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  1. I’m going to brag on my alma mater. Clayton Parrish has scored the most TDS so far this season across all divisions. He has 17; the FBS leader is Rasheen Ali of Marshall with 15.
  2. Well, this is...awkward. Damian Priest loans Rhea Ripley his ring gear after she lost her luggage.
  3. Bethlehem still has WXW I believe. But yeah, a former WWF town that’ll probably never see another house show.
  4. Speaking of which, there’s a story/rumor of a THIRD view of the situation and that Mrs. Urban Liar was harassing Ms. Nebraska’s family. That’s a 5 gallon bucket of YIKES if true.
  5. Mount Union held Capital to an NCAA record zero first downs today which is the last time since Case Western Reserve had zero against Wooster on Sept. 21, 1985.
  6. Just think how much their QB would suck if he stayed at Penn State.
  7. Florida is on upset alert, trailing LSU 21-6 less than four minutes before halftime.
  8. The LSU safeties just stood there and let Florida partially block the punt. Oof.
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