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  1. Used: Offense - GBP, ARZ Defense - CAR, WAS Week 3 Offense - BAL Defense - DEN
  2. Ravens should just olé the next tackle attempt and gift them a TD. Ravens need a minute or so to win the game after giving up the lead
  3. With the trades you’ve been making, the rebuild will be done next year. By 2023 your team will be sick
  4. If you’re still rebuilding and earn the 1.01 in 2023, then you really suck as a manager
  5. I’m not seeing it today either.* What’s it looking like to you? *Working on the house and can’t watch any of the games. I’ll check out the highlights and box scores later.
  6. This feels a little like cherry picking stats. Mike Evans had 2,250 yards and 15 touchdowns in his first 30 games. Which of these people surpassed or matched that?
  7. Pretty sure he's referring to 2021 scoring. Logan is/was considered well behind the top 6 at the position for redraft.
  8. Do you think he's got a ceiling that's more than a middling QB2, because that's all I see.
  9. The Ravens will be in plenty of games where they are out front from start to finish. Williams will get his sea legs during these situations. They will likely stick to trusted veterans in close games or comeback attempts.
  10. 4 sacks and zero turnovers against the most turnover-prone QB in the league just ain't going to cut the mustard.
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