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  1. It’s the middle of March why is there ice anywhere but like the arctic?
  2. Again...I have YouTube links if you’re really interested. Will only share via PM.
  3. Good. Tonight there were two guys that weren’t there last week. Both are pretty much the local “pros”. Both are funny as hell. Got good feedback from both. The really good one told my wife “that’s really only his second time?” Again, I think my material is decent. It’s not outstanding but the last two bits I’ve done are some of the first things I’ve ever written. I’m really working on my timing/delivery. It is getting better for sure.
  4. Probably going to do stand-up for the second time tonight. Not quite sure though. Also don't know which 5 minutes to do. I have one on how absolutely hilarious this is. abandon all hope Or maybe the bit about a couple arrested for including their dog in their sex life. I'll see what the crowd is like before I decide. You can pretty much spot a pro-dogsex crowd within about 3 minutes.
  5. I will say that Hall and Oates is somehow under-represented in the dueling pianos world. Strange.
  6. So I did upload the “video” to YouTube. It’s really just audio. I’m not all that proud of the material. It’s fairly specific but I know the crowd at the “club” I was at. At least 25% of them are younger comedians or wannabees. I took the easy route. And a lot of my jokes/takes are things I’ve had rattling around in my head for a while. It wasn’t hard to put together 5 mins of crap. It’s rough for sure. I talk way too fast when I’m nervous. I also use a stagename. I just don’t want worlds to collide...at least not yet. If you want to hear it, send me a PM. Not
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