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  1. Goff, Gurley, Gordon, Peyton Barber, Lockett, Thielen, Ebron, Zuerlein, and IDP.
  2. Went undefeated this season with Goff, Gurley, and Cooper Kupp. Have a bye week this week, first round of playoffs. After the Rams #### the bed last night my team scored the fewest points All season! Luckily it’s a bye week!
  3. Brees if he can keep it up, which based on his history he will easily do it.
  4. Dude recorded himself staring at the eclipse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAoUgffLBro
  5. Krap is a turd! He should focus on his game instead of making political statements.
  6. Just picked this guy up off the waiver wire for peanuts in a dynasty league.
  7. I'm all for it if it makes the team play better.
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