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  1. Since 2010, Tim Tebow has more playoff wins than the Lions, Bengals, Raiders, Dolphins and WaFT
  2. All you just did was prove the positional scarcity of TEs
  3. The top 4-5 TEs would be on par or better than the top WRs and the rest of the TE field would merely be startable flex players if needed.
  4. Iā€™m in a doubleheader league on MFL that does exactly this, without using VPs
  5. SF league. 1.06 is likely going to be one of Harris, Chase or Pitts
  6. Reagor for free ā€”ā€”- Shenault is probably a bit ahead of the 1.09 today Brown for 2.10 feels right Penny for 4.02 feels right I lean toward the Viska side if only because I hate the back half of the 1st round this year.
  7. I think it's the most "fair" of the snake draft options for startup drafts, but it can be frustrating. You really need to nail that 1.01 or trade out. Something like 1.01/3.12 for 1.06/2.07
  8. I listened to the entire thing. This is Schefter protecting his source (which is likely Rodgers' team), at the risk of losing access.
  9. After Pitts, I'm not drafting any of them, no matter the format.
  10. What the hell is he thinking? That only projects to the 5th best rookie season by a TE ever.
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