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  1. The Chachinator is of the strong opinion that this thread sucks.
  2. The Colts bent over the Browns on trade value. They did it so they can draft a QB next year, having a stud RB with a garbage QB is not going to help the Browns win. BAD value by the Browns, but the logic is sound.
  3. Austin for the C to the hachi flipping nator!
  4. Jennings value in the toilet. I don't think this hurts Rodgers or the Packers in fantasy or even really in real football. Between Nelson, Cobb, Jones I think we are alright.
  5. Jake Long is still a FA. Did NOT sign with Rams
  6. Hearing the 49ers will be picking up both Charles Woodson AND Nnamdi. I didn't get a chance to see much of Nnamdi in Philly. Can he bounce back into a shutdown or at least solid corner?
  7. Lots of new weapons for Tannehill, too bad losing Bush negates an uptick IMO
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