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  1. 5 hours ago, ZenoRazon said:

    Really don't get what is going on with this do ya?

    White sprinters don't run 9.98 here in the USA.  AND...high school kids don't run a 9.98.

    If you know sprinting you get just how big a deal this is.  We had never seen this before, ever.

    Try talking the Jackie Robinson story without talking race, good luck.  Try talking the Rolling Stones with no mention of Elmore James and them black blues.

    White track stars lack of relative success is not because they aren't allowed to compete.  It's not that difficult Xeno.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Moe. said:

    He may have used the illegal defense rules as an example of the NBA making tweaks in order to encourage a certain style of play,  not necessarily as something that benefitted non-post players 

    Of course it doesn't, it benefits players who generate offense close to the rim.  Should remove all defensive restictions with regard to style of play.  Only place you see it is in the NBA and u12 leagues.

  3. 57 minutes ago, Moe. said:

    On the podcast he goes all the way back to Mikan as far as that is concerned. So adding a three-point line, widening the lane, outlawing zone (for a time), etc. were all done (in his opinion) to make things more "fair" for guards/smaller guys. 

    Outlawing zone hurts big guys?  Would love to hear him defend that one.  When they were considering reallowing zone 15 years ago the biggest complainers were big men. 


    One can argue that the line helps the big guy.  Making all shots equal value is going to cause teams to pack the lane even more.  They actually moved the line in to create spacing for the big guys in the mid 90's.

  4. 1 hour ago, Jayrod said:

    I've stayed out of the GSW/HOU fouls debate because I didn't watch the game.

    That action is incredibly difficult for an official to handle if you aren't prepped for it.  No doubt, I would likely fall for it the first couple of times, but it should not be a foul.

    It is basically a double leg kick out instead of the single leg kick out.  But it is deceptive because it looks like he is just going to land there if you aren't paying super close attention.

    Guys will sway with two legs if they don't turn.  As long as you don't ball watch it should be easier to call.

  5. 2 hours ago, Charlie Harper said:

    I don't get why it's so hard for refs to make the correct call on jump shots. A textbook jump shot has the shooter jump straight up and down and shoulders square. Any contact caused by a deviation from a "natural shooting motion" should be a no-call or offensive foul. Anytime the defender does not give the player enough space to land or makes contact with a shooter who is jumping straight up and down it's a defensive foul.



    That's not textbook at all.  A lot of shooting coaches teach you to line up your strong side foot, hip, shoulder towards the rim, not square.  They also teach foot sway- having your feet land 6-10 inches from where you elevated while the rest of your body goes up vertically.

  6. 1 minute ago, Moe. said:

    I thought earlier in the game the refs missed a couple of fouls on Harden by GSW but no chance on that last one. He jumped forward and kicked out. 

    Agree with this.  I thought they could have gotten Klay a few times but the one they called on McKinnie was BS.  No we he gets that call at the end unless there is contact before the shot or literally comes down on someones foot.

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