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  1. Yeah. Joyce Meyers is closely related to the prosperity preachers you see on TV. I’ve never been a fan of hers.
  2. Noted scumbag Joey Ryan tried to worm back into wrestling. Tony Kahn pilled Cage & Sonny Kiss from the show once the jagoff’s name came out.
  3. Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential coming to Vice March 9th.
  4. The AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament continued on Bleacher Report’s website tonight. No spoilers, but the 6 woman tag match was fun. I love Maki Ito’s singing after she comes to ring and even during the match. She was formerly in a singing group, but got kicked out. I’m now a fan. ETA: Said gimmick.
  5. Back in the day with Phyllis George, Brent “You’re looking live” Musburger, & Jimmy the Greek. Fun times.
  6. Kelly Klein files lawsuit against ROH and several executives And guess who is named as sexually harassing her? Yup, Jay Lethal. Once may be an accident and twice is an odd coincidence. Paging Taeler Hendrix...
  7. The part that annoys me is that the wife saw the appointment and assumed it was a couples dinner. Then, when the kids show up, she's dragging HIM out of the shot like it's his fault.
  8. Joseph Hudson (Jocephus and the Question Mark in NWA) passed away last night. He also portrayed a young Bruiser Brody in Dark Side of the Ring. It is believed he either suffered a stroke or aneurysm. He left behind a young son.
  9. He's pretty much of a music buff right up there with Trunk. Dude knows his hard rock/metal and Christian rock.
  10. Cultaholic is reporting that the Big Show is now ALL ELITE.
  11. I saw they were still working the scene. Why so long for a single car accident?
  12. He’s a 4x TNA/Impact World champion and 2x fake ECW World champ, plus several mid-card titles. I’d say, if anything, he may be underrated in the E.
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