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  1. The problem is he needs to be better at pass pro and the audible adjustments that go with it. Why risk your franchise in these situations when you have a RB in your stable whose skill set is more suitable? I do think Ingram is much better than has performance has shown, but the offense is limited in what they can run when he is in the game. Once they are comfortable with him protecting Brees, we will see what he can do when the defense has to respect the pass. Right now I have him as my RB5 in a start 2 no flex league and I am perfectly content to sit on him in hope of getting 4-6 games of good production down the stretch. My only regret is drafting him (5-6 turn)as my initial plan was to trade for him when if/when we got to this point. I think I could have gotten him at a much cheaper price.
  2. Marshawn Lynch who has less carries, less yards, less yards per carry and is playing on a team with one of the worst offenses in the NFL vs a guy who is getting the ball more and producing more, not to mention is much more talented, on one of the best offenses in the NFL? I don't see a single reason why anyone should ever play Lynch over Ingram. He might score more this week but there is no evidence there to base this decision onLynch is winning the category that matters, and that is fantasy points (PPR but you are excluding receiving yards too). He also has a much better outlook the remainder of the year.how does he have a better outlook? Scott Chandler and Doug Baldwin have more points so far as well, you start them? Yes Lynch has 7 recs to Ingrams 4 but I think it is a bit hyperbolic to come in here with arguments like this, it's obvious you have something personal against Ingram.Not just 7 receptions to 4, but 50 yards to ZERO. Also, Seattle, despite being a terrible team, is starting to produce better. I also think (but could be wrong) that Seattle has an injured offensive lineman coming back soon that should help. On the other hand, New Orleans already has 3 RB's, with Ingram being the worst, and the possibility of Ivory coming back and taking even more of the pie.EDIT: In before all Ingram apologists claim defenses were gunning for Ingram receptions.so Marshawn's receiving yardage in the first four games is enough to outweigh the fact that he gets less carries on a much worse team and is doing less with them?lol @ the fact that the Ingram fanbois have been reduced to defending his value compared to Lynch and Torrain....but he's not a bust.
  3. Who was getting drafted around Ingram? D-Will, Jahvid, Greene, Moreno all seem like guys that were going 4th-5th round like Ingram, and have been about as productive as Ingram, except with less potential as the year goes on. Yes, guys in this range like Beanie and Mathews have been great picks, but Ingram is more par for the course with similar ADP RBs than underachieving.ya those guys, but also wells, benson, fjaz, hightower, addai, mathews and proly some others. to act like he was the only rb option there is erroneous.Seriously, man?! I myself mentioned Beanie and Mathews, and those are the only reasonable RBs you replied with.I dont recall FJax's ADP, but it was long after the 4th-5th round, Id guess late 7th-early 9th, or at least thats where he went in my drafts. Benson probably went 6th-7th, but it looks like he will miss 2-3 games due to suspension. Hightower just lost his starting job, and Addai plays in 1 of the worst offenses in the league since Painter is behind center. Nice post, I remember when I had my first beer. The 3 guys above and below him on my draft sheet are Forte, Bradshaw, Felix...Best, Wells, DeAngelo. He is slightly out performing DeAngelo at this point with the rest of those guys beating him pretty easily. 12 of the next 15 guys outperforming him as well.
  4. If you listened to the experts on this site, they all had him as a high RB2 (RB12-RB15) with RB1 upside, were projecting floors of 250 carries (not touches, carries) and worthy of a 4th round pick and possibly reaching for him in the 3rd.
  5. I don't think the term 'vultured' applies here.
  6. So the first two weeks the consensus was he didn't produce because they were up against a good defense. Last week he didn't produce because they were up against a good offense. If we keep this up he will only have handful of favorable matchups left. Hope those teams are on the schedule sometime soon.
  7. Maybe some of this in traffic, but on the plays outiside of the tackles, the Bears swarmed with haste in Ingram's direction. In run defense, Lance Briggs had a JeffersonLincoln-vs-Ridgemont-High kind of game.FYP
  8. I took Adrian Peterson his rookie year in the 4th or 5th round. That's early in my book...I had LT and AD and this was when LT was still a stud. Championship!Don't give up on Ingram just yet...it's still early.Cool story bro.
  9. Very good.Even better than Olive Garden? [/woz]Olive Garden is to Italian food like Pizza Hut is to pizza fat girls are to sex. Might be servicable if you have no taste or pride...... Aside from my wife, the best performance I've ever enjoyed was a fat girl. Fat chicks try harder.
  10. Until the rods cool down, yep.This will work or it will be a ton of steam only for an awful long time?You really dont understand thermodynamics do you?You're not helping!Go ahead and play along with his shenanigans. At best he is a complete moron, at worst he is pretending to be. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Until the rods cool down, yep.This will work or it will be a ton of steam only for an awful long time?You really dont understand thermodynamics do you?Dodds has eased off his crazy a bit and asked a simple question. Answer it or don't.I thought it was intuitively obvious for anyone with any physics (or even basic auto shop) background.
  12. Until the rods cool down, yep.This will work or it will be a ton of steam only for an awful long time?You really dont understand thermodynamics do you?
  13. Have you been reading any of his posts? He takes one fact or 'report' and then proceeds to stretch it out to its worst conceivable resultNew here?
  14. When he starts putting out subscriber material on time.
  15. On Daily Show talking about the Crocodile Hunter
  16. My sister and I always argue whether the kid actually figured out he was in a concentration camp.
  17. I don't think it is as bad for the kids that went as it is for their parents who enabled this whole sham. However the ones who are pounding their chest on FB and defending the whole thing deserve everything they get from outing in that manner on a public forum.
  18. This thread is a good illustration of the reason that I can't accept the idea that religious belief is essential to moral behavior. I think you guys meant the converse here.
  19. Saw somewhere you made that up.I doubt he made it up. Is it that hard to think that over a four year span about 2,000 people in Ohio moved to Florida (for school, work, or retirement)? That sounds about right. And when people move, they don't contact their old board of elections to take their name off the voter rolls. Of course, they also don't travel part-way across the country on the first Tuesday in November to cast an illegal ballot either. Just because there's this number doesn't in any way suggest "an effort to commit fraud."No need to travel across the country to vote twice. Just call someone you trust and have them vote for you.
  20. Someone hacked into the George Mason University email system and sent out a mass email informing student that election day had been moved to Nov. 5.link I'll note that this is attempted voter suppression, not voter fraud. We are probably better off if someone stupid enough to fall for this doesn't vote anyway.
  21. Good point. I made even more money investing smartly with Obama here.:whiff:
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