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  1. So in 8 months, Obama was able to get back everything most of us lost over the last 4 years under Bush in our 401Ks. I am sure glad this guy will be in office at least 4 years. I think the slogan needs to be...Vote Democrat so that you can actually retire someday. This will be interesting discussion when the next wave of elections come up. For a guy that is supposedly screwing everything up in America, the market sure loves his policies. How many trillions of GDP did these moves create for the US? What's even more impressive in all of this, is Obama also rode the market down until March 9th because Bush failed to do anything about this collapse as he was exiting the office. On that day the market bottomed out at 1268.64. Since that time Obama's policies have increased the Nasdaq Composite by a whopping 67.6% in just over six months. That's beyond impressive. That's CEO of the year material.Who are these dummies that have their entire 401(k) in NASDAQ indexed funds?
  2. Of course it does.Also, bikes get stolen all the time. That means you should take precautions to lock up your bike; but it doesn't make stealing bikes legal.Similarly, you shouldn't yell insults at cops. But if you do, and you get arrested for it, that doesn't make the arrest legal. Even if it happens all the time.And no one is going to feel sorry for your dumb ### if you don't lock your bike and it gets stolen.
  3. That's GREAT!!! I never noticed that....I never did, either. Good catch!I can't believe there is a single soul that grew up in the 80s that didn't know that.
  4. If that were true (I don't think it's obvious and we really don't know that), maybe the old lady, Obama and Gates can get together for a teachable moment.DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE BEER!!!!!!! It's not a teachable moment without a few High Lifes..Colt 45's down?
  5. 1. The First Admendment is relevant because all this guy was doing was giving his opinion of the policeman's behavior. Even though, apparently, he was being rather loud, Gates was on his front porch. Up to this moment, I still have not heard from you or anyone else a reasonable explanation for his being arrested. I really don't care if he was screaming obscenties; I believe the First Amendment should give you the right to do so from your front porch. If a neighbor complains, that's a different story, but up to that point no neighbor had complained. This is why I believed at the beginning, and still partially believe, that Professor Gates was arrested for committing the crime of being an Uppity Black Man. So if an officer steps in and stops a bad situation from escalating to the point someone complains.... he is a racist. Yet if the officer lets the situation get out of control when he could have stopped it, he is a crappy cop...Edited for terrible grammer In other threads Tim has advocated for cops to be able to step in and stop you from doing stupid things. He's even in favor of them detaining you when you've done nothing wrong just because you're making a bad choice. Isn't that right, Timmy?[Red]Oh...that was different.[/Red]
  6. The content of the speech doesn't matter. It's whether you're creating a disturbance. As I said in an earlier post, you can be arrested for disturbing the peace of you play your stereo too loud and refuse a cop's request to turn it down. MT's reliance on the purported lack of an intent to cause violence and the "political" nature of Gates' comments is misplaced.So what you're saying is that an elderly man leaning on a cane comes out to the front porch of his house and is yelling (according to police) and this is disorderly conduct worthy of arrest? Tell me, Christo, do you believe in the First Amendment? Also, by suggesting content doesn't matter, you're contradicting at least 75% of the conservatives who have contributed to this thread, all of whom who have defended Crowley's actions by suggesting that if you are disrespectful to police, you "get what you deserve."It strikes me that whenever Maurile comes up with an unanswerable argument, you simply change your reasoning. You feel compelled to defend the police action here from all criticism no matter what because it fits in with your worldview. That is perfectly fine, but you shouldn't try to pretend your arguments are based either on the law in this case or on any kind of logic. Clearly they're not.:lmao:Logic? Seriously?
  7. This kind of justifies the allegedly slow 911 response times to said population.
  8. @ allegedly. This is Dodds we're talking about right? The guy is less objective than Coulter.
  9. Van Damme looking a complete tool in Breakin.
  10. the only gambling that should be done online is horse/sports wagering and poker - and even poker could be rigged.Pontoon, Black Jack and Roullete can be very +EV online under the correct circumstances.
  11. buys-in for near the minimum pushes AI with a wide range of handsDo some sites ban that practice? He says FT doesn't. Do bots generally employ that strategy?Would kind of defeat the purpose of a minimum buy-in.
