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  1. Damn, yet another player who I see both raves and rants about route running. Some analysts say he excels, and others say something like the above.
  2. I'm buying all the depressed shares of Jeudy I can get my hands on this offseason.
  3. I'm pretty much the exact opposite. If a guy can't win by running routes in the NFL, how is he going to win? And is that sustainable for a career. My methods have turned me on to two huge successess in the past two draft classes, Terry McLaurin and Justin Jefferson. There are other, more highly touted WRs that I covet for specific reasons, but if I'm judging two similar players their ability to separate via route running is the tie breaker.
  4. Thank you for that! I feel like route running has become a bit more of a buzzword these past two seasons. It used to be very rare that it was mentioned in any player's rookie draft profile, but many more writers are mentioning it in some fashion these days. That makes these mentions both interesting and potentially useless, because it really comes down to the skill level of the writer who is evaluating these players. I do appreciate that many mentions of different aspects of route running, though. Unfortunately, they don't help me decide whether or not he's going to be a technici
  5. Which guys specifically? I'm not seeing much about Waddle's routes, specifically. Best I can see is that one writer says he's good at one route, and has good footwork. This does not make him a route technician, but he certainly has the skills to become one.
  6. Can you please point me to some articles that highlight his route running prowess? I looked through his player thread and the linked articles there are a real mixed bag. Two people say he is a good route runner, and a third says his route tree needs a lot of work.
  7. Jay Gruden says he knew Dan Snyder would take Dwayne Haskins six months before the draft https://www.radio.com/theteam980/sports/washington-football-team/gruden-reveals-story-why-washington-drafted-haskins
  8. Was this written by infamous former-SP member Interseptopus? I find it curious that his own Breakout Age/Dominator Rating post has been edited to remove all content and the title changed so that it can't be found anymore by the search engine https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/775058-spaceshuttle/
  9. You think it's bad now? Just wait until the Packers draft ARodgers in April.
  10. Mahomes — Watson Murray — Dak Allen Jackson I’ll admit to being wildly off with Herbert, but I’m not putting him ahead of any of these guys who have been solid for multiple years. I can’t say he’s ahead of Burrow.
  11. Somehow they even lost field positions on the last two Brady INTs
  12. Too much love for sherbet. Dak belongs there
  13. I didn't make a statement one way or the other, I simply answered the question.
  14. Based on the longevity of QBs these days, I think you're looking at 5+ years with either Ryan or Stafford, if they want to keep playing.
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