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  1. D-Day doesn't happen if the Nazis aren't tied up on the Eastern Front.
  2. T's don't affect possession so they can be reviewed during commercial breaks and given retroactively. They used to do this in the G-League, not sure if they still do.
  3. Easy F1. Dudley goober it up and Butler took the bait. Gotta keep your poise there. Hopefully only costs him this game.
  4. We got one sometime last year in Munich. Been there twice. Probably will go wherever I'm at the mall which it isn't often. Decent fix so I don't go crazy when I'm stateside.
  5. Bookmarking this for later. In the middle of The Devil's Chessboard right now. Not a novel but highly recommend.
  6. Then we'd be in a much better place if the electorate went this direction decades ago.
  7. According to the study linked earlier in the thread, of the 200 hazing deaths that have occurred in the last 130 years, 40 have happened since 2007.
  8. Reminds me of advice I got when I taught hs/ms out of college. It takes one idiot to disrupt the class. It takes two to make it a conversation.
  9. It will never happen as a matter of trickle down theory. At the very least, contacted employees will have the private insurance. I can't imagine an employer refusing to trade the cost of those premiums for 60-80 cents on the dollar in salary.
  10. There will be a secondary market for private insurance. Employees receiving benefits now will still get that benefit in one form or another.
  11. It will probably drive the cost of those bribes up actually.
  12. Progressive payroll taxes could go a long way to generating revenue as well as close the obscene wage gap.
  13. Because we are run by a Plutocracy and the ruling class has identified their useful idiots.
  14. We've been doing it für seventy years. What goes around comes around.
  15. I wouldn't be able to distinguish any of those three groups from one another.
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