WH in general and Trump specifically have to consent to Mueller's legal team and investigation removing things like computers that represent potential evidence? That would be awesome for him to return to the WH and have all the computers confiscated. * Excerpt of Trump's notorious, secret, untranslated/transcribed Putin meeting at the G19 dinner (lifted from the Star Trek episode Arena): Trump - What do you want? Putin - I weary of the chase. Wait for me. I shall be merciful and quick.
  18. da_budman. Encyclopedic is the soul of wit - Diderot (I kid) TLDR TLDR version 1) Trump is a so far beyond an outlier obstruction/criminal/treason smoke-wise he basically represents a singularity, past history useless to reckon impeachability. 2) Due to the unprecedented nature of the above, we are in no better position to estimate impeachment probability than if George Washington had been a traitor with King George, and some were saying out of blind faith - Limey nothing burger! The supposed "odds" history culled from the preceding 44 presidents mean NOTHING in regards to sussing out Trump's arc and trajectory. 3) Past Russian Mafia money laundering is at least a triple RUSSIAN problem. Putin WILL know (because unlike here, oligarchs/spooks/mob indivisible). Putin will OWN him. Putin will ALWAYS hold this over him. Very precarious and untenable situation long term for Trump true believers. This ends badly. Better to wake up from the nightmare now than continue to wallow in it.
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