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  1. Knocked by LBJ Cavs 3 out of 4 years Missed playoffs: Stevens 1x, Brown 4x Playoffs H2H: Stevens 4 - Brown 1
  2. White track stars lack of relative success is not because they aren't allowed to compete. It's not that difficult Xeno.
  3. Of course it doesn't, it benefits players who generate offense close to the rim. Should remove all defensive restictions with regard to style of play. Only place you see it is in the NBA and u12 leagues.
  4. Outlawing zone hurts big guys? Would love to hear him defend that one. When they were considering reallowing zone 15 years ago the biggest complainers were big men. One can argue that the line helps the big guy. Making all shots equal value is going to cause teams to pack the lane even more. They actually moved the line in to create spacing for the big guys in the mid 90's.
  5. Klay's 14 in a game against the NO is more than the 82 Lakers had.
  6. Guys will sway with two legs if they don't turn. As long as you don't ball watch it should be easier to call.
  7. Guy with the ball is entitled to land. Defender is entitled to the space he occupied when the guy with ball left the floor. Same principle as block/charge in the lane basically.
  8. That's not textbook at all. A lot of shooting coaches teach you to line up your strong side foot, hip, shoulder towards the rim, not square. They also teach foot sway- having your feet land 6-10 inches from where you elevated while the rest of your body goes up vertically.
  9. Agree with this. I thought they could have gotten Klay a few times but the one they called on McKinnie was BS. No we he gets that call at the end unless there is contact before the shot or literally comes down on someones foot.
  10. Warrior fan here. Yes it is. He gets to come down where ever he wants given it wasn't occupied by a player in lefal guarding position.
  11. call a foul on the clean pick and hit the defender fighting thru the moving pick the other way
  12. Celtics running some good stuff. Bucks offense is completely constipated when Giannis isn't creating.
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