  12. I agree. Orton is making some real PRO throws these days and he's posting 60% completion and 7 ypa with absolute dreck at WR. That's a far cry from the 56.5% we saw from Derrick Anderson, who constantly needed Edwards and Winslow to bail him out with sick adjustments on his inaccurate passes. I see Orton as a clear long term answer for a team that has a habit of not bringing in competition at QB. If Davis or Olsen develops, he's only going to get better.Sell high! lolwell I am quite sure he doesn't have the value to sell right now as most would agree with you. I am going ou ton a limb here with my personal (thereby most likely wrong) observation. I think he has the opportunity to keep that job for a few years and maybe develop into a nice QB 2 for a 2 QB league. I can't trade him right now as no one else really has that opinion. So the offers you would get would be total garbage... Right now I am rotating Orten, Bulger, and JTO as my QB 2. We'll see... I bet you two are right, but he isn't that bad in my opinion. This is exactly what I have been thinking. Sell high? To whom? The guy in my league that loves Orton???? I think I'd have a hard time getting a 4th round rookie pick for him, even now. He's still a joke in just about every fantasy owners mind. His good play may totally be a mirage, and F&L and Borbely may be totally correct that Orton will fall back into poor QB play. Its likely actually. I respect the opinions of both F&L and Borbely very much, but just don't see how selling a guy that is performing well right now for next to nothing is a good idea. I'd sell him to benm3218 and valhallan.I'm not saying sell just to sell. But you're right that I am saying his recent (relatively) good play is more of a mirage than a harbinger of good things to come. Sure, hang on to him if you can't get anything for him. I'd have tried to package him with another player coming off that Lions game . . . or maybe try to get a draft pick for him. He's not a guy I'd be looking to keep going into next season. Obviously he's not going to be a cornerstone QB1 in standard start 1 leagues, but many of us play in leagues that require 2 QBs. In that case, having a guy that's locked up his job and puts up 200 and a score or two consistently is very desirable. There really aren't that many QBs who you know will continue to be the starter for their team. I think Orton is in that group now and I'd love to have him, but his owner won't be moving him in my league because he knows how important it is to have a guy with a job.Orten isn't as bad as alot of you think.... He played pretty good again today.... Studs win championships. Orton will never be a QB1 in my opinion, let alone a stud. Backup fantasy QBs are a dime a dozen. Orton's value will never be this high and unless I was a contender and had to play Orton because of my starter being hurt, I would be selling as fast as I can type this comment. I simply think he is outplaying his talent level. Those are the players I want to sell when their value peaks.I'll take 3-4 guys like Orton at QB and take the studs at RB/WR/TE. Let someone else overpay for the over rated QB "studs".
  13. No, I can't see that happening. I'd be surprised if Greg Jones ever has any real value in the future.Agreed. Fred Taylor is one of the best pure runners the league has seen in decades, and he's just barely enough to keep the beast that is Jones-Drew from being fully unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. No way Greg Jones can slow down that freight train. As soon as Taylor's no longer in the mix, MJD will BE Jacksonville's offense, and Greg Jones will be the dog that gets whatever scraps Maurice leaves for him.Which won't be much, since MJD is already one of the top 3 goal-line backs in the league, and a stud in pass protection, and unstoppable in the passing game, and will be getting all of the high-value, game-critical touches.if jones-drew was really as good as you're making him out to be, he'd be the no. 1 man in jacksonville NOW. and YESTERDAY. does he have talent? yes. does he produce? yes. is he an every-down 25-carry back? i doubt it. teams that are comfortable with the way a guy performs in a certain role aren't always jumping to change it. that's not to say greg jones takes over for fred taylor, but perhaps the jags spend a high draft pick on a RB next year. again, jones-drew is very valuable and very productive. i just don't think he's going to soar up in value in the near future.So because they are utilizing an asset in Fred Taylor, it automatically implies that MJD is incapable of being a workhorse?
  14. Young and Hall had their chances this year, and it's clear that they're not what Shanny wants in a feature back. In my mind, they're both part-timers at best and not worth feeling obligated to carry as handcuffs.I think both Ward and Bradshaw have starter potential. It doesn't hurt either that Brandon Jacobs is a free agent.Thanks..............I know this is a football site but this ALCS series is going to game 7; I am happy as a Sox fan but there is something special about a home grown team (Tampa Bay) coming out of no-where like they have. It doesn't happen enough in big $$$$ sports. And what's up with Brittney Spears?
  15. Can one of the mods please move this to the BBV forum?
  16. The winner isn't the only guy that gets paid though. Assani needs to make 14.8K on average for his investors to break even. Not sure what 1st will be, we'll say it's around the 8 million of last year. If he won once every 540 entries, his investors would break even, even assuming he didn't cash a single other time along the way. While it has been amateurs winning this, to suggest it isn't a +EV play for the top pros to play in this is ridiculous. How in the world are they top pros then? You're mistaking variance for EV. Odds are that he or any pro will lose money more often than he wins money, but as long as he's cashing out 14.8K on average it's an even EV play. If you could buy a raffle ticket for $1, there's 4 million raffle tickets, and you win 8 million if your ticket hits, that's a +EV raffle ticket. You will lose 3,999,999 times for every 1 time you hit, but if you were able to make the bet millions of times you'd end up doubling your money for every ticket you bought on average.Assani only needed to cash for his investors to break even. I think the 14.8 is a little high. He just needed to win enough to pay the fee and the rake.
  17. Aren't Joe Hachem and Greg Raymer considered to be pretty solid players?I highly doubt you knew of either of them before they're big score.I am pretty sure they're are plenty of pros I have never heard of.
  18. Yes, The Rio hired 3000 people for the event to sit behind their chairs and enter their stack sizes as te change through some sort of Bluetooth device.
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