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  1. Well, they weren't gonna loop him on it because he blabs everything. He probably thought he was the target of the challenge throw and needed to preserve his own game.
  2. This is better than it has any right to be, but like the Fortunate Son cover, I have a hard time understanding why it exists.
  3. Did they patch in Goodell to do the review personally?
  4. Just blitz every play. It can't possibly be worse than what they're doing.
  5. Joe, it's not ONLY Brady we want you to shut up about.
  6. Pretty much every skill player on both teams was mentioned in the "who do you have tonight" portion of the thread except him. 😆
  7. Starting Gainwell AND Reagor in one league due to byes. Could be surprisingly good or horrendously ugly.
  9. Not that we saw. And now we know why they sat her out of immunity challenges.
  10. No idea. Just reinforces that the best age to play Survivor is late 20s and 30s. Younger than that, you may not have enough life experience to realize you're being played.
  11. I'm away most of next week so I'd have to leave a list with someone if we started then. But if this is the Pitchfork 500, I'm down.
  12. I thought yesterday's episode was the best of the season. No advantage talk, camp life scenes, a failed challenge throw and an unbelievably dumb decision by the player who got booted. All quite entertaining to me. I also think the blue tribe is a mostly untapped well of crazy that should burst out soon.
  13. This was a little tough to take at first. It's not "rock and roll" in the slightest, and I wasn't prepared for a pseudo-techno outing from U2 in 1993 -- but I do think this song helped prepare the fanbase for what happened on Pop. I don't think it's horrible but I don't think it's great even by Zooropa standards.
  14. It will show up. The list the rankers worked from is here: https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/799927-u2-counting-from-228-to-1-183-walk-to-the-water-182-scarlet-181-crumbs-from-your-table-180-summer-rain-179-night-and-day-178-boomerang-ii/?do=findComment&comment=23580825
  15. YouTube: We suggest you play the Pompeii version of Echoes followed by the Animals album in its entirety. Me: Yes, sir/madam. As you wish.
  16. You have to wonder if Sanders running out of bounds twice when the team was trying to kill the clock is indicative of what's going on here. Is he extremely lacking in football awareness? Just dense? Or something else?
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