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  1. He has way more QB upside than Hurts, but they don't want to win this season.
  2. The Eagles see what they have. A QB who can't process, can't see beyond his first read, and has legs. He's a not an NFL QB.
  3. I've never been more right and completely wrong about a player. It's uncanny what he's doing.
  4. His dismissal was a consequence of him being a racist, homophobic #######. It just through serendipity that Snyder's blood fued with Allen brought this matter to the attention of the press.
  5. This is a dynasty trade, right? I don't see Thomas rebounding to anything above WR24 going forward, and I refuse to own any player named Mike Williams. Expect massive regression to the mean for him ROS.
  6. It probably won't be. Williams should move up, but Chase is headed to the stratosphere.
  7. At least a future 1st. I'm already hearing rumblings that Chase is the WR1 overall in dynasty and I'm sure his owners are feeling the same way.
  8. Used: Offense - GBP, ARZ, BAL, BUF, TEN Defense - CAR, WAS, DEN, TEN, NEP Week 5 Offense - DAL Defense - MIA
  9. Not going to get cute, I'm just going to take KC to roll the Redskins this weekend.
  10. The NFL is the opposite of this. The teams own the league, not the other way around. Goddell is paid by the owners to keep this type of problem off of them.
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