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  1. The Top 100 Songs from 1978 That Are Still Played At Weddings Today
  2. I can understand skipping Television in '78, but when Tim skips them in '77, oh boy...
  3. I can't stand this song, and not only because it was used in a ubiquitous horrendous movie scene. The lyrics are incredibly cliched and the music is by-the-numbers. It's also completely ripped off from a far superior song. It might make my list of worst songs from 1978. And there was a LOT of horrific copycat disco that year.
  4. They were running the tribe, sure. A tribe which is down to 2. They aren't running anything related to the other 10 people still in the game.
  5. That's apples and oranges. The things in the fire were for the boat trip to Edge of Extin... er, Prisoners Dilemma Island. They wanted a member from each tribe there that night, and thus placed the invitations where someone was guaranteed to find them. That is not what they've done with the placement of the things that became idols. The fire-thing scenario was closer to having the S39 tribes draw a name out of a bag to send someone to Island of the Idols than to a regular idol situation.
  6. That's part of what I like about it. U2 came up in the wake of the punk movement, where songs were SUPPOSED to be raw. By the time they recorded Boy, they were already more sophisticated than that, but they were still working in the milieu of post-punk, for lack of a better description. They didn't leave that milieu for good until UF.
  7. That would require me to relisten to all of No Line, Songs of I and Songs of E, plus their B-sides, and I ain't doing that. Miami might rank lower for me, as might a song from Unforgettable Fire that inexplicably hasn't come up yet.
  8. And this was the first I heard of that and they're one of my favorite bands. That is the extent to which I keep up with new music these days.
  9. I wonder if production wasn't expecting the players to share as much information about the idol activation stuff as they have. At this point, only the non-Naseer members of Luvu might be in the dark about it.
  10. I'm with Vulture and the outlier on this one. This song is dynamic and energetic -- and the German vocal bit is fun. Songs like this are why I rate Boy very highly as an album. It's not one of the major tracks but it's a joy to listen to every time.
  11. There it is! This was about where I stopped paying much attention to U2*. When I first heard it, I was like, what? I doubt I'd rank this dead last, but it may be my least favorite song of theirs that a non-fan might have heard of. * aside from going to the Joshua Tree anniversary tour
  12. Fits in with the Rattle and Hum sound. If they had put it on the album, I wouldn't have blinked. The musical backing is excellent and Bono's vocal is over the top but not excessively annoying.
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