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  1. I've been looking for reasons to fade him and joining the Steelers was the last straw. It's Chase and probably Pitts ahead of him in all formats for me, and so far my leaguemates agree.
  2. Traded my 1.03 when it was OTC. Pitts and Chase were off the board. Netted Kamara in return for it, straight up. 12-team, 1 QB, have to start 2 RB.
  3. Is the Westwood One radio available as an alternate audio feed on the Amazon Prime games?
  4. If your big screen, hi-def TV is less than about 8 years old, it probably already has the Amazon Prime Video app built in. If not, it should be downloadable. The greatest thing about Amazon Thursday Night football is that I can turn off the insufferable Troy Aikman/Joe Buck blathering and switch to commentary provided by Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer
  5. Giants GM Gettleman: Oh ####, he better ####### make a major stride in Year 3 or I'm sacked
  6. I can't quit this guy even though he's a complete stiff for fantasy. Tantilizing at times, and then he just gets shuffled aside.
  7. He went 1.01 in my 1QB 0.5/1/1.5 PPR league.
  8. They’ll just keep a lot of kneecaps on hand for snacking on
  9. They haven’t played that game in a decade or more.
  10. Nice “Go Blue” there at the end. Suck it, OSU
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