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  1. Yes, it happened. Vince told God to “get jiggy wit it”.
  2. A lot of us spent way too much time imagining having relations with her. A friend of mine was working at a video store in LA in the late 80s and her and David Coverdale walked in. Acted just normal. She was also on the cover of Ratt’s debut album. As an Indians fan, she was married to Chuck Finley when he pitched for the Tribe. The fact she went Bruce Lee on him just was like ARRGH! If something embarrassing happens to a player, it’s a good bet he plays in Cleveland. 😐
  3. I’ve had about enough of Reginald simping Nia Jax. Apparently Vince thinks it’s “good ####” to have guys attracted to her. Make. It. Stop.
  4. I watched Brian Pillman’s Dark Side of the Ring last night. Who knew he was the Shawn Kemp of wrestling by fathering 5 kids to at least 3 different women. It’s obvious his widow has been through hell because she looked rough last night. She’s done a lot of things wrong, and it probably still weighs on her to this day.
  5. Sammy Guevara got torn up from Blood and Guts last night.
  6. Britt Baker was asked out by a 7 year old yesterday. The kid has no job, no money, and no car and he wants a date with one of the most beautiful women in wrestling. This kid has no fear and solid brass stones. He could be my new hero.
  7. I saw chatter on Twitter last night about Savage’s biography being a hit piece or burial because of all the bad things about him that we already knew. The only new stuff I saw was that he was popping X with Gorgeous George.
  8. Today in 1987, Big Bubba Rogers beats One Man Gang for the UWF title.
  9. Shtick aside, I agree with you. It was a PPV-quality match.
  10. Today is also the 18th anniversary of the passing of Miss Elizabeth. 😢
  11. Today in 2008, Steiner Math (tm) is invented.
  12. Drunk posting makes for the most interesting comments.
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