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  1. Not gonna solveyour DTV issue but you can get GamePass in Canada. Thinking of getting it here for 105 euros.
  2. Read more. Post less. That was an old mantra on a board I used to post on. You should take that advice. Seriously. All you have are insults. You're a sad, sad boy. If I were you, I'd also wish I posted less. Because I make you look more and more like a fool everytime I do. Or maybe you can convince someone else that Tiger doesn't really care about those silly majors. As long as he can get three of the 'other' tournaments under his belt each year. Because I don't think you've even fooled yourself that that is true. Once again, Junior has backed me into a corner because it's factual that Tiger can't seem to get his act together and win a major. Ugh, I wish I could convince someone that those other tournaments are just as important and he doesn't really care about the majors. I know, I'll just insult him and call him names instead. That way, he won't realize I'm frustrated and without a decent reply.Atta boy. Sometimes it's better to just let it out. Look at me! I edited someone else's post!BTW, I don't think even LHUCKS would do something as horrid as this. Horrid? LOL Sorry, King of Respectable Posting. Everything you've posted has been name calling or insults. So please spare me the lectures about 'horrid posting'. You're directing your Tiger failure frustration at me. I wish he'd win a major. I really do. Both for him, and for you, Precious.Are you having fun?You're just as bad. HTH.Thanks a lot.Pretty sure he is being serious.
  3. Dude! Goal posts! Knobbers! Dude! Frosted Tips!LOL. Unraveled, drummer. I really hope Tiger wins a major soon. Be honest, are you crying?Lot's of ways to pad a post count here.As you're proving with your last four posts. Not a lot of Tiger material. If you ever feel like discussing the actual thread topic, let me know. Meanwhile, you can personally attack me since your boy still can't seem to get his act together in the majors. Go ahead, I can take it. In fact, it's hilarious to me to watch you get so frustrated because a guy doesn't share your mancrush on a despicable human being. This par for the course. His posts rarely get to 10 words.
  4. Can you show a post in this thread by either of us which said he'd never win another tournament? Or wouldn't be competitive? Or that even stated he'd never win another major? When this thread was created, Woods was a virtual lock for the all-time majors record. He hasn't won a single one since. He has to do a whole lot of winning to make Finless, or me, or anyone else, want this thread deleted. And I don't mean winning a few rinky dink tournaments and being in the chase on Sunday for a few majors. The dude has to start winning a few. In 2009, he was head and shoulders above anyone else in the sport. Guys would tremble when they saw him on the leaderboard come Sunday. His fall from grace may be unprecedented in sports history. The original post in this thread states that the Golden Bear has nothing to worry about. It was a genius prediction. If anything, YOU should be going back and deleting your posts. Especially the ones where you ask why Finless is hiding after Woods leads a major on a Thursday, only to choke once again over the weekend.Translation- I'm far too busy trying to cover the tracks of my "Jeremy Lin is one of the best PGs in the NBA" predictions to worry about how silly I look in this thread.Translation - Uh oh. We are getting called out for moving the goal posts. Time for to pull out another Red Herring.
  5. This.Or he ends up with another top 5 finish and therefore is still done.No, winning his first major in five years will do it for me.It is you guys who move the goal posts. This thread is about whether tiger will ever be dominant again. Not whether he is done completely. Top 5 finishes don't help your argument, and all your smoke and mirrors isn't going to change that.Pretty much the Tiger blowers who keep moving the goal posts. When this thread started, Tiger was in the midst of 17 straight top 10's with 10 wins. There were still guys throwing eTantrums saying he would still blow up the Major record.
  6. He was an ex-coach by the time of the incident witnessed by McQueary.:lmao:Dude was allowed to use the program as his candy filled rape van, but he was ex-coach so we're cool
  7. Would be awesome.I've quit watching poker on TV as interest waned after they took the online stuff away. But I'd watch to see Assani play. Would be nice to have a rooting interest for once.
  8. No, he really can't. Not credibly. Under no definition is the best golfer in the world "done" or just "remaining competitive."I thought this thread was about Tiger Woods. Yes it is. At the next major I'll give you either Tiger or Rory AND Luke AND Westie. Even money. Who would u take?Is this a trick question?
  9. No, he really can't. Not credibly. Under no definition is the best golfer in the world "done" or just "remaining competitive."I thought this thread was about Tiger Woods.
  10. Mickelson shot +8 today and finished the tourney at around T65. The Mickelson knobbers think his performance was pathetic?How often is there a circle jerk ITT when Lefty leads on Friday?
