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  1. But the first one was perfect. Try and keep up.
  2. There are countless shots in tourney where "an inch either way" is a huge swing for the golfer. Yes, it had a big impact on Tiger's score but I'm sure every single golfer could make the same statement over the course of 72 holes. Sure- although I think that four shot swings on a single bad bounce are unusual, 2 shot swings certainly are not. But I wasn't saying he should have won or anything like that. What I said was that very unlucky shot cost him four strokes he would have saved if it was an inch off line, and four shots was exactly how much he trailed the leaders by when all was said and done. I don't consider one bad break to be a "significant distance" behind. That's all I said. It was a simple, not at all controversial point, one the guy I was addressing agreed with. It takes a significant amount of irrational hatred towards a golfer to see it any other way. Especially when the bad bounce was a direct consequence of hitting a perfect shot. Most bad breaks happen on missed shots. Tiger's was not your garden variety bad break. So he was trying to hit the stick?
  3. He's also willing to "let you out" of the bet when Tiger whiffs on the first 3.
  4. Is that going to help him with the poor course management?
  5. I still can't believe someone let Otis off the hook after hitting the first 3 legs of a 4-part parlay.
  6. John Bender and gbacm -- I'll let you both out of our bets for free, but that offer will expire at the end of the day this Sunday, August 4. Otherwise I'll need to collect. No way he doesn't win next weekend. zoonation, sorry but our bets are still in play. C. I just bought a house that I move into this weekend and then I leave for Vegas for a week. I'd like to not have 500 hanging over my head right now. You can hedge and guarantee a win of 350ish
  7. I just logged back in under my real aliasI just like seeing myself type nonsense Why would I deprive myself of the satisfaction of trolling using my regular handle? Quote manipulation is really cool and clever. If it were 1998 Engaging ##### bags ruins it for those of us who have them on ignore
  8. Going from his perfect 10 ex-wife to Vohn has to be one of the biggest downgrades in history. Going from his perfect 10 ex-wife to Vohn has to be one of the biggest downgrades in history. I would not call hanging with someone that does not club one in the mouth a downgrade.Hasn't yet
  9. I'm pretty sure it means the same thing whether you win majors or not. Exactly.
  10. Meh, who cares. It's all about winning majors, not the ham and egger tourneys. #1 in the world does not equal "finished," "done," or anything in that category. So it matters for purposes of this silly thread. Not so sure. The original post in this thread said he will remain competitive...and that is all he is at this point. He may be # 1, but he is the worst # 1 in history and he no longer strikes fear into opponents. We've been over this a ton. #1 in the world is not just "remaining competitive," not in any universe. He's the best golfer in the world. This reminds me of when Charles Barkley did the Stewart Smalley skit.
  11. Both the series and the podcast are excellent. I think he's surpassed Howard Stern as best interviewer, imo.
  12. Anyone wanna PM me links to where they buy the stuff? Sites are down or blocked in Germany for the ones I have tried. TIA
  13. And Tiger is a real peach to be around.
  14. Have you ever seen a player grimace after every shot an play several holes? A lot of times people leave the course without any grimacing. If there's a grimace, usually they are done right away. Tiger is the only one who does this. He's being dramatic, it doesn't affect him that much unless you see him lose 10+yds of distance or start spraying the ball everywhere.He's laying the groundwork for his excuse if he doesn't win.Loser's Limp. I don't think this detracts him much from his game though as at this point it has become a part of him and comes naturally.
  15. The strategies, in most cases, are to reduce variance, not to increase EV.
  16. 99.9% sure the team that amnesties a player can't then re-sign him.A team can re-sign an amnestied player after the amnestied contract expires. However, terminating the contract means the player is no longer on the roster, no Bird rights, etc., so the team wouldn't be able to go over the cap to bring the amnestied player back. So the proposed plan would require: LAL actually terminating Kobe's contract, which goes against the principles of every major decision the franchise has made since it moved to Los Angeles half a century ago. Kobe clearing waivers, which means no team with at least $1.4MM in cap room would seize the opportunity to put Kobe on their roster and acquire his Bird rights while the Lakers pay over 90% of his salary. Kobe re-signing with LAL for at most the MLE, taking a pay cut from $30MM to no more than $5MM to join a team with two max salary players, no bench, and no draft picks. LAL deciding it doesn't want to even try to lure LeBron James to the City of Angels when he's a FA in summer 2014. Other than that, it's a solid plan. I think Nash on the books limits them to one max contract after next year,ie Dwight.
  17. Everyone but Dwight and Nash will be off the books heading into 14-15.
  18. Nope. Nobody added after March 1 is eligible. ETA---If he has not been on an NBA roster since March 1, he is eligible. Deadline is April 18.
  19. I think they save at least $80M on the LT alone. Might be $100M.
  20. Was it the same crew as the Wichita State debacle? I don't think they have "crews" in basketball. A lot of these guys are working for multiple associations.
  21. You are weird.It's a common sentiment among Duke fans. They didn't like Rose's insinuations in the Fab Five documentary.What insinuations?Basically that Duke was "white" and Michigan was "black" and they thought/felt/played-like Duke's players were all born with a silver spoon while the F5 had to work for everything in life. Statements that Rose said reflected how he felt at the time, and that now he knows were wrong. Of course knowing the full statements and their context doesn't stop Duke fans from complaining about it, nor did it stop Grant Hill from publishing a letter responding to Rose before Hill actually watched the documentary.I'd love to see a link that Hill responded before watching the documentary. But I guess that takes away from the little narrative you created. Additionally, there really wasn't much context behind the statements other than the guys saying that is how they felt then. Either the editors did a poor job or they didn't really feel the need to clarify their comments much but there is a reason that Rose issued an apology before the documentary aired and that the players publicly backtracked after the documentary/response. I don't see a problem with Grant Hill making the statement before seeing the doc. Like yourself, I don't see any context that could make Rose's comments condonable in any way.
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