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  1. If she was repulsed by your sweaty pits, she wouldn't have agreed to go out with you in the first place. Not that most college-age guys are savvy enough to realize that. But boring is definitely a deal-breaker. It took me a while to find the sweet spot between boring and crazy.
  2. Tell me about it, we've been treated to KP's masturbation preferences. 😆
  3. I figured the ending was going to be "and that lady is now my wife," but this will work too. 😆
  4. Obesity + high blood pressure (controlled or uncontrolled) alone is probably more than half.
  5. It was reality TV and its trappings before that stuff formally existed.
  6. Only Eephus, ilov80s and I have taken advantage of this. It's still open to @Dr. Octopus @simey @KarmaPolice @rockaction @Raging weasel and anyone else who created at least one playlist.
  7. The Beatles songs that came to mind for this were all lesser songs from the White Album. I'm sure you'll uncover something else.
  8. Yep. I REALLY identified with this album when I was in my mid-30s -- many of its songs, including Slit Skirts, deal with people around that age evaluating and reassessing their lives.
  9. I might as well get it out of the way. Round 234: FFA-1 Storytellers Unknown Legend -- Neil Young The first verse was inspired by how Neil met his wife Pegi. The rest of it is a Springsteenian tale of how a former rebel deals with the banalities of everyday life and ponders whether she made the right choices.
  10. That's awesome. When I was 14, my father and stepmother had to explain to me why some of these songs were so great. But I got it quickly. Also at some point around then, we came into possession of a videotape of the very first Midnight Special episode, which includes Chapin performing Taxi, so that got a lot of play in the house as well. Two of the three studio songs at the end of the album are unexpectedly and uncharacteristically funky, so at least you got that. 😆
  11. 1978. Tosh was the musical guest and Jagger ran onstage to sing their current duet "You Gotta Walk (and Don't Look Back)".
  12. He was right. Empty Glass was Townshend's best material since Quadrophenia and All the Best Cowboys... wasn't far behind. The best stuff from Empty Glass and Face Dances combined together would have been an absolutely killer album, regardless of who was playing drums.
  13. Face Dances isn't bad, it just doesn't really sound like The Who for the most part. It's actually more consistent than Who Are You, though it has lower peaks. It's Hard is mostly terrible and the few studio recordings after that aren't really worth discussing.
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