  11. He was pissed. He doesn't like most photographers. The guy was in the way. I imagine he hit his hand on the camera and got a shot of pain Hands are pretty important in a Major Championship. Looked pretty straight forward.YouTube LinkTiger walked into him the reaction was what surprised me. Hardly looked like he could have been hurt compared to the reaction. Loser's Limp
  12. Yeah, for Sandusky. He disgraced the school.I would like to think that is true but I really have no faith in that area since I believe the trial is being held in the same county as Penn State and Second Mile.We discussed this earlier in the thread. Not only did he disgrace the school, but many Paterno fans will probably blame him for Paterno's fall from grace. IMO, keeping the trial in the same county as Penn State hurts Sandusky far more than it helps.Correct, yet his lawyer argued for it. I think he's counting on using that reason for appeal if Sandusky's found guilty. But I keep seeing tweets today about how horrible it is that some of the jurors are wearing PSU clothing or that some jurors are associated with PSU. I think it's a good thing because there are almost no PSU alums/fans I know that don't want to send Sandusky to general population and have the guards turn their heads for 30 minutes.That's a no-no. Judicial estoppel prevents parties from arguing a position in a case that is contrary to a position they successfully argued earlier in the same case.What if he gets a different lawyer post-conviction?
  13. ETA:Why?Is your sister a Perkins waitress?Are you?
  14. I came in here expecting some good gambling superstition. Good to see the thread didn't disapoint.G1: BUT THE DICE LEFT THE TABLE!!!! GUARANTEED SEVEN-OUT!!! it's UNCANNY how often that happensAbout 1 time out of 6.
  15. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/299975/can-california-be-fixed-victor-davis-hansonNo wonder your views are so far on the fringe, you read guys who have been clamoring for GWBush to come back for the past 3 years. Hanson is a moron.I have no idea who this guy is. As usual though, you ignore the substance of the article and attack the person who wrote it.New here?
  16. SVP is good but Russillo carries that show...at least what always end up on the podcast.
  17. I didn't even realize he was still around. Remember listening to him in the mid or late 90s, and while he was different, he would do the same things all the time ('pouring' a listener a beer or asking listeners 'how can i be the man if you're the man?').And reviewing his 'picks' on Monday that were entirely different than the ones he had on Friday.
  18. Trying thisout for the first time.... 5 batting, 5 pitching stats...daily changes 10 teams, players previously mentioned available....Willingham, Stubbs, Boesch....trying to pick this up on the fly, thanks for all of the posts so far from the seasoned vets on here. C Matt Wieters, Bal C 1B Albert Pujols, LAA 1B 2B Ian Kinsler, Tex 2B 3B David Freese, StL 3B SS Jhonny Peralta, Det SS 2B/SS Dan Uggla, Atl 2B 1B/3B Lance Berkman, StL 1B, OF OF Desmond Jennings, TB OF OF Chris Young, Ari OF OF Lucas Duda, NYM 1B, OF OF Brandon Belt, SF 1B, OF OF Delmon Young, Det OF UTIL UTIL Dustin Ackley, Sea 2B UTIL Jesus Montero, Sea DH P Cliff Lee, Phi SP P Cole Hamels, Phi SP P Craig Kimbrel, Atl RP P Ricky Romero, Tor SP P Doug Fister*, Det SP P Hiroki Kuroda, NYY SP P Ted Lilly, LAD SP Bench Bud Norris, Hou SP Bench Sergio Romo, SF RP Bench Jim Johnson, Bal RP Kyle Farnsworth*, TB RP DL Chase Utley*, Phi 2B
  19. A few posters mention Star Tours as a new attraction and worthy of a fast pass. Did they redo it? I always thought it was just the motion simulator (opened late 80's) and was able to walk on the last couple trips.
  20. Haven't heard it yet. But I've watched many hours of Smith's live talks at colleges, and they are very entertaining.Not a fan. DLed Jay Mohr a few weeks ago and had way too many plugs to start the podcast. Ended up deleting it before it started. Smith comes off as a condescending ##### bag when he does one.
  21. Two questions:1) Are there PSU fans here who disagree with this statement? 2) Do you think his inaction was because he liked that 10 year old boys were being anally raped by his former DC or that he was confused about how his former DC could do something like that, something that he didn't really even understand that well and didn't know it had happened before and would, allegedly, keep happening? This sentence is a grammatical abomination.It is?It is because it should have been that but I'm too prideful to strike it and then use the right word, but I should've known, without having to edit the sentence that that was the right word and not this. Well played. If you can't read it, you don't have to answer it. I just want intelligent answers to my question. It's naive to believe or think that Paterno, a man with at the time 60 years on this planet, didn't understand rape.LOL, again, intelligent responses requested. He was 75 at the time and it isn't how long you've been alive, it's what you learn about societal norms in your formative years. Lots of older people who weren't really racist were confused why their children made a big deal about blacks in the back of the bus in the early 60s. :lmao: WOW! :lmao:
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