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  1. I'm catching up on this, but I had some interaction with a DV situation. My wife and I have a female friend. Years ago, her and her husband got into an argument and she threw something at him. When the cops came and that came out, she was arrested. I know this because I vouched for her with the bail bondsman.
  2. Someone already posted under one of his pictures that he's going to jail.
  3. So, how do my fellow Nittany Lion fans feel about USC coming hard after Coach Franklin.
  4. Between AEW beating RAW in the 18-49 demo and MNF, Vince had to do something. I suspect the episode long tease was the hook to keep people tuned in. Lashley is protected in defeat because he got injured, so he stays strong. Big E takes advantage of the injury - as any heel would do - and cashes in to become a world champion. Orton loses to Lashley is no great shakes to me, as he being a double digit time world champion means he's always going to be in the mix and contending on a regular basis. After all, we've seen teams be strong and win a title or two yet because they've lost as much as more than they've won, they're looked down on (Cleveland Indians Guardians, please pick up the yellow courtesy phone).
  5. Black Shoe Diaries: recruiting If we can keep a big time Ohio recruit out of the Suckeyes hands, that's a win for us.
  6. Plus, you tell people that your #1 overall pick is in a competition for the starting job and you see a stud RB like Etienne as a "third down back", I have to question your football IQ.
  7. As the resident representative of BIG ELECTRICITY on FBG, something you should know is that if you do go ahead and have one installed, you'll have to call your electric company. Depending on your situation, if your utility has to upgrade the transformer, they'll change it out and bill you. The cost for that can be about $2500. And if you go solar, you will have to call them as that would require a bidirectional meter - one that runs forward and backwards. That's a separate process from getting service to a new house. For the utility that I work for, someone from our company as well as electrical inspector will have to review the installation before it can be hooked up. If you live in a sunny state, you may end up sending power back into the system and as such they would need to know that.
  8. From Reddit: Early season OOC games in the Shoe against premier opponents: 2005 Texas - LOSS 2009 USC - LOSS 2014 Virginia Tech - LOSS 2017 Oklahoma - LOSS 2021 Oregon - LOSS
  9. By the way, this is now the Ruthless Termination Era of WWE. (I heard that somewhere.)
  10. Samoa Joe vacates the NXT championship ahead of Crayola NXT era. Not suspicious at all...
  11. Oops, my bad. For whatever reason, PSU’s White Out next Saturday came to my mind in my response.
  12. ESPN Game Day will come from Happy Valley next Saturday. It’ll be Penn State’ annual White Out game. Welcome to Nittanyville, Auburn!
  13. Yeah. You gotta give him props for that. He had them ready for playing in the Shoe. I also saw the OSU D had zero sacks. That's impressive work by the Ducks.
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